Chapter 230

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hot Spring
I couldn’t tell the exact size of the hot spring, which we have arrived to, because of the steam, but I could tell it was quite big. Moreover, there was no smell at all.

“The state of the water is crucial…”

I decided to investigate the water using Appraisal immediately.

(Niisama, how is it?)
“There don’t seem to be any harmful components.”

There was no problem with the quality of the water and the temperature seemed to be slightly higher than the human temperature. Appraisal won’t tell me any effects it might have, but if there are no problems——

“I can only test this by going in.”

Undressing outside the town in the place where monsters could appear at any moment might leave us too defenseless, however, I judged that there won’t be any problems with Joule and others here, so I decided to use the hot spring.


In the exquisite water temperature, I leaked a voice of satisfaction, naturally followed by Allen and Elena.

(Warm water feels very nice, doesn’t it~?)
(Truly~ it’s very calming~)
(This is comfortable~)
(It’s my first time feeling something like this~)

Joule, Feat, Bolt, and Mile were also soaking in the hot spring comfortably.

(Everyone, so you were here!)

While relaxing in the hot spring, Vector was stampeding full speed over.

(Niichan, you are cruel! You left me behind! Moreover, you are all relaxing like at home!!)
“Sorry, sorry. Your sense of smell is brilliant, so I believed you would be able to follow our scent to find us.”
(Y, you won’t deceive me by saying that!)

Vector was worked up at first, but when I explained to him, he suddenly turned away bashfully.

(Vector, you can’t blame Niisama. Helping Niisama go where he wants to go, that is our duty.)
(That’s true, but still~~~)
(If you want to blame someone than blame us for not signaling you.)
(Sorry, Vector~ We will call for you properly the next time~)
(Pardon us. We will be careful next time.)

Feat covered for me and Joule, Bolt, and Mile apologized in turns.

(However, Vector! First of all, if your duty is to make sure that no monsters approach Niisama and the children then you can’t just not know their location properly! You won’t tell me that… you have become too absorbed in hunting, right?)

Feat changed her apologetic tone and began lecturing Vector instead.

(That’s a bad habit of yours, Vector. You ought to correct that! In the first place, you…)
“… Garu~n.”

Vector hung his head dejectedly, but Feat’s lecturing didn’t end.

“Thank you, Feat. But, I was at fault too, so let’s stop here.”
(Gee~ You are too lenient, Niisama~——Vector, I will leave it here today because of Niisama, but let’s act after thinking a little beforehand the next time, okay?)
(Yess~ I will be carefuu~l)

When I spoke to Feat, she reluctantly stopped the lecturing.

“Vector, come here~”
“Vector, it feels good~”

After we chose to end the matter there, Allen and Elena addressed Vector.

(N? Now that I think about it, what are you guys doing? You are naked and all?)
“We are taking a bath. This water is warm. You may not like getting wet, but this is different from normal water, so try coming in.”
(N~ okay. I’m going in.)

Vector entered the hot spring.


“How is it?”
(Yep, it feels nice. It’s okay, unlike normal water!)
“I see, I’m glad to hear that.”

Vector seemed to be fine with the hot water, so we enjoyed the hot spring for a while.

“Well then, it’s about time we get out. Any more than this could make us feel dizzy.”

I dried our bodies with Dry magic and we quickly wore our clothes.

“First of all, we have to hydrate. It can only be that after getting out of a bath, right?”

I retrieved a juicer from the Infinite Storage, put in several kinds of fruits, added in Mou milk, and a small dose of honey, and turned on the juicer.

“”Onii~chan, what’s that~?””
“This? This is fruit gyu… or not, this is fruit milk.——Look, it’s done.”

When I gave everyone the freshly finished cold fruit milk, they all started drinking it right away.


The children drank it all in no time.

“Hahaha~ I’m glad you like it. I don’t mind making another round, are you fine with the same flavor?”
(O, Oniichan, this fruit milk can be made with different flavors?)
“It can~ what you had now was a mix of Margo and Ranka fruit. You can change the blend of fruit as you like… you can also make one type of fruit milks like Ichi milk or Nana milk.”

When they heard my explanation, the kids huddled up and started discussing in low voices.

(Flavor please, Niisama.)

It seems that they have decided on the Ichi fruit flavor.
When I quickly blended Ichi milk for them, the children drank it all right away again.

“Ah, you can’t get another one.”

I beat the kids to the punch when they tried to ask for another serving.
Their stomach might be in pain after drinking three glasses of cold milk in a row, after all.

“Overdrinking is also not good for your health, so next time.”
(How regretful~ I wanted to try Nana milk too~)
(Indeed. I also wanted to try it~)
(True. Me too.)
(I want to drink iiiit~ Niichan, just one more should be fine, right!)
(Endure. It’s unfortunate, but endure.)

After soothing the unwilling children, I decided to head back.

“Now, let’s go back before it gets dark.”
“”Oh! Flowers~!!””
“N? It’s true.”

When we tried to leave, we found flowers blooming on the edge of the hot spring. I couldn’t see them before because of the steam, but they were now visible thanks to the change in the direction of the wind. What the twins found was a Steam flower. A flower that grows near warm water, it’s a medicinal flower that is effective against cold.

“”Will go pick~””

Allen and Elena quickly rushed over to pick the Steam flower.
I followed after the two, Joule and others also chased after.

“”Got lots~””
“Indeed. This many should be sufficient.”
“”Ah, this too~””

Allen and Elena searched their pouches as if recalled something and took out many herbs.
They were what they collected before finding the hot spring.

“Tengu grass and flame grass. Oh, isn’t this kiwi! That’s incredible. You’ve worked hard~”

After praising Allen and Elena lots, we headed back to the town.

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