Chapter 23

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Usual Scene

Allen and Elena return as if nothing has happened. While drawing the defeated Red Wolf by its forepaws behind them……
They have completely mastered the dungeon’s action of “picking up dropped items from defeated monsters.”
However… I should stop you from dragging the Red Wolf’s large body with your little bodies…… everyone got even more surprised, after all……

“Ah, yeah. Good job~ Are you unhurt?”
“Is okay~”

First, let’s pat the heads of the two who safely defeated the monster. It already became a habit. If I don’t do that, the children will look up at me with anxiety.

“Ah~, also. This time, Oniichan and the others will fight the monsters, why don’t Allen and Elena take a day-off?”
“”? Understand~””

I tell them before I forget. There are 15 experienced adults, Allen and Elena shouldn’t need to fight.
The two tilted their heads in puzzlement, but they seemed to understand. Like this, even if they find a monster, they won’t recklessly charge at it.

“Oi! The hell was that just now!”
“No~… just as you saw?”

Even if you ask me what…

“Red Wolf is a C-Rank, you know!”
“Didn’t you, Wald-sama assess the children as C-Rank adventurers yourself?”
“That was you! Did you want to make your opponents careless because he was facing children!?”

Eh!? Did you interpret it like that?

“…… Even if you thought so, I have told you about how I found these kids, right?”
“That talk about them being orphaned, right? What about it?”

…… Seriously?

Did he not notice anything……
You, how could you want me to join in the request then?

“I told you I found these children malnourished in the Gaya Forest.”
“I have heard that.”

Wald-sama looks like he doesn’t understand yet, but the silver-haired, grayish blue-eyed, stereotypical “brains” like looking vice-captain Isaac Risner-sama realized it. He opens his eyes wide in surprise.

“…… By that, you mean “the children have originally lived in this forest”…… right?”

With Risner-sama’s words, Wald-sama finally understood.

“That’s right. Were they defeating the monsters, or were they running away from them? I don’t know how they lived until now yet, but they have certainly survived in the forest for several days.”

Everyone is at a loss for words.
Everyone knows the dreadfulness of this forest. For that reason, they can imagine just how harsh those several days Allen and Elena lived here must have been.

“Anyhow. These children were originally strong, so even if you ask me I won’t be able to answer you.”

I said while patting the heads of Allen and Elena on both of my sides.
If I say it like that, there most likely won’t be anyone who will ask further questions.

“Well then, here you go.”

To not linger about this topic anymore, I present the defeated Red Wolf to Wald-sama.

“The Knights are collecting the defeated monsters, right?”

The defeated monsters are at once collected the Knights, then purchased later. A suitable price depending on the contribution will be paid separately from the request payment.
So I said, why do you still have such complicated expressions?

“……… You guys can keep that.”
“Is that alright?”
“Yes. If I include that in the check, I would feel guilty for stealing from the kids…… N? Takumi, do you have a magic bag? Should I lend you one?”
“No, it’s alright.”

I’m told that we can harvest this Red Wolf.
Because the wolf was completely defeated by Allen and Elena only, he would feel awkward to collect it.
Even though he doesn’t have to worry about it~ But, well if he says so, I will take it without any reservation.

“…… Infinite Storage? A space-time magic user…”

Rudolph-san points out when I collect the Red Wolf.
How did he know!?
I have made an unnatural reaction because of your sudden comment!

“The flow of magical power of magic bag and Infinite Storage is different. That thing on your waist is definitely a magic bag, but you have collected it elsewhere, right?”

That surprised me. To think he would be able to distinguish the difference of magical flow between magic bag and Infinite Storage……

“That’s amazing. To be able to perceive such a small difference in magical flow.”
“It’s only possible for people who excel at perceiving magical power.”

Proficiency of a skill, huh…… As expected of A-Rank. Indeed, not an ordinary person.

The others aside from Rudolph-san look surprised. I wasn’t planning on concealing it forever, but I was unexpectedly exposed early.
But, like this, I will be able to use it without holding back, so let’s not mind it?

The surveying of the forest has resumed.
And then, after a while――


Allen and Elena suddenly run off and squat to a tree’s base.
N? Is there something? Ah, a medicinal plant.



What the two brought back is a Magic Spirit Grass.

Magic Spirit Grass
A medicinal plant growing in places with a strong magic element in the air.
A special condition is necessary in order to cultivate the demonic element. There is no success in its cultivation so far.
A useful medicinal plant mainly used for magic potions.

“You remembered well~ However you see~……”

This is a medicinal plant which we gathered for a request once before. The two remembered it well.
But, we are working in a group right now, so I can’t have them going out on their own.
It’s not good. Normally I would……
I glance over to Wald-sama. Then, Allen and Elena look at him too.
Then, once again.


They request with puppy eyes.
If it were me, I would get defeated instantly. How about Wald-sama……?

“…… I don’t mind if you follow without falling behind.”

He closed his eyes for Allen and Elena.
Since listening to the talk about Allen and Elena a while ago, the other knights watch over the children with lukewarm expressions.
Allen and Elena sense that too, they are able to give simple answers.
We have become quite well-known, but that may have been good.
Yeah, all turned out good…… I think?

“Don’t go too far.”

Allen and Elena who received permission start running here and there energetically. They collect medicinal plants and fruits one by one.
But, you see, I didn’t teach them about the medicinal plants in the vicinity? …… Eh, did they see them before?
… Yes, when I met them in the Gaya Forest for the first time. I was indeed gathering various things at that time. But, I was collecting it alone, did they remember just from seeing me?
They remember well~
My body was inserted with knowledge and appraisal, so I had it easy, but these children really are talented~

“Get that~”

Allen and Elena seem to find something again and trot over to me. Then, they point their fingers at a big rock, trying to show me something.
When I look towards the direction they are pointing at, I see moss growing in the shade of rocks.

I see. This can’t be gathered without gloves. These children even remember the proper gathering method.

Iwamizu Moss
A turquoise species of moss growing in humid, dark places. Especially in the shade of rocks.
Causes rash in contact with bare hands.
Medicine for an itch when mixed with several kinds of medicinal plants.

“What’s that?”
“That’s an Iwamizu Moss, isn’t it? They are really smart children.”

All members stop and look at the shade of the rock.
Most of the people tilt their heads in puzzlement, but Risner-sama seems to know of it. My brains-like impression of him wasn’t wrong.

“This is a material mainly used for skin itch medicine. Captain, you were previously lamenting when an anti-itch medicine wasn’t being sold, weren’t you? It’s used for that. The reason that medicine isn’t sold that much anymore is because the Iwamizu Moss’s acquisition has recently decreased.”

“Mainly used for skin itch medicine” Risner-sama makes it sound good, but…… in other words, it’s that. Medicine for athlete’s foot.
Wald-sama… you have an athlete’s foot, don’t you……
Are? Why are so many people staring at the moss? You guys too!?

“Seriously!? Oshi! Let’s gather it all!”
“Captain, you can’t!”
“Wald-sama, you can’t!”

Wald-sama who really wants an itch medicine quickly moved towards the moss. Both Risner-sama and I stop him in panic.

“Captain, if you touch it bare handed you will get rash. Please, think a bit about why those children didn’t gather it themselves but called Takumi-san instead! Even though I told you to ‘Stop working by instinct’ so many times! Besides―――”

Risner-sama started his lecturing. The other knights look like this is a normal occurrence. Being a vice-captain to a captain who moves on instincts seems tough.
While the lecturing is going on, I put on leather gloves, shave off the moss clinging to the rock with a knife and collect it.

However, even when I was done with the collecting, the lecturing time didn’t come to an end yet.
Is it still going to continue?
Let’s confirm with the other knights.

“When will this finish?”
“It won’t end for another hour.”

…… Another hour? No~ I can’t wait that long……
Can’t be helped……

“Let’s release the ultimate weapon…”
“The ultimate weapon… is it?”
“Right. Allen, Elena. Come here―――”

I whisper to their ears and send them out towards Risner-sama.


The two approach Risner-sama and pull on the hem of his clothes. Risner-sama noticed it and stopped his lecturing.

“What’s the matter?”
“For you.”

Allen and Elena hand Risner-sama the gathered Iwamizu Moss.

“You are giving me this?”

Risner-sama who crouched down checks the contents of the bag and confirms with Allen and Elena.

“For you~”
“Thank you very much.”

They were able to end the lecturing time safely.
Allen, Elena. You did well!

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