Chapter 224

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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At the Guild
When we returned to the town, we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild. Of course, in order to sell the materials.

“Oh, have you guys returned just now?”

As we entered the guild, we encountered the members of Dragon Breath who were just about to leave.

“Hello. Rudolph-san too, are you just returning to the inn?”
“Ou, we were just thinking about doing that. Takumi, you… didn’t receive any requests, right? You are selling off materials then?”
“I will look at the request board first to see whether there’s something relevant to what we have, I plan to sell it normally if there’s nothing. Ah, yes, I also plan on selling what we dug in the mines.”

When I conveyed my plans to Rudolph-san, he began pondering about something.

“Zack, Gilm, Iris, return to the inn first. I am somewhat worried, so I will return with Takumi.”

And, he declared that he would return with us.
By the way, what are you worried about!? I have no plans of selling anything weird today, you know!?
In the first place, you are not my guardian, Rudolph-san!!

“Ou, understood~”
“Roger that.”
“Alright~ we will return first then.”

What’s more, Zack-san and others left Rudolph-san and went straight back.

“… Rudolph-san, are you that uneasy about my actions?”
“I am generally not worried, but generally only. But, I feel the signs of you taking out something outrageous~”
“… Ehhh~”
“Especially in the direction of magic and money.”

Ah~ I guess I can’t argue back when he pinpoints it so accurately.
I made an effort, but I can’t get used to things with just only a year of experience.
I mean, Rudolph-san is watching me carefully. I usually don’t care about the little things that don’t concern me.

“Rudolph-san, do you always look after others like this?”
“You jest! I don’t usually take care of others like this!”
“Eh, is that so?”
“Naturally. Well, if there are newcomers that are stuck at their wits’ end, then I will give them a little bit of advice… I mean it, it’s only to that extent.”

Rudolph-san is taking care of us very much, so I thought he might be that kind of person, but… it seems that the truth is different.

“But, you are interacting differently with us from others, no?”
“Well, I like you guys, how do I say this… it’s all according to my intuition.”
“Eh!? Intuition?”
“Yeah, my intuition is telling me that it would be better to look after you guys.”

I am glad that he likes us, but to say that it would be better to look after us… what do I think about that? Well, that helped us a lot, though~

“I would like to thank you then… Whether it’s because of intuition or anything else, it’s the truth that you are helping us out a lot.”
“I don’t need you to be thankful since I am doing it of my own will. Well, it’s that. Won’t everything be all right as long as you keep on taking advantage of me?”

Taking advantage… that’s impossible, right? Using people all the time would wear me out.

“… That’s quite an unreasonable proposal.”
“Hahaha, is that so!”

Rudolph-san who heard my reply roughly patted my head while laughing out loud.

“Wha! Hey, Rudolph-san, stop, stop it please!”

I asked Rudolph-san to stop, but he showed no signs of stopping.

“”Onii~chan, Onii~chan.””
“N? W, what is it?”

At that moment, Allen and Elena pulled on my clothes stronger than usual.

“Eh? Squat?”

Allen and Elena were pulling on me so hard that I squatted without any resistance.

“… Eh?”

Then, for some reason, Allen and Elena patted my head.

“Huh! What is this, are you trying to challenge me!?”


Rudolph-san’s laughter reappeared, and his hand that separated from my head was placed on my head again.

“… Seriously, please give me a break.”

We were drawing the attention of the guild’s staff and the adventurers in the guild, so I felt the heat gathering on my face.

“”Onii~chan, so red~””
“He’s red indeed.”

Moreover, Allen, Elena, and Rudolph-san pointed out the changes on my face.

“Ahh———! I’m selling! I’m going to sell the stuff!”

When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I gathered Allen and Elena in my arms, quickly moved to the request board and checked with the materials on hand.

“Kukuku, Gail, you have a sale. Prepare a room please.”

While I was checking the request board, Rudolph-san went to the reception and arranged a room.

“Onii~chan, this~?”
“Yep, that’s right. Allen, can you get it?”
“Onii~chan, this one~?”
“That too. Elena, can you get it?”

Allen found flame grass collection request and Elena found a request to collect tengu grass.
Allen and Elena who could only read simple numbers and letters found in picture books before, but they eagerly skimmed through the Plant Encyclopedia, so they remember the appearances and names of the plants.

“”What next?””
“A little bit of iron and mithril ore, Devil Rat fur, salt, and we can also sell a bit of the quartz~”
“”Selling salt~?””
“Everyone wants it, so let’s split up with others a little. You guys have worked really hard, so we have plenty to use for ourselves.”
“”I see, got it~””
“Yep, thank you.”

The children reacted to “selling salt” and made quite the sad faces, but when I told them that we have plenty for ourselves, they immediately agreed.

“That should be it?”

There’s still more to choose from, but I decided to stop there.

“Takumi, have you finished choosing?”

I was guided to another room by Rudolph-san who was waiting for us, where I took out the materials to sell.

“Err… I’d like to sell this please.”
“Uoh! Takumi, what the hell did you take out!?”

Some of the requests posted on the board were seeking Majesta fruit.
I forgot to sell it in the capital~… thinking that, I brought it onto the table together with the request, which surprised Rudolph-san and the staff member——Gail-san.

“… So this was no good, huh~”

No, I know that Majesta fruit is a considerably high-end item, okay? However, there were several requests for it, so I thought it might be fine to sell it~ But, it seems the number wasn’t the problem.

“Should I withdraw it?”
“Please don’t!!”

Gail-san stopped me when I tried to retrieve the Majesta fruit.

“It’s too late now! You better sell it! Haah… I am seriously glad we arranged a private room, my heart is at peace.”

Rudolph-san sighed out and hung his head down crestfallen.

“Takumi, you better quickly fix that uncommon sense of yours.”
“I know that Majesta fruit is a relatively expensive article, you know?”
“You can’t usually get the actual thing! And yet, why! Why did you take it out as if you were taking out Riigo fruit or Oren fruit!?”

Then, how was I supposed to take it out, I wonder?
You can always find rare things by chance regardless of rank, no? In that case, how is the finder supposed to sell it? Maybe I should look more fidgety while taking it out?
Rather, don’t you treat Riigo fruit and Oren fruit carefully when handling them?
Well, leaving the way the things were taken out aside, the rest of the requests we chose today were based on their commonness.

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