Chapter 215

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To the Mines
We went to the nearby gate north of the workshop and entered the mines from there.
Kelm’s north gate wasn’t for entering and leaving the town, but specifically for entering the mines, so the gate was right at the foot of the mountain.

“What’s the matter, Takumi?”
“It’s nothing, I just thought that there would be several entrances since the tunnels are numbered A, B, etc.~”

However, there was only one entrance as far as I could see.

“The path is split inside. Rather, the whole thing would cave-in if there were holes all over the place!”
“Ah, right! N? But then, how is entering the A tunnels being restricted?”

Wouldn’t a person who is allowed only to enter C tunnel mistakenly enter B or A tunnel?

“There are locked fences all over the mines, so you can never enter into a wrong one by mistake.”
“Heeh~ so it’s like that? So, what do you do when you are allowed to enter?”
“You use this thingy.”

While I was listening to Rudolph-san’s explanation in wonder, Morgan-san rolled up his sleeve and showed me his wrist.

“… A magic tool?”

There were two wide bracelets with magic stones embedded in them on Morgan-san’s wrist.

“Yeah, this is the so-called key.”

The north gate also served as a toll booth for the mines, where the entrance fees are collected. At that time, Morgan-san received something from the staff there and it seems to be this magic tool that serves as a key.

“The fences have built-in magic stones and they are designed to open when a magic tool of the same wavelength approaches. This one is for B fences. And this one is for A fences.”
“Heeh~ what an incredible mechanism~”
“Now, now, if you get it, let us go.”
“Ah, yes.”

For some reason, Rudolph-san and Morgan-san turned away from my innocent gaze and urged to enter the mines.


The inside of the mines was fairly wide but a bit too dark. There are lanterns here and there, but they do not illuminate the entire path. So, I immediately used magic to illuminate the surroundings.

“Ohh, this brightness is good!”
“I used it before thinking, but the brightness won’t become a problem, no?”
“Only the bat-type monsters dislike brightness, so there are no problems. Rather, it will be easier for me to work when I can actually see, so it’s very welcomed!”

Morgan-san received the light well. But, are the bats really fine? I have the image of cavern bats fluttering past us all at once… does that happen only in movies?

“Oh, that reminds me, we forgot about the lanterns.”

While thinking about the bat ecology, Rudolph-san recalled something as he muttered.

“You mean for the children’s baggage?”
“Yeah, they don’t have anything like that, right?”
“Indeed. A source of light is definitely important. I will make sure to buy them when we return to the town.”
“Ou, do that.”


I don’t have use for it since I can use magic, but children would need them. Would an illumination magic tool be better than a lantern? We have plenty of money, so let’s settle on the magic tool.
Still… there seem to be even more items I need to pack for the children~ ah, right!

“Allen, Elena, you better wear your gloves in here.”

I retrieved children’s leather gloves from my Infinite Storage and let the children wear them.
I noticed this after it has gotten brighter, but the surface around here is all rough rocks. Some are likely to be sharp too. Therefore, it would be better for their hands to be protected just in case.

“Once we finish our business here, keep those gloves in your pouches, okay?”
“”Got it~””

Once we are done here, I will let them keep the gloves.

“Hey, hey, let’s go deeper.”
“”Can we gather thingies~?””

Immediately after entering, Allen and Elena appealed to Morgan-san.

“N? Even if you want to gather, there is nothing this close to the entrance.”
“”There is, you know~? Over there~!””

Allen and Elena pointed a little below the center of the wall. Just right at Allen and Elena’s height of eyes, there was a flower with white and purple petals in full bloom.

“”Why is a Fern Flower growing in a place like this!!””

Rudolph-san and Morgan-san shouted at the same time.
Fern Flower is, err… a flower that is said to bring good luck to those who finds it, right~ It’s in a dimmer place than usually found, so everyone must have overlooked it, I guess?

“Ohh! You found something amazing, Allen, Elena!”
“”Ehehe~ Oniichan, is amazing?””
“Amazing, very amazing! This flower is not easy to find. Moreover, it’s a medicinal flower with a detoxification effect of various poisons. It’s a very good find.”

Incidentally, we already got our money back for the entrance fee?
I have a feeling that this Fern Flower is going to pay us back the entrance fee for three people several times over, though.

“… What kind of joke is this? We just took a few steps into the mines.”
“Haah… you guys are more capable than I thought~”
“Moreover, what’s with that reaction, you three? Fern Flowers are rare, you know? Why! What’s with that exchange that looks like a parent praising his children for helping him a little!!”

Nono, I am very surprised myself, okay? There was a precious flower growing in a place where many people come and go, yet it was my children who found it!

“Give up, Old man. Rather, I am sure it will get even worse from now on, so you better prepare yourself.”
“… Even worse, you say. What are they going to do?”
“There’s no way I would know, right?”
“Hey, stop it! Rudolph-san, Morgan-san, I can hear you, alright!”

Well, my kids might do something outrageous while gathering or mining, but… that’s just a possibility, okay!? It’s not absolute, alright?

“N? I am not saying anything wrong, no? You guys will do something since it’s you who we are talking about. In that case, it’s better for us to prepare for it. Listen, there won’t be any problems if you struck a massive amount of Mithril, ya know?”
“Ohh! That would be great!”
“If you are this lucky, won’t you find Adamantite or Orichalcum too?”
“Ohh! Do it! You don’t have to hesitate about that, just do it!”

Morgan-san was very expectant after hearing Rudolph-san’s words.
Still, Adamantite and Orichalcum can be found here, after all~ I have yet to see it myself, so I am a bit expectant. Therefore, I was feeling very welcoming to the outrageous things that might happen.

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