Chapter 213

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“All right, lemme check it right away!”

After finishing eating the pizza, we moved together with Rudolph-san to the room we rented, where Rudolph-san wanted to see the children’s baggage.

“Allen, Elena, take out everything in your bags and put it on the bed.”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“”Got it~””

Allen and Elena took out the contents of their bag and lined them up on the bed.
Money, guild cards, change of clothes, overcoats, towels, leather bags, air-dried fruit, dried meat, candies. Mithril knives, the swords we bought just a little while ago, flask magic tools, ignition stones. Ah… I forgot about the pearls and mermaid bracelets.
Well, it will be fine before Rudolph-san~
The things the two carry are mostly identical, the only difference would be Allen’s second sword and falconry glove, and Elena’s several kinds of ribbons and a mirror.

“… There are many things I want to say about these goods, oi.”

Seeing the various items lined up, Rudolph-san made an unimpressed expression.
He probably means the mithril knives, pearls and mermaid bracelets. Anyhow, let’s laugh and deceive.

“Haah… oh well. As I said before in the guild, it would be better to let them carry a pot, even if it’s a small one. Also, salt and a set of tableware.”
“It would certainly be better for them to have a set!”

I immediately took out smallish pots and tableware from the Infinite Storage, and added it to Allen and Elena’s equipment. Also——

“Allen, Elena, this is a normal salt, okay? Also, pick a few of your favorites, and place them in your bags as well.”

I decided to give each a small bottle of salt and pick their favorites from the Simple Salt Series.

“Allen likes… this and that!”
“Elena, you see~ This one and that one!”

For the time being, the two each picked two kinds of salt. Erm, Allen picked curry salt and garlic salt, while Elena picked herb salt and lemoné salt.

“What are these colored bottles?”

Rudolph-san showed interest in the colorful bottles.

“They are all salt. However, they each taste different.”
“Taste different? What do you mean?”
“Err… the one with black lid is pepper, orange is curry, white is garlic, brown is ginger, yellow is lemoné, blue is minsu, green is herbs, red is chili, cream is oren, pink is yuzu, yellow-green is lime, deep green is green tea——a salt flavored with tea. Sprinkling them over cooked meat and vegetables is their most suitable use.”

New salts were made before we left the Capital, so there was twelve types in total. Stefan-san worked hard for this~

“Ohh! The hell is that! It sounds really convenient! If it’s just sprinkling it over cooked meat then even I can do it. Did you make this by yourself, Takumi?”
“No, I did not. This is being sold by the Fiji Company.”
“Seriously!? Fiji Company, huh. I believe they are in this town as well. I have to buy it right away!”
“Eh!? Wai, wait a moment please! You don’t have to be in such a hurry, it’s not like you are departing tomorrow, or are you?”

I hurriedly tried to stop Rudolph-san who was about to rush out of the room.

“For Rudolph-san to go into the town in a state like this would be a bit…”

I would like to avoid Rudolph-san from leaving with the things still on the bed and all.

“Ahh, right, sorry.”
“If you’d like, I can give you what I have on me, okay!”


I immediately stuffed Rudolph-san arms with a set of Simple Salt Series I took out from my Infinite Storage.

“Oh, you sure!?”
“Yes, we are indebted to you, after all.”

I have bought several sets of the salts, so there’s no problem in giving one set away. Besides, I can always secure more by going to the Fiji Company.

“Aight, let’s continue then. If they still have enough space in their bags, how about some blankets too? They are children, so some thick ones that could protect them against cold would be good.”
“They certainly only have overcoats against cold. Ah~… I will have to buy the blankets.”

I do have spare blankets, but they are all large ones. As expected, it would be difficult for the kids to use adult-sized blankets.

“N? What were you doing up until now?”
“No, we have blankets, but something of their size, that is easier to use would be better, no?”
“Ah, you mean that? That’s right. If you have money to spend then something the size of their bodies would be the best. Then, let’s move to the next thing. Takumi, you let the children carry mithril knives… well, let’s deem it acceptable. However, they must make sure to never use them before other people. It will make them walking targets.”
“Of course, I understand that.”
“You be careful about that too, pipsqueaks. It’s fine when there’s no one else around, but don’t use them before people you don’t trust.”
“It would be better to give them normal knives to use before people.”
“Ah, you are correct. I will do that.”

I can’t tell at first glance, but a trained eye would be able to tell it’s made of mithril immediately.

“Also, I won’t tell you to have them carry all kinds of potions on them, but some kind of antidote would be good to have. Also, some ointment, digestive medicine and some generic drugs would be good to carry on their person.”
“Ahh, medicine! Indeed. It would be better for them to carry medicine!”

Now that he says it! Household medicine is important!
I as well as Allen and Elena possess Abnormal Status Resistance skill, so it’s unlikely we would get poisoned. However, that’s only “unlikely”. It’s not certain.
If am there, I could give them treatment with Light Magic, but I have to make sure that I am at ease when Allen and Elena finally say “Is fine alone” to me.

“Also… smoke bombs and or flares for emergencies? It wouldn’t hurt to have that too? You would have to explain properly so they don’t play pranks with them, though.”
“Ah, I don’t have those either.”

They certainly might be needed. We have already seen them in action, and we might need to use them from this point onwards.
Err… red was a rescue call, blue was trouble ahead? Both smoke and light are used. The smoke one is also used to obstruct sight with a smokescreen, and the light can also be used to dazzle the enemy.

“That so? You better buy some then.”
“Yes, I will do that.”
“Takumi, do you have any plans tomorrow? If not, I can accompany you to the stores.”
“Is that okay with you?”
“Yeah, I’m free until my weapons are done. Just include the shopping in the request.”

That being the case, Rudolph-san will be accompanying us for shopping tomorrow.

“Ah, one last thing! Don’t ever show those huge pearls and bracelets to people!”

At the last moment, Rudolph-san didn’t forget to mention the pearls and mermaid bracelets.

“Ah, I know that, but… I can’t always manage to stop them in time~”
“So this was not the first time, oi! You are too careless!”
“… I have no excuses.”

Every time, before I could say “Ah!”, the pearls already entered other people’s sight.

“Buy toy boxes and put them inside! If you do that, you can stop them before they open the boxes!”
“Ohh! That’s a good idea! Let’s buy that tomorrow too!”

Still, I was able to have this big harvest only from showing the children’s baggage~ As expected of a person with experience.

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