Chapter 195

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Magic Tools
“Grandpa, hello~”
“Oh, it’s you guys. You did well coming~”

We have arrived to a magic tool store that from the appearances looked like a haunted house.

“The tools you have made for us are put to very good use.”

I had a mixer and a juicer made here, moreover, a hand mixer and a mincer are also being made here.

“I am glad to hear that. So, do you have something else you would like to have made?”
“Actually, yes. I don’t mind if you tell me it’s not possible, but won’t you hear me out first?”
“Fuoh, fuoh, fuoh, let me hear it. It would be nice if this old fool would be able to make it for you.”
“Thank you very much!”

Grandpa said he would gladly listen to me, so I explained to him about ice shaving magic tool and a hotplate-like thing first.

“A tool to shave ice thin and a largish iron plate resembling a cooking stove, huh. Umu, I should be able to make these two without any problems.”

Like this, I would be able to get an ice-shaving machine and a hotplate in my hands~

“Ice shaving?”
“The ice-shaving tool is for making a snack made from ice. The stove is for grilling plenty of meat.”

Allen and Elena were curious about the magic tools I wanted to make, so when I explained it to them in simple terms, the two’s eyes started sparkling.

“May I request you to make them then?”
“”Grandpa, please~””
“Fuoh, fuoh, fuoh. I don’t mind. It’s just that as with the rotating blade before, I will have to commission a blacksmith for the shaving blade and the iron plate.”
“I don’t mind at all. Ah, could I ask you to request if it would be possible to make several interchangeable plates?”
“N? Got it, I will ask.”

Ah, when it comes to iron plates, I would like a deep, saucepan-like type too in addition to the flat type~ Ah, I would also like a plate for making takoyaki and stuff. But, wouldn’t it be better to explain that to the blacksmith personally?

“Grandpa, I would like to order more custom-made plates, but would the blacksmith accept your… or rather, would he be able to accept my order?”
“Yeah, it will be fine. Van specializes in making stuff like kitchen knives and pans. Fuoh, fuoh, fuoh, looks like you have something to request the blacksmith.”
“Yes, I do.”
“I will tell you about the place then. Why don’t I have you order in my place as well?”
“Yes, leave it to me.”

I am glad to have the store introduced to me~ I am not able to tell a store that makes weapons and store that makes pans apart, after all.

“Also, Grandpa. I have one more request of you.”
“N? What is it?”
“It’s about this…”

I retrieved the rice cooker from my Infinite Storage and showed it to Grandpa.

“Would you be able to make something similar?”
“Here, lemme take a peek inside.”
“Yeah, go ahead.”

I was asked by the Ruven family, Risner family, the people in the castle, and those who ate my curry and rice about my method of making rice. However, the rice cooker is something I received from Syl, so it’s not like they can buy rice cookers in the store. That’s why I had to teach them cooking in a pot instead.
Therefore, I thought whether the rice cooker couldn’t be reproduced.

“Hmm… heating seems to be the main point, but the temperature and timing are operated minutely.”

Heh~ is that so? But certainly, the temperature increases and decreases as it needs when cooking rice.

“Is this to make food?”
“Yes, it’s for cooking White Wheat.”
“White Wheat? You mean that White Wheat? It’s edible?”
“Yes, that very White Wheat. Would it be faster to let you try it?”

I retrieved steaming hot rice from my Infinite Storage and handed it to Grandpa.

“It’s eaten instead of bread. It’s a bit too early, but why don’t I prepare some side dishes too?”
“Hm, I will give it a try. But, why don’t you show me how it’s actually used?”
“Sure. It will be done soon.”

I took out new rice, put in water, set up the rice cooker and started it. Grandpa started fixedly observing the rice cooker, so I borrowed a place and prepared the lunch.

“What would be nice, I wonder?”
“Indeed. Rice is best with shoyu and miso, isn’t it!”

While worried about the accompaniment for rice, Allen and Elena spoke their requests.
I would also like to make Grandpa understand rice’s charm, so I should go Japanese there.

“Then… fish boiled in salt… meat and potato stew, pickled veggies, and miso soup. How about that?”

All right, the menu is decided. Rice won’t be cooking for long, so I have to make it quick!

“Oh, it stopped?”
“Seems like its finished.”

While nearly finishing a fish called Rainbow Salmon… the rice finished cooking. I used Aging to finish cooking the potato, onion, carrot, Orc meat stew faster. I had Allen and Elena shred the cabbage while I cut the pickles, so that’s good too. The Daikon, Shii mushroom miso soup is almost ready too, so…——

“Allen, Elena, could you stir it and serve it in rice bowls?”
“”Can do~””
“Then, I will leave it to you guys.”

I requested Allen and Elena to serve the rice, while I arranged the accompaniments on the plates.

“Grandpa, let’s eat while its hot?”
“Ohh, thanks.”

Rice is best freshly cooked, so I suggested eating right away.

“Ohh, this is delicious.”
“So White Wheat gets this soft, huh~ Yeah, it goes well with the accompaniments too~”

Grandpa seemed to like it very much as he left nothing on his plate.
Of course, Allen and Elena cleaned up their plates too. Speaking of which, they don’t seem to have likes and dislikes when it comes to fish and vegetables.

“From the conclusion, it’s unlikely that I would be able to reproduce the same thing.”

When I asked about the rice cooker after finishing the meal, Grandpa replied regrettably.

“… Is that so, that’s unfortunate.”
“Now, now, let me finish.”

While feeling down after hearing Grandpa’s words, he advised me.

“The same thing wouldn’t be possible, but something similar——a degraded version if you will, might be possible.”
“Eh? You are able to make it then?”

My excitement rose again.

“This thingy here, has a built-in mechanism to save time using space-time magic.”
“Ah, that reminds me…”

Certainly, this rice cooker cooks rice quite quickly. I did not think anything about it since I took it for granted, but… so it uses space-time magic, huh.

“I am not able to use space-time magic myself, but everything else is possible.”

Then, he would be able to make a simple rice cooker! That’s good news!
Even if he’s unable to shorten the time, as long as it could cook rice within 30 to 60 minutes, there won’t be any problems at all~

“Please, make it by all means!”
“Umu. I also became fond of White Wheat, so I will gladly get to work.”
“Thank you very much!”

In regards to the rice cooker, I requested Grandpa to make several of them.

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