Chapter 187

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Sake Brewing
“We diverted from the topic, didn’t we? Takumi, do you have any intentions of trying to produce this Brandy and Nippy liquor?”
“Err… I don’t know how to brew alcohol?”

While Austin-sama and Al-sama hung their heads, Lionel-sama had a proposal.
However, even if he says “produce”, see~? Even if I know the materials needed, making it wouldn’t be possible for me.

“Nono, I did not mean that. Let the brewing for the workers. I meant it as in bringing the alcohol to the workshop, and making a request for them to produce something similar.”

I was wrong. He did not mean that I should try making it. Well, of course~
Still, making a request in a workshop, huh. I had not thought about it before.
Although I might be able to obtain Brandy and Nippy liquor if I visit a dungeon again, depending on my current location, I might not be able to get it immediately.
Even at the current stage, if we go to fetch the Nippy liquor immediately, let Joule and Feat carry the Brandy, advance through the dungeon without any problems, it would still take several days.
Besides, there are many unknown factors within a dungeon, so things like “the place might change” or “disappear” might also happen.
That’s why, taking the alcohol I have on me to the workshop and having them make something similar would be a good thing. Being able to get it anywhere would be huge.

“Umm… what do I have to do, concretely?”
“Although I said a request, it’s an investment, to be precise. I will fund it, but there’s nothing to talk about with no alcohol at hand, so I would have to leave that to you, Takumi.”
“That’s no problem then. I have no idea how much it would cost, but I can fund it myself?”

I can go immediately to get more of the Nippy liquor and I should have plenty of Brandy left, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
The problem are the funds. I have no idea how much money would be appropriate to invest. But well, I do have quite a lot of savings, so I should have enough.
It’s not good to say, but I actually have no idea myself just how much money I am carrying on me.
Well, at worst, I have plenty of things to sell in my Infinite Storage.

“N, is that so?… Indeed, you should be the main investor so you get the rights, and I should only offer my assistance?”

When I said that I can fund it myself, Lionel-sama quietly thought.
Rights, you mean that? Like with the curry powder, I will be receiving a part of the profits?
I am not particularly good in that regard, so it would be better for Lionel-sama to think and act there.
Ah, which reminds me, I have not confirmed the sales from the curry powder even once at the guild. I certainly was told to go to the guild periodically to confirm the deposit.
Also, I requested the production of “Simple Salt Series” and did not go to confirm the final product. I should visit the Fiji Company before long.

“Takumi, it’s not absolute that the alcohol will get completed. Do you still not mind funding it?”
“Yes, I know how difficult making things from scratch is.”
“As long as you understand. Although, this time’s goal already is a finished product. Even though it may take time, it will surely get finished some day.”

As I thought, having a sample makes an exceptional difference.
I know the materials, and we know the taste of the final product, so all that’s left is the worker’s skill——or rather, just how much time it would take to make with trial and error…

“We will join together in explaining the workers in detail. Takumi is there a workshop you would like to place the request to?”
“No, I have not visited a brewing workshop before…”
“Then, are you fine with a workshop I am well acquaintanced with?”
“Yes, if you could, I will leave it to you, Lionel-sama.”

I neither don’t know where a brewing workshop is, nor how it works there.
I have no problems with whichever workshop is chosen for the job, so I can feel at ease with Lionel-sama’s introduction.

“Umu. I will take you there tomorrow then.”
“Eh? T, tomorrow?”
“N? Is it not convenient?”
“No, it’s fine.”

Lionel-sama acts fast.
Ah, but, he came here immediately upon hearing that we left the dungeon, so is he perhaps the type of a person that acts before a delay?
But, if we postpone it, I am going to forget, and then I will miss the timing, so I am thankful if we could get it done as soon as possible.

“”The dungeon~?””

There, Allen and Elena who were eating in a daze raised their voices in dissatisfaction.
I have promised them to return after sending Al-sama to the castle, after all.
On that very day… or tomorrow… I have not promised them a concrete day, but the children surely thought that we would immediately turn back and go to the dungeon.

“What? What’s the matter?”
“Erm, I have promised the children to go to the Huge Animals Dungeon by ourselves the next time.”
“Hahaha~ I see, I see. You were planning to return to the dungeon, huh.”

Lionel-sama who became aware of the reason behind the children’s dissatisfied expression, and laughed.

“Takumi certainly did promise the children to go to the dungeon when we were leaving, but… I thought you meant after resting for a while.”
“Hahaha~ normally, that might have been the case.”

Al-sama who knew the situation was still surprised.
Well, normally “we will go again” means “eventually” or “when there’s an opportunity” but for my children, it turns into “immediately.”
In the first place, we live by doing what we want, so it’s not like we can’t go right away. But——

“Allen, Elena, let’s rest tomorrow and go on the day after tomorrow, okay?”
“Resting your body is important, alright?”
“”… Yess~””

Allen and Elena reluctantly agreed.
I am sorry to the two, but finishing things tomorrow takes priority.
We will be loitering around the town, so it’s not like we will be slowly resting at home, but it would still be considered, more or less, taking a rest.
As expected, jumping straight into the dungeon wouldn’t be good for the health. Let’s bask in the sun at least for a day!

“Now that we finished talking, let’s drink~ Takumi, pour me the Nippy liquor next.”
“Ah, yes.”

We have finished the talk, and Lionel-sama demanded seconds, so I poured him in a hurry.

“By the way…”
“N? Ah, if it’s about Father and Mother, then they are not finished yet.”

When I looked Tristan-sama and Grace-sama’s way, the lecturing was still ongoing.
Al-sama who noticed my gaze shook his head with an exhausted expression.

“The contents of his secret were bad~ Takumi, don’t look over there to the best of your ability. If Father sends you a gaze seeking help, ignore it.”
“Indeed. Mother has quite a short temper, so please handle it as if that scene didn’t exist.”
“………… Roger that.”

Following Al-sama, Austin-sama advised me with a serious expression, so I could only nod.
They meant ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’.

“Tristan still has some way to go.”
“”Some way to go~?””
“Correct, some way to go. Lad, Missy… no, it was Allen and Elena, right? You two, carefully think about the good things and bad things before you speak, pay attention to your remarks.”
“”Yeah? Got it~””
“There, there. Good children.”

Allen and Elena who received a piece of advice from Lionel-sama replied even while finding it strange.
The two are sharp. Because of that, they notice what others don’t, and end up speaking carelessly, so I am thankful for the advice.
Rather, I also speak carelessly, so I will pay attention too!

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