Chapter 18

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Three Doggies
It was just about noon when we got out of the dungeon. We ate lunch in front of the dungeon and set on grassy plains to return back to the town.
And then, I notice a snow-white dog fur? No…… wolf? 10 meters in front of us.
Isn’t that wolf sitting in a proper posture while vigorously wagging its tail? Is it someone’s pet or a monster, a quite worrying scene.
If I had to say…… a pet? Its actions are that of a perfectly trained pet dog…… Also, Allen and Elena are not cautious of it at all.
After thinking if we should intercept or avoid it, I appraise it just in case――


Race: Fenrir (Takumi’s Contracted beast)
Age: 5
Level: 25
Water Magic
Ice Magic
Claw Slash
Night Vision
Presence Detection


…… Yep, it’s a monster. Moreover, a Fenrir. It’s an S-Rank monster……
Fenrir is water and ice attributed wolf with quick movements, strong claws, and fangs which like to fight at a close range. An awfully strong monster, normally…
It can’t be seen as a monster while wagging its tail like that.
But, this, what’s going on……
My contracted beast, what does that mean? I don’t remember making any contracts, though??

When I check my status just in case, the skills “Monster Handling” “Taming” and “Monster Contractor” suddenly appeared.
I have no knowledge about this. This must be that. It’s Syl, right?



I can’t leave it as it is, so when I beckon it to come over, the Fenrir’s tail wagging increases and it runs over. And then, when it comes to my feet, it sits down again.
Un. Good doggy.
Nevertheless, looking at it up close, it’s huge. Even after it sat down, my line of sight nearly didn’t change…… Is it bigger than a cow?
The children would be completely squashed during a play. Even I’m in danger……

While observing the Fenrir in front of me, the Fenrir was also jii~ staring at me with its blue eyes.

“You are a Contracted beast?”

It replied to me when I asked.
It seems to understand what I say. If that’s the case――


Yeah, flawless.
It seems to have received general training.


The Fenrir barks, drawing my attention back to at it as if it was expecting something.
What? But, a typical pet dog would be like this, right?

“……… There, there~?”


When I pat its head, it snuggles up to me comfortably. Seems like I was right. A complete pet dog!? You, are you really an S-Rank monster?

While patting it, the hem on both sides of my clothes was being pulled at. Allen and Elena are pulling on the hem.

“What’s the matter?”

When I look down to match their eyes, the two lift my hands up, turn my palms upwards and put their little hands on it.

… N?

“…………………………………………………… Hand?”

What is this cuteness!!!
Because they were too cute, I ended up hugging the two unconsciously.

Hand!! What!? Imitating the Fenrir!?
Eh? Jealousy? Where they perhaps jealous because I paid attention to the Fenrir!?
I was troubled about treating the Fenrir as a pet, but they imitated it!! That’s seriously adorable, though!? I must pay full attention to those two!

I squeeze Allen and Elena in my embrace so tightly they kya, kya happily, while the Fenrir rubbed its face against us and began to lick.

In the end, Allen, Elena and the Fenrir ended up mutually hugging each other.



Ah, because leaving a contracted beast alone in a place like this is impossible, I named the Fenrir Joule, put Allen and Elena on its back and set towards the town.

The town walls are visible. We have arrived in the town before it got dark.
There, I decided to take Joule into my shadow.
Thanks to Dark Magic, contracted beasts can enter the shadow of the user and be summoned back if necessary.
Unlike Tamed monsters, Contracted beasts are not required to always accompany you. That is the strength of Contracted beasts, is what I think.

Like this, I can walk around with S-Rank Joule without attracting unnecessary attention.
Allen and Elena were reluctant, but it would definitely get noisy if we walk with Joule around, right?
It seems it can become small as a puppy with its “Shrinking” skill, but because I have no collar, it’s better like this today.
I better prepare a collar soon. While thinking so, we entered the town.

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