Chapter 178

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Huge Animals Dungeon 4
The next day, Allen and Elena resumed their activity and proceeded to capture the third and fourth floors, but we encountered a problem on the fifth floor.

“”That way~””
“Wait a moment. We should go right there, not left, right?”

Claudio-sama put a stop to the direction Allen and Elena chose.
For the first time, Allen and Elena’s intuition has diverted from the route of Claudio-sama and others.

“Is that so, Claudio?”
“Yes, we should take left here.”
“I also remember going left here~”

Kevin-sama agreed with Claudio-sama’s opinion.

“”It’s that waymon!””

However, Allen and Elena showed no intentions of giving up on the path leading to the right.
Normally, I would trust Allen and Elena’s intuition here. That being said, I believe the right road being the correct one. But, I have a hard time believing that the knights would make a mistake.
N~ do the paths perhaps merge into the same one later?
The next possibility is that this dungeon is the type that periodically changes paths, but… there’s no way the knights who had been here several times before wouldn’t notice.

“Hmm, this is troubling. Now then, what should we do?”
“Your Highness, from what I remember, we should take the left path. I think it would be safer to take the left path here…”
“”That way~!””

Allen and Elena undauntedly chose the right path.
But, it’s three to two. Allen and Elena are at a slight disadvantage.

“Yeah… the two who had led us until now without making any mistakes are this persistent. Not taking that into consideration would be a bit…”

Taking Allen and Elena’s past results into consideration, Al-sama didn’t want to make a mistake without a proper reason.

“Allen, Elena, is going left no good?”
“”No good~!””

Even when I confirmed, Allen and Elena refused vehemently. It’s unusual for the two to be this persistent.
Does this mean that the paths don’t merge into one? No, or do the two perhaps don’t want to “yield”?

“Alright, the kids are this persistent. Shall we take a look at the right path?”
“Are you sure, Al-sama?”
“Well, they took us so far without any problems. I don’t mind taking a little detour.”

Al-sama decided to take a little detour and go with the path Allen and Elena chose.
I am very thankful, but… is it fine to not listen to the opinions of the knights?

“And that’s the case. I am sorry to you guys, but let’s take right here. Of course, it’s not like I don’t trust your opinion. The kids are this assertive, so it’s necessary to investigate. It’s not yet known path for us, so I will have you pay attention to our surroundings.”

Al-sama is so good at talking in roundabout way~
He explained properly without hurting the knights’ pride.

“However, if we proceed without seeing any results for a while, we will return and take the left path. You two don’t mind that, do you?”
“”Don’t mind!””

Allen and Elena nodded in satisfaction. However——

“Allen, Elena, Al-sama might have yielded to you this time, but you mustn’t trouble him like so. If you are so curious about it, how about we go to check it by ourselves in the future?”
“”… Uniyu~””

Insisting is fine, but that depends on the situation. I thought of rebuking them first a little, but… they are seriously dispirited.
Even though it was for the sake of education, the damage I received is far more serious…

“Feeling down when cautioned by their guardian, that’s when they act like normal children, huh~”
“Yes, I was shocked by how much they are different from normal kids, but somehow… this makes me feel relieved.”

Kevin-sama and Claudio-sama were whispering to each other, but I heard it all. It appears that they were relieved by Allen and Elena’s childish actions.

“Hahaha~ it seems that raising kids is hard, Takumi.”
“It indeed is. But, Allen and Elena are not as handful as other children, after all~ The parents of the world surely have it more difficult than me~”
“That certainly seems so——Look here, Allen, Elena. It’s not like Takumi and I are angry or anything, so don’t be so downhearted. We should be on our way soon, so please lead us safely.”
“”… Yee~s.””

Still feeling a bit downhearted, Allen and Elena began advancing on the right path.
The path had many bends, but for some reason, we arrived at a small room after being confronted by many monsters on a straight road.

“A dead end?”
“… I don’t see any devices on the wall.”

The knights were looking for something while lightly knocking on the wall.
But, it seemed just like a normal stone wall.

“”Over here~””
“… Allen, Elena, that’s just a wall, isn’t it?”

However, Allen and Elena kept pointing at the wall. Claudio-sama has already investigated that part, so even Al-sama was doubtful.

“It appears that it was the wrong way. Your Highness, shall we go back?”
“… N~”

Najack-sama proposed going back.

“Yes, yes. I got it——Al-sama, stand back a little, please.”
“N? What do you intend on doing, Takumi?”
“I will try breaking the wall first——Air Shot.”

I helped Al-sama to a safe place and fired magic at the part of the wall Allen and Elena pointed out.
The wall crumbled down and revealed a staircase that led directly down below.


Allen and Elena were making smug expressions at Al-sama and the knights who were terribly shocked.
I see, Allen and Elena were aiming for the hidden staircase, so no wonder they did not yield when it came to the paths.

“To think there would be a staircase at a place like this!”
“A, a hidden route, here!?”

Hidden route? Hee~ So there was such things in dungeons, huh~ I thought there was a hidden room with a treasure chest or something under the stairs.

“So this is the reason the kids were so persistent at taking the right path.”
“But, what do we do? If a case the route is different beyond this point, it’s possible that we are not going to encounter the Flamesaurus that Al-sama needs. Therefore, if you want to turn back, now is the time.”

If it was only us, we would advance on this path without hesitation. But, we have an objective of the Flamesaurus this time.
It would be terrible if we did not encounter a Flamesaurus on this path.
But well, we decide to take a look at the path below first. Then, we arrived on a passage that led further inside.

“This is definite. I am thinking of proceeding further, but what do you guys think? Najack, Kevin, Claudio.”
“I have no doubts that this is a new discovery, so I believe it would be worthwhile investigating further.”
“I’m concerned about the lack of information, but I think we can cope with whatever there is since we have reached the 10th floor before, I approve of going further.”
“I would be troubled if something happens to Your Highness because of an unforeseen situation. I think it would be better to return to the castle and send another unit to investigate first.”

Najack-sama who is overprotective of Al-sama was not opposing of proceeding on the hidden route. Kevin-sama has advanced to the 10th floor and unlocked the transfer device, so he was in favor of proceeding further. Claudio-sama opposed, fearing for Al-sama’s safety. Their opinions split splendidly~

“Takumi, can you deal with this route if we proceed on it?”
“Yes, this is an intermediate level dungeon, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Taking the difficulty of an intermediate level dungeon like the Dungeon of Ripples into consideration, we alone should be enough to capture this dungeon. Moreover, we have three more skilled knights with us this time. We are here to protect Al-sama, but he also can fight quite well, so he shouldn’t be a burden. There are no problems.

“Fumu. Let’s advance on this path then. ——Allen, Elena, I leave the guidance to you.”

Al-sama decided to proceed on the hidden route, and we began the capture of the sixth floor with Allen and Elena in the vanguard.

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