Chapter 151

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Street Stall
The next day, we visited the Adventurer’s Guild as promised and after receiving the reward and materials from the remaining four Armored Buffaloes, we decided to take a stroll around the town.
And then, I smelled the scent of curry from somewhere.

“”It’s curry~!””

Allen and Elena recognized it too as they were sniffing fragrance with their noses.

“It smells really nice. Do you want to stop by?”

Allen and Elena greatly approved of my proposal, so we immediately went to the Fiji Company.


When the building of the company came in sight, Allen and Elena pointed at the street stall before it.
A queue formed in front of the stall and the surroundings were filled with a great number of onlooking people.

“Yeah, that’s certainly it. So many people are here too. Now then, what are they selling?”
“N~ you see, meat~!”
“N~ soup~?”

Each apparently had different expectations from the stall as Allen expected curry-flavored meat and Elena curry-flavored soup.

“N~… are those meat skewers?”

Allen was delighted from his correct guess while Elena felt disappointed by her miss, both showed the extreme sides of reactions.

“What do you want to do? We would have to line-up for a bit, but would you like to try them?”
“”Will eat~””

That being the case, when we were about to move to the end of the queue—

“Huh, aren’t you President’s Guest-sama? Moreover, powder curry’s? Eh? Ehh? Y, you are lining up? Nono, we cannot have you line up, can we?”

The employee who was guiding people at the end of the queue recognized us and blocked us from lining up.

“The children wanted to it, but we cannot enter the queue?”
“Nono, I didn’t mean it like that! Even if you had to line up, it would be in the priority queue!”
“Eh? Is that favoritism?”
“Nono, it’s a priority! Moreover, the maximum priority!”

Apparently, due to the arrangements of the Fiji Company’s president Stefan, we have been designated as the maximum priority guests, and were shown into the shop. Moreover, the employees in charge of the end of the queue even switched with each other.

“As expected, I cannot take you to the front, so I will bring it from the back. How many would you like?”

I see, like this, they won’t anger the lined up customers while still giving us the top priority.
Then, I don’t have to worry about anything, do I?

“Then, I will ask for three please.”
“Yes, wait a moment please.”

The employee went back to the stall and called to the person grilling the skewers.

“Thank you for waiting.”

The employee really returned in a moment.

“Thank you very much. Err, how much is it?”
“Nono, we would really like to hear your’ impressions, so there’s no need to pay.”

While still clogged up by the employee’s words, Allen and Elena already received the skewers from him.

“”Can eat~?””

The two sought permission to eat while looking at me with puppy eyes.

“… Ah, yes, go ahead.”
“”Thank you~””

When I nodded, they immediately stuffed their cheeks.

“How is the taste?”
“Is that so, I am glad to hear that. Guest too, please try it by all means.”
“Yes, I shall.”

The employee encouraged me to eat, so I tried the meat skewer.
The meat is… Horn Rabbit, I think? Moreover, the ratio of salt and curry seems to be exquisite.

“Yeah, it’s delicious.”
“R, really?”

He wasn’t saying anything, but his eyes were asking me “How is it? How is it?” so when I told him my impressions, the employee’s expression obviously cheered up.

“I meant it. You have not used too much curry powder, so it’s not overpowering.”
“If Guest-sama says so then—”
“Ta, Takumi-dono, you have come!!”
“Pr, president!?”

In the midst of the employee’s words, Stefan-san who was out of breath rushed over. Moreover, while he was running, I could even hear some noises coming from his direction.

“Stefan-san, if you have a business with me than I could wait, you don’t have to be in such a hurry. Besides, we came today only by a chance, you should have just invited me over like before, you know?”
“Nono, it was urgent the last time so I had invited you, but I cannot do that every time!”
“Eh, is that so?”
“That is so!”

It’s apparently like that.

“So, I don’t have to guess that you wanted to talk about curry powder?”
“Yes, exactly! To start selling the curry powder, we opened a street stall just as you suggested, Takumi-dono. At first, the familiarity with the curry was too low just as we thought and we didn’t sell too much. However! The sales have dramatically increased after we opened the stall.”

The sales of the curry powder have apparently steadily raised after they opened the stall.
Foreseeing that and opening the stall was a really good move.

“Well, it’s only given after seeing that queue~ As I thought, the best-seller must be the curry salt, not the curry powder, right?”
“Eh? Did you say curry salt?”

Stefan-san looked at me in wonder.

“Huh? The skewers you are selling at the stall had salt mixed in with the curry powder, no?”
“Yes, that is correct, but…”
“You are not selling that? You could easily season with one of those, so putting them in small containers and selling them as camping or traveling goods would work well, I think…”
“Now that you say it! Of all people, how could I miss something that was right under my eyes!! Oh? So that means, other seasonings besides the curry powder could be mixed with salt?”
“……… Oh my?”

It seems that they weren’t selling the curry salt. Moreover, things like spice salt apparently don’t exist either.
Well, with such simple blends, Knights and adventurers will have an easier time cooking while camping outside.

“Takumi-dono, might I make use of that idea of yours? Of course, we will handle it in the same matter we handled the curry powder and definitely won’t make Takumi-dono lose out!”
“Yes, I don’t mind. Also, if possible, I have a few salts I would like to have made, may I ask you for it?”
“Ohh! That is a request I am grateful for! Please let me hear about it by all means!”

That being the case, it was not only the newly created curry salt that was sold, but even garlic salt, lemon salt, and herbal salt became part of the “Simple Salt Series” that began their sales.
To think such simple seasonings would have such a big impact.
Truth to be told, I wanted a matcha salt the most, but… I have no matcha~ Far from matcha, I have not even seen a green tea before. Ah, but green tea leaves should look the same as black tea leaves, so it’s possible that specialist shops like that of Russel-san have them.
The last time, there were so many kinds I didn’t have time to look around. Let’s take a look slowly and carefully the next time.

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