Chapter 15

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Dungeon of Earth – Capture 3
We have advanced smoothly through 8~10 floors with few short breaks.
The number of people coming in and out on these floors steadily decreased, and the hidden rooms and treasure chest we discovered are scarce.
The contents of the treasure chests were Low-grade Stamina and Mana Potions. Stamina potion is a magic potion that replenishes stamina while Mana potion is used by mages to recover magical power. They are the game’s standard items.
They come in Low grade, Medium grade, High grade, and Special grade, the quality and amount of recovery increase the higher the grade is.
The ones we obtained are of Low Grade so their recovery power isn’t that great. But, magic potions itself are expensive goods and are precious drops for adventurers in this dungeon.

“”That way~””

I’m afraid to say that I have come all the way here without being tired or feeling a loss of magic power, though…
Well~ there might be a time where they will be useful so let’s set them aside without selling them.

Speaking of magic potions, a magic potion that cures diseases and wounds, a Healing potion also exists on Aetherdia. In addition to drinking, it can also be apparently used directly on the wound. Furthermore, potions used for detoxifications and potions that temporarily increase physical strength also exist.
There also is a secret medicine among the Healing Potions. Well, you won’t be able to see one easily, though. The secret medicine can heal any incurable diseases and apparently even restore lost limbs. I’d rather connect the torn off arm than grow a new one……
N~ I want to see it, I don’t want to see it… a complicated feeling.

The items in my possessions are generic drugs like medicine for cold and stomach medicine, but I don’t have any Healing Potions. I think there won’t be any problems since I have healing magic, but I would like to get my hands on one just in case.


Oh! The two children found stairs leading to the next floor.



The moment we descended on the 11th floor, a Wild Ape has leaped towards us.


Wild Ape is an orangutan-like monster.
Despite the sudden attack, Allen and Elena pour kicks on the Wild Ape straight away.
The Wild Ape crashes into a wall. The Wild Ape who was suddenly flung against a wall in counterattack looks dumbfounded.
Allen and Elena pursuit that momentary opening. The defenseless Wild Ape ceased to breathe under the twins’ kicks.

It’s neck evidently snapped……

The Wild Ape’s corpse disappears and leaves behind a drop item. It’s Wild Ape’s fur. It’s a good thing for a Low-Class dungeon. But, this much is not enough to make equipment of it. Let’s deposit it in《Infinite Storage》for now.

Still, the perception and hand-to-hand combat sense of the twins is terrific.
They advance without getting lost and can discover monsters quickly.
Even though no one taught them, even I who know close to nothing about Martial Arts can understand their splendid movements. They are most likely moving on instinct.

I’m genuinely happy that some influential person does not shelter these two.
The thing Syl might have been worried about is this.
However, I have a certain feeling that I’m also taking advantage of them, but is that all right……

“”Here comes~””

Allen and Elena discovered another monster. A snake monster, Clay Snake has appeared.

“Oh, wait a moment!”

I stop Allen and Elena who were going to leap at the enemy.
The two obediently stop moving and fixedly stare at my face.

“That thing has poison in its fangs, let me take care of it.”

That’s right, the Clay Snake has a minuscule amount of poison in its fangs. Similarly to the Poison Spider from before, it’s a monster I want the barehanded children to avoid fighting with.
When the two nod in affirmation, I shoot out the “Wind Cutter”.
Of course, it was an instant kill. The dropped item is Clay Snake’s skin.
As soon as I pick it up, another monster appears. Three Giant Bees, honey bees the size of an adult.

“Be careful of the stinger.”

When I remind the children to be careful, they cheerfully reply.
Un. Although it was only one word, the two’s vocabulary steadily increasing. It’s a good thing.

The Giant Bee is a monster with considerably nimble movements. They take full advantage of their aerial movements to attack Allen and Elena. Allen and Elena smoothly dodge that and counterattack. However, the Giant Bees retreat to the air where the two can’t reach.
Allen and Elena who have an unusually hard time turn in pursuit of the Giant Bees.

Un. It’s a game of tag no matter how I look.
I intend to help as soon as it becomes dangerous, but how can I destroy the spectacle of the twins having fun?

Oh! They have been chasing it individually at first, but the two now move in a pincer attack.
Elena chances while Allen sneaks around to the Giant Bee’s destination. They safely brought it down the first one.
Cooperation is the twin’s field of expertise. They can determine their roles just with eye contact.
They knock down the second one immediately. N? …… I feel like they didn’t make eye contact.
These two, are they actually using telepathy to communicate? The cooperation was so splendid it forced me to think that.




Allen and Elena had a hard time dealing with the bees at first, but in the end, it took them less than ten minutes to deal with the three bees. They pick up the bee’s drop items and trot over to me.

“You worked hard.”

I receive the drop items while praising and patting the twins’ heads. The dropped items are 1 Bee Stinger and 2 jars of Honey.
Oh, it’s honey! A very precious item on Aetherdia which lacks sweetness.
Of course, sugar is also being sold, but it’s slightly higher in price. The price for one kg is around several thousand yen. It’s around ten times more expensive than in Japan?
It’s enough to be called luxury for a commoner. You would be able to stay a night at an inn with two meals at that price.
Because I have an absolutely higher income than I have had in Japan, I can buy anything if I say so myself.
However, I shouldn’t do that. I’m hesitant about buying it. The quality isn’t that good.
Therefore, I can’t help, but keep on thinking about getting normal honey……
Moreover, the honey inside the jars have a beautiful golden color and look incredibly delicious.
Un, if we meet more Giant Bees, let’s take an aggressive stance against them!

We encountered Giant Bees immediately even without searching. Despite there being five of them this time, Allen and Elena defeated them right away.
Isn’t their learning ability amazing? I thought that, but since there’s nothing wrong about it, I decided to leave it alone.
The drop items are 1 Giant Bee’s Wing, 2 Stingers and 2 Jars of Honey.
Doing well, so smooth!

Nevertheless…… is there a problem that the twins defeated 70% of the encountered monsters……? The monsters I defeated are only poison monsters and hard-shelled insects, and I also acted when we encountered big groups. Allen and Elena dealt with everything else.
If I had to say, the two are advancing while fighting. But, they seem to be having fun, so I let them dealt with it unless it gets dangerous.
However, if other people saw it, won’t they say that I’m working the children too much? Because I’m just watching from behind while the two children fight.
Shouldn’t I be more responsible as a guardian? It’s not like I’m forcing them to do it, so it’s okay, right?

“”Found it~””

The two found the stairs to the next floor. Do I rely on them too much?

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