Chapter 105

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In the Salon
There was a woman with same color of hair and eyes as Wald-sama who was relaxing at the salon when we arrived.
Wald-sama is the second son so it’s certain that he has an elder brother, but I wonder if he has a sister too?

“My, my, Wald-san, welcome home.”
“Mother, I have returned.”

…… It appears that the woman was, in fact, Wald-sama’s mother.
She’s a youthful woman, she doesn’t look at the age where could have given birth to Wald-sama at all.

“This must be Takumi-san. Welcome. My name is Rebecca.”
“I’m Takumi. These children are Allen and Elena. We will be intruding for some time, Rebecca-sam……――n.”

Rebecca-san apparently also doesn’t like to be called -sama.
The moment I was about to say “Rebecca-sama,” I was glared at very hard, so I changed it to “-san” at the last moment.
Wald-sama glared at me as well, but I ignored him and prompted Allen and Elena to greet Rebecca-san too.

“Allen and Elena, you should say your greetings too.”
“I am Allen!”
“I am Elena!”

On the way from Matthias-san’s office to the salon, I taught the children to say “Hello” in addition to “I am”, so they were able to properly say their greetings.
Yeah, a good performance, a good performance~ To think the children who would hide behind me when greeting others would come this far, I’m so moved~

“Yes, hello. Fufufu~ What adorable children they are~ That’s right~ Please, call me Obaasama, okay?”
“Oh my! Very good~”
“…… Mother.”

It appears that Rebecca-san is a very playful person.
She’s pleased that Allen and Elena called her “Obaasama,” but wouldn’t you normally be happier if they called you “Oneesama”?

“After all~ I would like to get a grandchild soon~ Wald-san, have you still not found a bride?”

Ahh, I see. Rebecca-san wants a grandchild, huh.

“Please put your expectations on Elder brother who has a wife. They are newly-wed, so that day will come soon.”

It seems like a child would be reliably conceived if the “Drops of Blue Rose” I received from Vivian were used, but…… well, since they are newly-wed, they will be surely blessed with a child before long. If there are no signs after several years, I can just give it to them at that time, right?

“You are right. I will wait while taking care of these children until then~”

She decided to take care of Allen and Elena by herself.
Well, I would be thankful if she was affectionate to them. But even now they were clinging to my legs and watching Rebecca who was beckoning them to come over.

“My, my, it seems like more time is necessary before they get used to me.”
“For sure. They are shy of strangers by nature. I’m sorry.”
“How unfortunate. But, you will stay at our home for a while, they will gradually get used to me.”

After that, we decided to have tea with Rebecca-san.

“Takumi, do you have ‘that’?”
“By ‘that’, you mean?”
“Ice cream. I want to eat that. Do you have some pre-made?”
“Ah, ice cream, is it? I have, but……”

While drinking the black tea that was served to me, Wald-sama suddenly said that he wants to eat ice cream.
It was a demand for ice cream, but I have some pre-made. When Wald-sama and rest were sleeping after pulling an all-nighter at Alveil, I was bored so I made ice cream with Allen and Elena in our room, so various kinds of ice cream are stored in my Infinite Storage.

“Give me.”

It was quite a concise demand.

“Allen will eat too~”
“Elena wants to eat too~”

At the critical moment, Allen and Elena took advantage of Wald-sama’s request and raised their hands as well.
These two really like ice cream, don’t they~

“It can’t be helped, huh…… I have milk flavor, milk flavor blended with finely crushed nuts, honey flavor, Ichi fruit flavor, and Kahee flavor. Which would you like, Wald-sama?”
“Oh, the variety increased? Let’s see~ Al――”
“Ah, I will say this first, but you can’t get all.”

When I asked what flavor he would like, it felt like Wald-sama would say all of them, so I conveyed to him that he can’t get all flavors before it was too late.

“What!? I can’t?”

…… He really was going to ask for all.

“It’s just before dinner, you know? Besides, the children will get an upset stomach if they eat a lot of cold things. Allen and Elena will endure with one flavor, but are you really going to eat all of them in front of them?”
“…… Ou, sorry. I would like the Kahee flavored one.”

When I explained that he can’t get all, Wald-sama obediently chose the Kahee flavored ice cream.
Well, his disappointment is very clear to understand. Let’s see~ Another flavor…… let’s give him one milk flavored with nuts too.

“Allen, Elena, what would you like~?”
“Allen, honey~”
“Elena, I~chi~”

Allen and Elena want honey and Ichi, huh~ It would be unfair if only Wald-sama got two kinds, so let’s give the two a bigger serving of the flavors they chose~

“Say, what is this ice cream? Won’t you explain to me?”
“It’s a cold sweet dessert. Would you like to try it as well, Rebecca-san?”
“My, is that fine? Then, could I have Takumi-san’s recommendation?”
“Yes, I understand.”

Since it’s Rebecca-san’s first time eating ice cream, let’s go with the common milk flavor and Ichi flavor that women seem would like.
I immediately retrieved ice cream from the Infinite Storage, and scooped the two flavors into a bowl. I need that thing. The clickety-click… thing for scooping out ice cream. Would a blacksmith understand if I explained it a bit? Let’s confirm before long.

“Thank you for waiting.”

The four promptly begin eating the ice cream.

“It’s my first time eating, but it’s very delicious.”

It suited Rebecca-san’s tastes and she ate very elegantly, but her pace was quick.

“Our chefs have to quickly learn how to make this.”
“My, Wald-san. Have it been decided that Takumi-san will teach you how?”
“Rather than teaching me, he has already given me the recipe.”
“Oh my, really? That is delightful, but Takumi-san, is that really fine? Wald-san didn’t extort you, did he?”

Eh? E, extort she says…… Rebecca-san, do you believe that your own son would do something like that?

“I, it’s fine. Besides the Ruven House, I gave the ice cream recipe to three other noble houses. But well, I only taught them the milk flavored recipe. I have decided that each house should come up with their own flavors.”
“Oh my, is that so? That’s good then, but…… since this is something I haven’t eaten nor heard about before, isn’t this Takumi-san’s invention?”
“You could say that……?”

To be accurate, that’s wrong~ What is this…… is it a mistake to bring such things into this world?

“But, I have no intention of hiding it, rather, it would be more convenient if it spread around.”

Hiding it would be inviting trouble after all~ I would like to avoid that.
Moreover, I would like to eat ice cream anywhere. But well, it’s not like the act of freezing can be done everywhere in this world, so it might be impossible after all.

“My, is that so? Then, would it be all right for me to introduce it at an open tea party?”
“Yes, I don’t mind. But, I would like to refrain from proactive guidance.”
“Yes, yes. We will have our chefs do their best. Oh dear, I somehow got very excited. Takumi-san, you will instruct them on the milk flavored one, right? After they are able to do that, I will have them do their best at this Ichi ice cream!”
“The Kahee flavored one was a bit bitter, but it worked as it was tasty.”
“That also sounds tasty, doesn’t it? In that case, we will have to do our best at the Kahee one too~ Fufu, how fun~”

Rebecca-san and Wald-san got excited while discussing what flavors of ice cream the chefs should make for a while.
While listening and drinking my tea, a messenger arrived as the schedule for the audience with the King has been decided.
Surprisingly! The audience seems to be scheduled for tomorrow.

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