Chapter 63

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Patrol and Harvest Festival
Although I say patrol around the capital, it’s mainly keeping eyes on the surroundings of the main street.
Capital is fundamentally peaceful.

Although I heard that the public order got worse and there was an accident with the Magic Gem Soldier, it’s not like such accidents happen frequently.

The city has returned back to normal.
It’s a lively and peaceful city as usual.

“Hello, Ramida obaasan. How is your cold?”

Claire sometimes greets people when passing them.
Like a good-natured policewoman rather than a knight.

“Oh my, Claire-chan. I got much better thanks to the medicine you sent me.”

“I’m glad. Please take care of yourself.”

Claire smiles.
A smile that feels like a gentle granddaughter who is worried about her grandmother.

“Thank you very much for your hard work. Ah, that lovely girl is also a knight, isn’t she?”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Racine desu.”

Racine greets and bows towards the obaasan.

“My, oh my, thank you for your politeness. So, that man is an attendant then?”

No, I’m a coworker though!?
Rather, am I not wearing the same knight outfit?

“…… I’m Abel.”

“Babel huh, best regards.”

“No, it’s Abel though……”

“Ah, was it Abir-kun, I’m sorry.”

“Therefore, I’m telling you it’s Abel.”

“Ae…… face-kun?”

You are definitely doing it on purpose aren’t you, obaasan!?

“My, well. Work hard not to pull Claire-chan down.”

“Wa, haah.”

“Also, no matter how beautiful Claire-chan is, you must not do something wrong, okay? I won’t let you touch my pretty Claire-chan for as long as I’m alive.”

“Wa, haa……”

I can’t say anything, but haa.

“Obaasan, he is also my coworker.”

Claire helps me out with a smile.

“Hee, so this child is also a knight?”

Ramida obaasan’s eyebrows twitch.

“Although Claire-chan is such an excellent knight, he doesn’t look like much. A swordsman aura? character? I can’t feel anything like that from him.”

That’s because I’m a magician.
Although my social position is that of a knight, I’m not someone who would kamikaze with a sword in hand.

“Abel is an extremely reliable magician. He is also someone who saved my life.”

“That’s right~ He defeated the monsters in Rashuka City on his own, and also defeated the Empire’s mysterious person who appeared in the Capital a while ago.”

Racine follows up Claire’s words.

Thanks, both of you.
As expected of my companions.

“…… Fumu, if you two say so.”

Obaasan mutters and turns towards me,

“I knew you were a splendid knight-sama at first glance. It’s reassuring to have someone like you around Claire-chan.”

A sudden 180 degree change in evaluation!?
Well, I’m being praised so, all good……



We advance further.
We enter the shopping area through the main street.

“Claire-chan, thank you as always. Have an apple.”

“Thank you very much, Mare obaasan.”

Claire receives an apple from the greengrocer obaasan.

“Claire Oneechan, you are beautiful as always~”

A small girl playing with her mother on the roadside waves at Claire.

“Fufu, thank you, Rina-chan.”

“Claire-san is on patrol today? Thank you for your hard work.”

The female merchant smiles at Claire.

“I will do my best.”

“…… Somehow, you are really popular. Claire.”

I half mutter in amazement.

“Chivalrous and beautiful. Even I who is a woman is attracted~”

Racine stares at Claire absentmindedly.

But, I feel like the people here like her not only because of her outer appearance, but also because of her inner beauty.
How should I say this, it seems that everyone’s atmosphere warms up when being in contact with Claire.
Just like they would towards a family member──

“S, stop it, both of you.”

Claire says in embarrassment.

“It’s because I lodged around here when I was in the Knight School. Everyone is my acquaintance.”

“That’s how I know a lot of people.”

“There are many old-fashion, good-natured people around here. I love the people of this city almost the same as everyone back in the village.”

Claire nods with a smile.

“Therefore──when the Empire attacks, I will absolutely protect them. With my own hands.”

Her expression becomes full of determination.

“It’s for that purpose I keep training with my sword every day. I will become stronger──and drive away every single Empire’s magician. If the plan to injure the people here, I will fight them. I will protect this city──”

How admirable, Claire.

Although I entered the Knight Order only because I wanted to become successful in life.
Claire has decided on her goal since she was small.
And her goal is now coming true thanks to the Knight Order.

Wonderful, I think frankly.

Claire walks straight down the road determinedly in order to achieve her goal.

Nothing in particular happened as we patrolled for a few hours like Ashe-san has ordered us to.

There was a hooligan who was trying to flirt with Claire and Racine so I drove him away with Invisible Tentacle – Tentacle Mist, then right after him a playboy, and after that a drunkard.

…… Hey, there are too many playboys in Capital!

I didn’t let them land a single finger on Claire and Racine bodies with my magic.
Well, both Claire and Racine are exceptional beauties so it’s probably natural that there are many people who try to flirt with them.

Anyway, the day got dark and today’s patrol mission finished.
By the way, it seems that another unit will patrol during the night.

“It’s lively over there.”

Claire points towards an alley while walking.
A white dome-shaped building is over there.

“That is the temple of Goddess Almeris desu~”

Racine says.

Almeris──One of the three pillars and the god people of this world put their faith into the most, governing over the harvest.
Racine is a priest serving Almeris.

“It’s supposed to be the biggest temple in the Aisha Kingdom. Ah, they are holding a harvest festival~”

She points at the temple.
A simple altar is standing there with colorful vegetables and fruits.
The area around it is crowded with dozens of stalls.

Such scenery is not much different from modern Japan.

“Festival, huh. How nice~”

“It’s wonderful.”

The two nod at each other.

“Want to take a look, Claire, Racine?”

Since we are already there, I invited the two.

“But, we have to report to the captain that the patrol is finished……”

“Then, how about we go together afterward ~?”

Racine smiles at Claire who mutters with a serious expression.

“No, Ashe-san told me it’s not needed to report after we finish. It’s alright to go and enjoy the festival.”

I noticed after I spoke.

Did Ashe-san foresee this and therefore she said “It’s okay to return home directly” by any chance?
She said something about settling the human relationships if I’m not mistaken……

“Is that so? Then let’s enjoy the festival since we are here. We haven’t enjoyed one together since the village festival, right?”

“T, that’s right.”

I nod while exploring the memories of the original Abel.
It looks like a story from ten years ago.

“When a harvest festival was going on, I always had to do my usual temple duties. I’m glad I can enjoy it as a visitor.”

Racine says with a friendly grin.

“I see, the harvest festival is like a『job』for Racine, huh?”

“Because I’m part of the Knight Order now, I have been exempted from those duties.”

Is that so?

“Then, let’s go Claire, Racine.”

We walk towards the shrine with smiles on our faces.

──Alright, the reward for patrolling.
Is something like a date event from galge’s this time.

As expected, the number of stalls in Eiha village can’t be compared to capital.
We walk through the crowd of people.

Because it’s a harvest festival, there are food stalls all over the place.

“That looks delicious.”

Claire points at one of the food stalls.

Apparently, it’s a stall selling bread rolls.
… Huh, this world also has them, bread rolls.

“That’s the rumored bread roll which has recently become popular in the capital. I have eaten it before.”

Claire says.

“It certainly smells nice~”

Racine sniffs cutely with a smile.

“Let’s eat together, Racine.”


The two high-five lightly.
These girls become really lively when it comes to food.

“This one with sweet red bean paste, then one normal bread roll and another one filled with sweet red bean paste.”

Fast!? Are you already used to it, Claire!?

“…… Rather, isn’t this too much?”

“But, they are so delicious.”

Claire looks at me with her whole face smiling.

“I also have Racine’s share.”

“I still think it’s too much. If you eat too much you will become fat──”


“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

For a moment, I felt terrible anger from Claire’s eyes so I hurriedly shut my mouth.

Talking about gaining weight is taboo in front of girls.
…… Let’s be more careful from now on.

“There’s a different stomach for sweet things after all. Besides, I will move a lot during practice so eating this much is alright. Surely, probably.”

Claire keeps saying excuses rapidly.

“Sorry, sorry. Ah, I will pay.”

Although I haven’t received the wage for this month, I still have enough to pay for some bread rolls.
I pay the food stall’s otchan and receive the bread rolls.

Every one of them is right from the oven and very fragrant.
Certainly, I can see why you might want to buy a lot

“Thank you, Abel. Ehehe.”

“Thank you very much, Abel-sama.”

Claire and Racine thank me with a smile.

Which reminds me──
This is the first time in my two lives I bought something for a girl.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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