Chapter 61

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Flower in Each Hand
I couldn’t conceal my embarrassment by the sudden development.

“I’m glad I could meet you, Abel-san.”

“Me too, me too~!”

“I wanted to meet you for a long time.”

Neat and tidy Ojou-sama female knight with long, black hair.
A lively female knight with blonde twin tails.
An intellectual looking female knight with blue short hair.

Several female knights nestle their bodies around me from every direction.
Different fragrances drifted to my nose from their hair and skin, making me dizzy.

“Oh right, after hearing about the mysterious person case our captain said ‘I want him in our unit’.”

“Ah, our captain said that too. Definitely, must pull him into our unit.”

“Oh my, what a coincidence. I heard that too.”

Eh, has my evaluation skyrocketed so much?
Am I perhaps popular?

“Hey, hey, won’t you come to take a look at our unit?”

The black-haired female knight whispered to me at kissing distance.

“Just observing…… is enough, you know? Ufufu.”

She says with a vicious tone not suiting her neat appearances.
While feeling nervous, the twin tail blonde girl pulls her away from me.

“The Seventh Corps is a unit that gathers magic swordsmen, right? Abel-kun would fit greatly in the Second Corps which specializes in offensive magic.”

She got pulled away too, and the short-haired female knight talks this time.

“What are you talking about? His glory is most worthy of the First Corps. If it’s alright with you, let’s go together to our office──”

Wow, it seems to have developed into some kind of contest!?
I stare dumbfoundedly at the female knights with sparks in their eyes.

However, regarding the matter of transferring to another unit──the answer is NO.

I’m not dissatisfied with my present working conditions under Ashe-san at all.
I plan to work hard for the Third Corps from now on.

It’s just, the feeling of being desired by other units is not bad.
I’m glad that I’m being regarded so highly after all.

Besides, the feeling of being surrounded by noisy girls is somewhat pleasant, my back tickles.
My heart beats bittersweetly in joy.

It’s quite the experience.

“…… Abel, the corners of your lips lifted up.”

Claire glares at me with an offended expression.
Next to her, Racine sighs rather sadly which is very unusual for her.

“…… Being surrounded by noisy women makes men happy after all nodesu ne? Ah, Natasha told me before that men always seek love……”

Of course, it makes me happy.
Do real’s feel like this every day I wonder?

No, am I perhaps riajuu right now?
Or am I becoming one?

My time has finally arrived──my heart keeps feeling sweeter and sweeter.



“Flash of Penetrating Magic Sphere – Photon Bullet!”

I shoot a pale blue sphere from my hand.
I fix my eyes at the ball of light which flies in a straight line while leaving spiral traces behind.


I order the bullet to change the trajectory.

Although I don’t need to use my voice to command it, it’s quite easier to control while using voice commands.
The bullet soars as planned.

The bullet crashes into the ceiling of the training room.


An enormous magic energies crash against each other, creating an intense sparkling.
The bright red magic barrier screams and the bullet goes right through it.

“Ah, bad……”

My bullet which easily went through the barrier also penetrates the ceiling and leaves the room.
It makes a large hole in the ceiling and flies far in the sky.

After several seconds, doooo…… n a sound similar to a growling stomach of a starving lion and a dazzling explosion.

“Even the strongest barrier couldn’t stop it. Your magic is tremendous as always.”

Ashe-san walks towards me from behind with a wry smile.

──After separating with Claire and Racine, I started a man-to-man lesson with Ashe-san.
This is my first time using my full power after the battle with Giira.

This is one of the training rooms at the headquarters.
A dome-shaped room around 20 meters in diameter with walls covered in a red shining barrier.

No, should I say that it was covered?
I have destroyed it with my magic after all.

“I’m sorry, I broke it.”

“It’s because I misread your Magic power. I will take responsibility for repairing it, so don’t mind it.”

Ashe-san smiles wryly.

“So, how about it? Can you control it?”

“Yes, I can manipulate its trajectory as I want.”

I answer.

“If I carelessly release the energy from the Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast the Capital would suffer. But, with this──”

I tightly clench my fist.

In fact, the few spells I know like the Flash of Annihilation have way too much destructive power.
I can’t use them carelessly.

Having said that, I can’t use them against such small targets like Giira.
It would be nice if I had some spells somewhere in the middle──

“But, it’s not this……”

I sigh.

I have no other spells, then spells with tremendous destructive power.
The magic attacks in my stock are too biased.

Therefore, understanding the Flash of Penetrating Magic Sphere is very valuable.
A high power which is easy to use even with many people around.

However, it may spark a great explosion if I’m careless.
All my attention is necessary for handling that spell.

“Well then, let’s end here for today.”

Ashe-san ends the practice right at noon.

“Please reserve your Magic power for tomorrow. You have used quite a lot of Magic power in the battle with Giira, right?”


“If you exhaust your Magic, the recovery will become delayed. It would interfere with your practice tomorrow.”

Which reminds me, Racine told me about this in Rashuka City.

If the Magic power consumption becomes big, the recovery will become slow.
If a magician uses about 70 to 80 percent of his Magic power in one day, it may take up to a month to recover.
Therefore, a magician needs to understand his consumption and speed of recovery.

Because I didn’t know about this, I exhausted my Magic power in Rashuka City and Racine had to do the sex ceremony in order to restore my──
…… By the way, Racine proposed the sex ceremony again after the battle in Rashuka City.
It seems that my Magic power wasn’t completely restored after the ceremony.
Racine told me that the second ceremony would restore my Magic power to perfect condition……

Ah, the second ecchi time was very comfortable, yes.

“It seems that you have used a lot of Magic power during the battle with Giira. I originally wanted you to rest, but……”

Ashe-san’s words brought me back to reality from my ero recollection.

“You wanted to learn the new spell before you lose the feeling…… How troubling.”

“But, thanks to that, my control has improved a lot.”

Actually, the output of the bullet increased considerably together with the control.

As expected, instructions from a first-rate magician Ashe-san are precise.
It’s unthinkable that I was trying to self-educate myself, it shows that I really didn’t know anything.

“Indeed. But, it’s still incomplete. If you miss the city will vanish──there’s need for more practice in order for such thing to not happen.”

Ashe-san smiles teasingly.

“Well, with so much magic you will be able to manage most enemies with just brute force. However, we do not know what means and what cards the Empire is still hiding, so we need to be careful.”

Ashe-san says.

“From now on, study the right ways in order to polish the control over your magic. If you do that, you will become much, much stronger──”

“Much, stronger……!”

I repeat her words.

“Ah, that’s right, thanks to you, the wound from before has completely healed.”

Ashe-san slowly rolls up her knight clothes.
Ashe-san exposes her ribs together with her underwear.

I unconsciously gulp my saliva down while looking at her bewitching white skin.
The skin of married women whom I embraced twice──

…… hey, we weren’t talking about such thing right now.
I look carefully again and see that the swelling which was there before completely disappeared.

“I’m glad, there’s no scar left.”

I sigh in relief.
Although I was confident in my healing spell, but if by any case there was one left…
If there was a scar left on such beautiful skin because of me, I wouldn’t know how to apologize.

“It’s all because of you. Thank you, Abel-kun.”

Ashe-san quietly bows her head.

“I need to thank you soon for healing my wound, huh.”

Eh, thank me──
I silently stare at Ashe-san after hearing her words.

Is it the same ‘thank you’ as before?
Uoo, the excitement……!

(Oh my, we are just childhood friends? Nothing less and nothing more? It, it’s not like I’m angry or anything, hmph.)

Claire’s words suddenly flash across my mind.
Then, I remember Racine’s consecutive sighing.

(Did you went on a love affair adventure by any chance? Abel-sama cares for various ladies, doesn’t he?)

I hold my neck unconsciously.
Although I don’t see it, a hickey is apparently there……

“I something wrong?”

Ashe-san asks me, I stop my recollection.

“Making such a difficult expression all of sudden. If you have troubles I can give you a piece of advice.”

“…… Actually.”

I start talking reflexively.
I tell her the whole story from this morning.

“I see.”

After hearing me talk, Ashe-san nods in satisfaction.

“Both of them are conscious of you…… they are young girls, of course, they would……”

Ashe-san says and lightly stares at me.

“It would be better if you become more sensitive to women’s hearts.”


“Right, if human relationships get complicated, it may become an obstacle to our unit…… there’s nothing left, but to settle it.”

I don’t get what Ashe-san is talking about since a while ago.

“Today in the afternoon, instead of training, patrol around the city together with Claire-san and Racine-san.”

“Patrol…… is it?”

Speaking of which, policemen in Japan had such duty.

“Don’t get cocky just because you have a flower in each hand, okay?”

Ashe-san laughs.

“There may be spies in the capital just like Giira the other day. If there’s an emergency you and Claire-san shall deal with it. Depending o the situation, you can request support from the headquarters. Understood?”

I nod at Ashe-san’s words.

“Then, after the lunch break is over, join with the two and patrol around the city. You can return home today without returning to headquarters.”

When she said so, Ashe-san suddenly touches my mouth and gives me a light kiss on the lips.

“Good work today, Abel-kun.”

U, such a surprise attack…… Is unbearable.
A stare at Ashe-san while indulging in the lingering sensation on my lips.

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