Chapter 3

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The Fellatio Service of Female Knight ・ Part 1※
“C, Claire, what is happening……?”

Why did she take off my trousers?

It was incomprehensible.

In my previous life, I never had an erotic relationship with a girl.
In the first place, I never dated anyone or even held a girl’s hand.
Naturally, kissing and doing ecchi things is out of a question.

Therefore, in such a situation, the only thing that’s on my mind is 『What eroge is this?』
I was confused.

“It’s okay. It is something I decided to do myself──”

Claire answered with an answer that doesn’t tell me anything.
I gulp loudly as eyes are staring at my crotch.

My most embarrassing place is stared at by an extraordinary bishoujo.

There is a sweet sensation of shyness and fascination mixed in her gaze.
Is it pleasant-looking at an exposed guy?

As the excitement rose, my penis excitingly erects in such way, that I myself am ashamed.
It suddenly rose up to almost 90 degrees and shakes in a manly way.

“It really is, big……”

Claire mutters feverishly.

“It’s my first time seeing a man’s thing, so it looks like that…… It looks really strong.”

She breathes in amazement, the sweet breath tickles my glans penis.
The penis jumps vigorously.

“You are not poor, Abel.”

Claire looks into my eyes and says.

I noticed that this is the follow-up from the banquet.
Thank you, Claire.

“U, a……?!”

Her fingertips suddenly touched the tip of my meat rod.

She caresses me around the glans with her soft fingers.
Almost like she wants to confirm the shape with her touch.

“It pulses……”

“It’s because when you watch me, touch me…… I get excited……”

I muttered with a dry voice.
The smell of raw fishy smell is overflowing in the room, stimulating my nasal cavity.

“I’m sure if I lick it…… Right…..?”

Claire muttered nervously.
She brings her face closer to my crotch again.

“Eh, licking it──”

No way, she will…… give me a blowjob?

I’m stunned even more and watch Claire coming closer to my penis.

A sweet breath reaches my glans again and tickles me.
With the tickling, a pleasant feeling brings numbness to the core of my meat stick.

“N, chu.”

Claire kisses the tip of my penis lightly.
A tender tongue crawls around the tip of my penis.


I frown my eyebrows and moan.
A feeling of saccharine flesh runs alongside the tip of my penis.
It’s the first time I’m experiencing something so pleasant.

(This is not a dream… right?)

It was stupid of me to not experience a woman in my previous life.

I who was always unpopular is now receiving a blowjob from such a beautiful girl.
It feels like a dream, 、the softness of her lips on the tip of my dick, the heat, the almost melting sweetness, all was accompanied by an overwhelming sense of reality.

“N, chuu…… li, like this……?”

Claire looked at me with an anxious expression.

Because of the dark, I’m not sure, but if I look at her properly something seems to be glittering on her body.

Silver Knight armor… I wonder?
Many places are covered with soot and mud, it looks like a battle was just fought.

Back at the banquet, she was dressed like a common village girl, when did she change her clothes?


“Wa, because it was my first time…… I couldn’t do it properly, I’m sorry.”

Claire expression becomes more and more uneasy.

I can’t get enough of the gap between her unyielding personality and lovableness.
My heart throbbed bittersweet.

“Don’t say that…… Uu, it fe, feels good.”

“Feels…… good?”

Bashful, somehow delighted innocent expression.

“What a relief……”

“Ple, please continue.”

I said with an excited, nervous voice.

“…… Cause It’s a reward for saving the village.”

She says to convince herself and continues the blowjob.

I saved the village? What is she talking about?

While I was feeling dubious,

“Kuwa, aaaa……”

The tongue which melted me away coiled around the glans.

Picha, picha, the sound of saliva together with the sweet sensation hit my spearhead.
My tense glans twitched automatically.

I can tell that a sticky pre-cum began leaking from the glans.
A choking grassy-smelling smell mixes with surroundings.

When that smell mixed with Claire’s sweet-smelling saliva, she choked a little bit.

“Aa,…… ku, fa……”

“Chuu, puu…… N, slurp.”

The sound of Claire’s slurping overlaps with my gasping voice, it played an indecent harmony.

Each time she intertwines the saliva with her tongue, an electric current of pleasure runs through my meat stick.
The glans slowly melts with the help of her lips and mouth.

With that alone, the hot blood flows to the penis.

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