Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Reincarnated as a Cheat Magician
Before I realized I have reincarnated in another world.

Another world – The so-called Fantasy world of sword & magic.
That thing with RPG elements and such.

I remember my former life only in fragments.
I think I was a student in modern-day Japan, I can remember only faintly.

I have probably died because of an accident or a disease.
When my consciousness awakened, I realized that I’m not a Japanese high-school student anymore, but a villager in another world.

My name is Abel. The eldest son of a farmer. I’m in my mid-teens.

Instead of reincarnating as『Villager #1』 it would be nice to be a Hero or magician instead.

I wonder if God would hear my desire.
One day, I realized that I have genius-level aptitude in magic.

Yay! Instead of being a Villager #1, I can now live as a cheat Magician.

I was in a Seventh Heaven.

The number of Magicians in this world is extremely low.
If a country employs a dozen powerful Magicians, that alone will allow that country to show off before other countries.

If I become a first-rate Magician, the path to a successful life will surely appear.
Not an ordinary farmer, but an authority that can influence other countries.

Unfortunately, in this remote village, there are no other Magicians, I can learn only by self-study.

Then, I noticed a fatal flaw in my magic immediately.

It’s too powerful.

The first magic attack I used, flattened a nearby mountain completely.

… Landowner uncle, I’m sorry.

Afterward, It made a big fuss in neighborhood and investigation corps were dispatched from the kingdom.
In order not to be discovered, I acted cool.
In the end, it was concluded as a natural disaster, but…

If I fire this in the village, people will surely die.

I have decided to conceal the fact, that I can use magic.

If I feel like it, I can easily destroy the village──
If such a thing is known, I will surely be evicted.

If I am careless, I will suffer from social ostracism.
No, I may be driven out of the village.

Then, not only me but my parents who brought me up will be in trouble too.
That being the case, I began practicing magic in secret.

And then a few years have passed.

Morning on that day, I who was going help farming was called out by my mother.

“Claire-chan is coming home after 7 years.”

“Claire? Who’s that?”

I was puzzled by mother’s words.

“What are you saying? Is she not your childhood friend?”

“Childhood friend…”

I search in my memories.

My consciousness awakened several years ago──Abel was in his middle teens.
What happened after that, I can remember clearly.

However, I can remember the old days only vaguely.
While trying to remember, a faint memory appears──

I begin to remember that Claire was a neighborhood girl I used to play when we were children.

“A, Ah yes, Claire. Right right, of course, I know her.”

“Even though you asked ‘Who?’ a little ago.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to seeing her.”

I ignore my mother’s tsukkomi.

“Claire-chan has graduated from the Knight School in the capital and became a proper Knight.”

Claire has a talent in fencing, she got a special recommendation from the village’s dojo (the village’s dojo instructor was once a Royal Knight in the old days) to enter a Knight School.
It seems she graduated there at the top of her class.

“My childhood friend is a wonderful person.”

…… Even though I forgot about her existence until a while ago.

“She’s becoming more and more beautiful. You have something to look forward, Abel.”

“So Claire is such a bishoujo?”

I explore my memories once again.

An image of a girl with a lovely face and red hair appears.
Ooh, that is the definition of kawaii!

Last time Abel and Claire saw each other was 7 years ago.
In other words, it was before I have awakened my consciousness.

It will be my first time meeting Claire.

A childhood friend who is one year older than me.
Seven years, I wonder how beautiful she grew up to be──

“I have become excited just from imagining it!”

“Oh my? What’s with the way you speak? Was Abel such character?”

A dubious voice came from behind.

Surprised, I look back.

A slim, tall, beautiful girl was there.

Hair gathered in a ponytail, a burning crimson hair swaying in the wind.
The unyielding blue eyes, looking straight at me.

By any chance, is this child──

“Long time no see, Abel.”

She── Claire said with a lively smile.

My voice does not come out.

It was a girl who would send current idols running in tears, a tremendous bishoujo.

A sound of my gulping can be heard.

Originally, I’m not used to speaking with girls.

My ordinary life consists of helping at home and farming, except family and animals, I haven’t talked with anyone.

“Lo, long time no see.”

This is bad, my tongue does not move.

“My, oh my, it was so long that you got nervous? Didn’t you in the old days run behind her and shouting Claire Oneechan, Claire Oneechan?”

“Geez. There’s no need to be nervous.”

Claire giggles.
My strained face relaxed after seeing her smile.

“Because you are same as before.”

“Truly, this child didn’t change at all.”

Claire asked my laughing mother,

“Then, does he still lift up girl’s skirts?”

“I don’t?!”

I retorted unconsciously.

“Seven years ago… I have recovered.”

You were still doing it seven years ago?!

“You have grown up, Abel.”

“Geez, don’t make skirt lifting the standard basis of growth…”

Surprisingly you were a mischievous kid, original Abel.

I will explore the memories to check later.
I hope you didn’t do anything bad to others…

“So Claire-chan, are you staying in the village for a while?”

“Yes, I’m allowed to stay for three more days. When my vacation is over, I have to return to capital and join the Knights in preparation──”

“My, oh my. You are so busy. Well, take it slowly for the next three days. Village Mayor wants to hold welcome back banquet for you.”


At present, I still didn’t know that the banquet will be the start of everything.

The beginning of a story about a reincarnated cheat Magician to save the world.

Perhaps I should say a journey to gather bishoujo’s from all over the world to create a harem and do ero things── To be more precise, un.

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