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Vanveil rank A team



Name: Elm La Sol
Age: 32
Job: Adventurer
HP: 160
MP: 100
Magic Attribute: Wind, Wood
Appraisal, Supervisor

Hair color: Hazelnut


☆☆☆ The Journey of the Boy Elm 1 ☆☆☆

I’m Elm. I live with my father, mother, and younger brother in Sukurt Village.
You could say that the village is in the dead center of a forest.
There are no more than 200 villagers.
Although isolated, it’s not uncomfortable.
There’s plenty to eat in the forest.
Fruits and wild grasses, and many animals.
However, there’s also plenty of things that are lacking.
Minerals, weapons, magic tools, education, you have to go to town for those.
Children of this village go to a school far away from the forest when they become 12 years old.
In the period of three years, they learn letters, magic, industrial science and return to the village.
Of course, there are those who just leave.
After receiving education in town, they become government officials or soldiers.
And, there are also those who become adventurers.


We are already 12 years old too.
We will be leaving the village soon.

What will I become?
I don’t have that much magical power.
My attributes also aren’t great.
Just because I don’t understand my skills well, I can’t plan ahead.
What do I want to become?
What am I used to?
What do I want to do?


Where do I want to live?


Do I live while separated from my parents and younger brother?
Is it alright to not look after your parents as a child?
As the elder brother, do I live as an example for my younger brother……


I don’t think I hate him.
My younger brother who’s superior to me.
But, does it not feel disagreeable?
Have I never thought that he was a little bit more normal? If asked, I have no choice but to say that he is.


Do I leave the village just like that?
It’s not like I will be abandoning the village.
Because it’s not like everyone lives in this small village.
There are also places made by those who left the village before.


Those wandering around as adventurers, those who have settled in countries and cities.


Thoughts just circle in my head, and I can’t decide.
I who keeps on thinking can’t decide.


Will I change a little after studying……



“Niisan, Tousan is calling you.”

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t hear him.”

“Are you leaving?”

“N? I’m just going to school.”

“After that.”

“I have not decided yet.”


“Lies. You think all the time. You hate me, don’t you?”

“How could I? You are my younger brother, you know? Why have you thought so?”

“But, everyone is……”

“Those who talk are everywhere. Indeed, your magical power is higher than mine. You also have easy to understand, general purpose skills. But, that’s all. There are many things you still can’t do, and you are also a crybaby, aren’t you?”

“I, I’m not a crybaby.”

“I will not push everything on you. I will assist you when you become the chief.”

“Why are you giving up from the start? Shouldn’t you just become the chief?”

“That’s impossible.”


“Because I don’t want to be that.”

“I also don’t want to…… why……”

“It can’t be helped. Because the chief has decided so.”

“Ojisan and others don’t understand.”

“Were are still young, and it’s too soon, right? We will go to school after this. Ojisan is also younger than Tousan, so it’s far ahead, you know?”


“What are you anxious about?”

“I have a feeling that Niisan will abandon this village.”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about that. Even if I leave the village, the place of my return will always be Sukurt. This village.”

“Really? You won’t abandon us?”

“There’s no way I could do that. It’s the place I was raised in.”

“But, this place is not kind to Niisan.”

“You are saying such thing again……”


My younger brother who expresses my hesitation accurately……

But, he crushes my means of escape.

A fellow who knows how to spin words.

And I, who can’t free myself from obstacles.


Three years……

The last period to decide my life.


The last period begins.

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