Chapter 44

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Chicken Salt Hot Pot (Elm’s Gathering)
After eating breakfast, the carriage that was running nonstop has stopped.
Fuu, I’m relieved. After washing my hands after toilet, I consult with everyone. Embracing all by myself is a bit straining. Everyone should know about Ivar.
First of all, let’s speak a little while making dinner. Ivar is still sleeping in the carriage.


“Sapin, build a fire. Also, can you check on Ivar? If he’s awake, let him warm his body near the fire.”
“Elm, there’s almost nothing to eat. Please, get some plants to eat.”
“Shien, can you handle the meat? Ah, don’t throw away the bones. I will use it for broth. Let me know when you peel off the skin.”
“Iris, I’m going to prepare the water bag. Watch me, okay? Look, you mix the salt, sugar, and water like this. Just a little bit of both is enough. Just enough so you can taste both.”


The dinner preparations are first. I have to make firm eyes because we had no lunch.
I also have to let Ivar eat properly because of his injury.

As for my condition…… well, I slept. I can somehow move around. But, because it wouldn’t be good to do it all by myself, I have everyone help me.

Now then, what are the remaining ingredients?

First, the meat. Because Shien is handling the Cocco, let’s put the bones into the pot. The skin is chopped finely and meat into bite sizes. I put rosemary into the pot.
I boil the skin in a smaller pot and put it into a bowl. I pour the remaining water into the big pot and skim off the scum.
I chop the sourleaf Elm brought and mix it with the skin and the remaining miso. Un, it became like chicken skin vinegared miso, didn’t it?
I wash the smaller pot and dissolve jam in it…… as a substitute for tea.

I take out the bones and rosemary from the big pot and put in the meat.

Oh my, what are this red fruit and this leaf?

“Elm, what is this leaf? It’s edible, right? What about this red thing?”

“Yes, this leaf is called Epi and is a kind of vegetable, but it’s usually quite small. That red fruit is called Kaien.”

How does it taste, I wonder? Let’s chew a little bit of this leaf. Mogumogu…… I feel a faint spinach taste….. it’s just a normal leaf vegetable. Is the flavor light as a because of that?
Is this red fruit actually a cherry tomato, I wonder….. kashu…… hii~ peppe!! Spicy…… burst into flames spicy! A chili pepper? Is such spicy thing commonly eaten around here?

“E, Elm! Do you normally eat this?”

“Yes. I do. It’s considerably smaller than usual, though.”

I pick one, and toss it into his mouth. Paku!! Peppe!!

See, it would become like that, right?

“S, spicy!”

Yes, yes. I have a tingling ache inside my mouth.

“It’s not usually this spicy.”


“It isn’t spicy?”

“It shouldn’t have such sharp taste, but……”

Is it related to size?
Well, it would have a good accent. Yeah.

Let’s cut Epi into chunks and finely chop one Kaien.

I put salt into the pot with meat and taste. A little, strong? Ma, let’s put in Epi. I chopped plenty. And taste. Un, slightly light? I put half of the chopped Kaien in and taste. Eh? The hot taste might be just right! A really delicious nabe after a while. If I could put Chinese chive and leek in this…… a salted chicken hot pot……


The members watching me taste over and over…… there’s plenty! Don’t look at me with such eyes!


The chicken hot pot, chicken skin, sourleaf, and miso.
Tea made with jam.

This became our dinner.

“It’s done~ Now, let’s eat.”

Hearing my voice, everyone immediately gathers. Ivar who was obediently warming up by the fire with Sapin has nestled close to me. Ah, yes. It would turn out like this, wouldn’t it? He must have heard from Sapin that I told him to be obedient.

Everyone is eating the hot pot from their bowls.


I put my hands together and start eating.

Fuu, fuu, paku. The meat is tender. Shaku, shaku. Epi has a delightful texture.
Yeah, delicious. So warm.
Let me see, how about the chicken skin? Kuniyu, kuniyu, shaku, shaku. Un, this is delicious as well. A satisfactory meal after a while.


I who ate while savoring the taste didn’t notice. How fast the contents of the pot disappeared.


Saa, me too, seco…… nds……


Let’s have tea and relax.



☆☆☆ Elm’s Gathering ☆☆☆

“Elm, there’s almost nothing to eat. Please, get some plants to eat.”

Being told such by Koyu-sama, I entered the bushes. But, what would she like to eat?
Koyu-sama does not compromise when it comes to eating.
I couldn’t find anything in the bushes, so I arrived at remote grassy plains.

I saw red fruits here and there. It was quite small, but when I appraised it, it was『Kaien』. Un, I have eaten this before. It’s the size of a little finger, but there is quite a number of them. I don’t like them that much, but it’s better than nothing.
After a short while, while looking carefully around I found a long and narrow leaf under my feet, I learn that this is “Epi”. Leafy vegetables are not my strong point, but I know it’s alright after appraising.
Koyu-sama won’t mind as long as there’s no poison.
She also inquired about poisonous plants before.
I’m taking as much as I can carry with my hands, so it should be alright.
I thought so. I haven’t thought it would be so spicy.
Oh well. The dinner was a little hot, salty bird dish. I thought it was soup, but there was so much garnish inside, so I had my fill……
It was good, and I’m full…… before I noticed the pot was emptied.
Koyu-sama standing in front of the pot…… hung her head……
She stood there momentarily, but…… the coercion never occurred……


I’m terribly sorry.

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