Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Various Conversations
“Hey, Sapin. May I inquire about the current situation?”

Shien and Ivar went away shortly after that, Iris is watching me from the side while not approaching me…… I can ask only Sapin. Elm looks somewhat busy……

How long did I sleep for……
What has happened after that……
I know only that I made Ivar and Iris worried and that Iris has closed my wounds.

“Wha? What? Situation? Ah~ right. First of all, we suspended the travel.”

“You see, I understand that. I didn’t mean that. For how long was I asleep?”

“Koyu-sama? got injured at the noon of the fifth day and it has been two days since then.”

“Then, we are traveling for seven days now?”

“It’s afternoon. They day will set soon.”

“Then…… what about the meals during that time?”

“As usual.”

“As usual?”

“Dried meat and hard bread. The caught meat.”

“How much of that is left after that?”

“After that? Well, we still have meat.”

“How about bread?”

“We ate it.”

Whoa…… what to do? We have not arrived at the village because I have gotten injured. And the food supplies got almost exhausted……

Moreover, the sun is going to set soon…… I’m greatly troubled.
Meals…… I have to make them…… I should be able to make at least a soup. At least a bit……
There should be still a soup pack. Besides, I can make clear broth soup as long as we have salt.
Ah, I wonder what happened to the sourleaf from that day? They should be good to eat after boiling them for a little bit. Can’t it become an ingredient for soup?
Now then, I must do my best.

“It would be better not to do anything yet.”

“But, at least the preparations for the meal……”

“It’s not like you have recovered completely, you know? Overstraining yourself would be troublesome for us.”

“Ah…… I’m sorry……”

“I will do something about food. Wait a moment. I will ask.”

Ask, who?


Oh my? Did I say it out loud?

“I understand, at least that much. Anyhow, I’m going. Sit down, please.”

“Yes, I understand.”

That being the case…… who’s aniki? Only Elm is older than Sapin, right? Their body builds are similar, but…… the aura and looks are not so similar……
Let’s ask sometimes. I’m looking forward to it.



☆☆☆ Iris at that time ☆☆☆

Ah~ gee. I have to pay attention to Koyu-sama. It was because of our carelessness as guards that she got injured. Because she was all right even after the raid and she was also smoothly to learn when teaching her magic. To be all right…… even though the person herself said she doesn’t understand anything, I misunderstood that she can do everything.
She immediately tries to move on her own…… she talks and soothes Ivar. She did something that I couldn’t do…… Even though Koyu-sama is not at fault.
Irritating…… that’s why unconsciously averted my gaze.
I can’t even properly heal her injury…… a high fever such as that couldn’t be treated with half-baked heal. Even though my magical power should be enough. To think that the best I could do was to close the wounds. I’m ashamed…… properly…… if I only could handle it better……
Let’s practice all over again…… when the time comes, I will be too ashamed if I won’t be able to use it.

Also, I have to apologize properly. I’m sure she will hear me out but, right?

Eh? Meal? What is she doing, Koyu-sama!! Don’t move around and lie down, ple~ase!!



☆☆☆ Shien and Ivar at that time ☆☆☆

“Ivar, you understand, right?”


“Then, try saying it, what you should do, and what you shouldn’t.”

“Shouldn’t, separate. Guards protect at side.”

“What you should do?”

“Search enemy. Reflect.”

“Then, why do you look like crying? Are you still trying to make Baasan worry?”

“Baachan, worries?”

“She said she wanted to pamper you because you look like crying.”

“Ah…… sorry.”

“Work hard at today’s night duty. At least.”


“You got an important person, didn’t you?”

“N. Gentle. Not angry when don’t look or talk.”

“We are also not angry, you know?.”

“Baachan, different.”


“How do you think she’s different?”

“Because everyone knows, not trying to find out.”


“Baachan, knows nothing. But, feelings tender when around.”

“Feelings? Tender?”

“Yes. Wraps me like a soft blanket. Also talking slowly.”


“Also listening slowly.”

“Ah, she waits for your words?”


“Sorry. We are a little too much anticipating.”

“Hmm. I know you understand.”

“Tender feelings, huh.”

“Yes. Warm.”

“But, you are being spoiled too much, you know? Baasan is a customer, not a family or a companion.”

“Y…… es…… I know.”

“Don’t cry?”

“Not crying.”

“Protect her properly, okay? She seems to have some special circumstances.”

“Protect. Next time, no mistake.”

“You bet.”

Why did he warm up so much to her? Tender feelings, huh…… he said she was warm as well, didn’t he?
To that fellow, I wonder how our feelings are like……



☆☆☆ Elm’s and Sapin’s conversation ☆☆☆

“Aniki, Baasan wants to make a meal.”

“That’s still unreasonable, isn’t it? How was it?”

“N~…… she minded that there are no ingredients.”

“Ah~…… that’s…… too like her…… after that?”

“She seems quite lively.”

“Haa. Being lively is fine, but it’s somehow suspicious, my stomach is hurting.”

“It can’t be helped, we have accepted the request.”

“I didn’t know that common sense doesn’t apply to her.”

“You wouldn’t accept if you knew?”

“No, that character, I would regret later if I didn’t accept.”


“You couldn’t help it but feel uneasy if something happened, right? There’s also Ivar’s case.”

“He’s attached.”

“Yeah, attached.”

“It’s inevitable?”

“What is?”

“That either make my stomach hurt.”

“You bet……”

“So, what about the food?”

“Ah~…… it would be impossible for the same thing we eat, wouldn’t it? Make her teach from the side……”


“…… Iris?”

“Do you intend to waste the remaining ingredients?”

“So it’s me……”

“Do your best, leader……”

“You say such things only at times like this……”

“Then, do your best? Aniki?”

“Seriously only times like this. Haa.”

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