Chapter 15

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Breakfast (Fourth day in the different world)
Hafuu, I slept well.
But, my body is…… rattling. I would like futon…… No, I’m in a carriage. Let’s endure.


Outside is…… beautiful sunrise colors. N? Will it be perhaps raining today?
Then, I will have to make something warm earlier than usual.


Breakfast is the source of energy. I have to make it properly. For every one of Vanveil more than me.
There’s still fire in the stove. It should be cooked fast if I cut small pieces.
Onions and then carrots. Fresh bacon, all finely cut. Insert tomato puree earlier than usual. After that stir and boil.
Is it boiling? A little taste. Uun…… is it too light? Because just the salt from the bacon is too light, I put in herbal salt I have bought at the product exhibition. Un, delicious.
Put it on the rye bread. Ah, we have run out of the rye bread with this, haven’t we? Can’t be helped then. I will have to make something from the flour from now on. Well, dumplings like the ones from last evening would be fine, I do not mind making thin pancakes as well.


Oh my, the night has completely vanished.



I distribute soup full of ingredients and a thin slice of rye bread to everyone.


Itadakimasu. Yeah. It’s properly delicious. It has a slightly thin taste, but I will endure. I’m worried about high blood pressure anyway.



Today, Iris will be teaching me magic in the carriage. I’m extremely excited.
But, I’m slightly worried about the rain. It would be nice if it didn’t rain.


I would lastly like tea, but I endure. There’s not much left. Muu. N?
Which reminds me, I have brown sugar, don’t I? Dissolve just a bit in the hot water. Tasty. A sweet beverage instead of a dessert. The brown sugar’s fragrance is so nostalgic it makes me remember that snack.
I enjoy the memories only a little……


Now then, departure!!




☆☆☆ Iris overslept?! ☆☆☆

When I woke up, Baasan was already moving around.
Although the night has not finished yet, she was already making breakfast.
The delicious fragrance fills the surroundings. Gulp…… my throat screams.
No, no……




Should I caution her……



Throat screaming…… my stomach is making sounds now as well. Gu~gu~……



Who was on the night watch…… Ah, it was me…… Un, I got up because it was my turn, haa……


What is Iris doing?
Did she possibly get tired out by Baasan? It’s possible……


Ah…… Elm who should be resting…… Ivar and Sapin are awake too……


Yes. Can’t win against this fragrance, right? I want to eat as well.




Is it not ready yet?


Baasan is in the middle of the tasting.


N? She took out something from her bag.
Oh? Tasting again?


Yes, yes…… it’s delicious apparently. She’s smiling.


Oh, she noticed us!! Bows? Un, I will help. Here.


Ah,~ Delicious.
The most profitable thing about being Baasan’s guard is this delicious food. She makes lots even though she herself doesn’t eat that much. What a happy thing.


Huh? Where is Iris?

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