Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Prologue (First day in the different world)
Korokorokoro ……

A little, stuffed toy? has rolled up to my feet, but…
I wonder what it is?
Ah, this is the so-called strap, isn’t it?
Shin-chan has one on the backpack.

I wonder whose it is? It has rolled down the slope.
Ah, it must be that Ojousan’s, she’s restlessly looking around.
Well then, well then, let’s return it.

Yoikorasho, yokkoisho… I have a lot of heavy baggage, I can’t quite advance, haa.
It can’t be helped, I’m aged.
But, I will be living alone from now on, I have to be at least able to carry my things.

Haa, the slope is quite steep.


The surroundings around the children are glowing?
Ah, the light is up to my feet……



Where is this?
I… I was moving out yesterday…
Right, my feet were glowing!
And then… I wonder what happened?

“Ah~ Would it be alright to begin?”

What? Who?

“Ah~ I’m the so-called God.”

What? Scam? I don’t have any money on me, you know?

“No, no, not a scam, but a genuine God.”

I won’t be deceived just because I’m an elder, you know?

“Like I said, I’m a genuine God. You have been dragged to a certain phenomenon and have passed away.”

Eh, I have died? Even though I planned to live alone leisurely from now on. I could finally take it easy, you know? Even though I planned to do things I couldn’t do before from now on.

“I’m sorry. Our country is facing a downfall, so we have summoned heroes from a different world.”

Haa? What’s that?

“The lower part of your body got swallowed up in the circle that summoned juveniles with power. They are safe because their entire bodies were summoned, however.”

Eh? You have been saying since a while ago something about my lower part of the body being…

“Yes. It’s inexcusable, but your body got crushed in your previous world, while only your soul and baggage has been summoned here.”

So I have died, huh. Just a soul… N? The baggage?

“Yes. The baggage has also transferred here. That being the case, I will reconstruct your body, so won’t you live over here?”

…… In a place where I don’t know anyone? Alone? I know only Japanese, though.

“I will make it, so you understand all the languages of this world.”

Are hospitals here? I’m elderly, I have a chronic disease.

“Your body will be reconstructed, so you will be rejuvenated. I will grant you that kind of power. Right, right, this is a world of magic, what sort of power do you wish for?”

Magic!! It’s a fairy tale, I see!!
Creating water or something would be convenient, don’t you think?

“Then, I will make sure that you can use various things for convenient life.”

Well, I look forward to it now. I was just about to live alone from today. I just have to think that the place has changed.
But, it will be lonely not being able to see my children and grandchildren.

“Please do your best, okay~ Ah, I have put all your baggage into your pocket so be sure to check it later, okay?”

Yes, yes.
Ah, somehow, I feel dizzy……



I wonder where is this? The floor seems to be a stone paving, huh. It’s cold……

Ah, are those the desired juveniles? They appear to be senior high school students.

Gasha a heavy door opens and a person in gaudy garments…… So boastful.
Yeah, that’s right. You are the one who has summoned us, aren’t you? It wasn’t that God person.

“We are the ones who have summoned you, the King of Toal Country, Al Cole. Right now, our country is on the verge of crisis because of the Maou. By the command of God, we have summoned heroes from a different world. Those are you. If you defeat the Maou, the ring of return to your world will appear. Destroy Maou together with us!”

“How can you say something so selfish?”
“Can we really return?”
“Return us, return us immediately.”
“We are unrelated, right? Return us back at once.”
“Isekai summoning… is this a light novel……”
“Me? A hero? Seriously?”

My, my it’s a chaos. That’s given, huh. I wonder what light novel is? There seems to be an eager child as well. Will this be all right?

“Look at your status. There’s a job, right? There’s someone amongst you with a Hero job, right?”

Status? What’s that?

Ah, those children, what are they doing? N? Is saying status open enough?

Status open

Name: Koyu (Enoki Kouyuu)
Age: 60
Job: Grandma rolled up in a different world summoning
HP: 60
MP: 1000
Magic Attribute: ——
Green Hands

What’s that, I wonder?

“Ah, I’m a Hero.”
“I’m a Saint.”
“Holy Knight.”



Everyone is lively, huh.

“The elderly over there. Are you a hero too?”

“That, I seem to be just an ‘involved obaachan’.”

“What? Just a normal person? What do you want to do? Do you want to work in the kitchen until the heroes reveal the ring of return?”

“That, it doesn’t look like I will be able to help with anything, I would rather cultivate fields in some rural area, would that be alright?”

“Good, all right. We will prepare compensation, so go work in the village.”

“Thank you very much. I will set out immediately.”



I inquired from gatekeeper about various locations in the town and left the castle. Immediately.

On the verge of crisis? What a joke. Dressed in such tasteless clothes. Bulging with fat. Together with us? That’s not it, right? How about you fight on your own?
Well, I’m just a grandma. I can’t fight, so I should become a servant? How obvious.

First of all, I have to leave the town and find a way to live in a rural village.

Gatekeeper-san told me to find a guild first. Guild, guild……

Oh my, a bakery? Don’t you have some appetizing bread?
I wonder how much it costs? I have received compensation, so I have some money to spend.

“Master, I was wondering how much this bread costs?”

“It’s written below. Baasan can’t read? It’s two coppers.”

“I’m sorry, my vision got bad with age. I have only silver on me. Can you give me five?”

“Can’t be helped then.”

I can read, but I don’t understand the units. I wonder how far I can go as a granny.

This bread looks like German rye bread. It’s a bit sour, but it’s delicious when thinly cut and toppings. I like this kind of bread.

Right, right, I was going to the guild, weren’t I? I got more forgetful with age.

“Master, I wonder where the guild is? I have forgotten and lost my way. Could you tell me please?”

“Haa, Baasan are you okay? What business do you have in the guild?”


“I thought of moving to somewhere in the countryside. I wanted to request an escort.”

“Somewhere…… Baasan…… have you thought about it a little? That’s impossible for you.”

Yes… I want to leave this country because I have thought about it. But, right, huh. Asking without knowing where would be difficult.
Right, if I say I want to recuperate in the countryside, I may be able to find out about health resort.

“Could you tell me about a quiet recuperation place around here? I have just arrived to this country and don’t know much.”

“You are a foreigner? Have you come alone?”

“That’s right. I did not want to stay in the country my husband and son died in. I got on a carriage with fellow passengers, but I don’t know where’s what now that I arrived.”

“You are doing something so dangerous I can’t just watch anymore. Wait for a moment. I will have our boy guide you to the guild. Once there, show this letter to the receptionist Anna. She will help you out.”

My, how kind. Thank you very much.
I bow to the kind master of the bakery.
The bakery’s young master accompanied me to the guild.
By the way, what kind of shop the guild is, I wonder?

“Obaachan, that person with red hair is Anna.”

Hou, hou, what beautiful red hair.
Then, let me take out the letter the baker-san has written for me.

“I would like for an escort to a wonderful health resort, would you mind looking at this?”

“According to Iglan-san’s letter, you want to rest for a while, so either an inn or rent a house, in a recreation area. Have you thought how long you want to stay and how much is your budget?”

The red-haired Anna-san spreads a map and document with property information.

“This is a recreation area close to a lake Deraik. This area has calm climate, so it’s popular with many nobles and good public order.”

Yes, I think I’m going to spend my money.

“This is Tiyul which is near the Profound Forest. This is a town with numerous adventurers, but they also have onsen which is hot springs for medical treatment. The public order is more uneasy than in Deraik, but it’s watched by the guild.”

Onsen?! They have an onsen? It might be nice to be a bit far away.

“By the way, the period and budget…”

“The budget is 20 White Gold Coins for now. Although I have not decided on staying period yet, the travel expenses and stay expenses are included in the budget. I’d like some guards to escort me to the town.”

Yes. I will think about it after I live there for a while.
I’m already tired.

“Ha, white… gold… How many people will live there? By looking you are alone, but…”

“Yes. It’s just me. I can finally live alone by myself.”


N? I heard a very long sigh?

“That’s dangerous. Extremely risky.”


“I will be all right. I can do household chores one at a time. Cooking, cleaning, laundry. I’m already this old after all. I have enough experience.”

“I don’t mean that. It’s dangerous to be alone. Employing someone might be better……”

Eh? I wonder if commoners? can’t live alone?

“…… Then, about Deraik……”

“Let’s go with Tiyul, please. What property is available? If possible, I would like something cozy with a garden or a field.”

“Tiyul…… I understand. There are two, three available properties, so it might be better for you to see them directly. I will recruit the guards for you so could you wait for two or three days?”

“Ah, yes. Then, I will come the day after tomorrow. Ah, but……”

“What is it?”

“What should I do about today… Is there a good inn in the neighborhood?”

“?? You have not decided on an inn either… Wait a moment please.”


“Please show this when you arrive at the inn. They will understand if you say that it’s Anna’s introduction. Go out on the street, proceed on your right, take a right on the second corner, it will be the second house on your right. It’s an inn called ‘Myao’s Sleeping bag’.”

My!? What a kind person.

“Thank you very much. You have really saved me.”

I’m really tired. In various ways.
Then, let’s go to the inn.

“Obaachan, are you going to Myao’s? I will guide you there.”

It appears the baker’s boy was waiting for me.

“Thank you. Can I ask you to be my guide?”


“I will leave it to you then.”

Everyone is so kind…… my tears are likely to spill……

I bow to Anna-san and come out of the guild.

“Obaachan, this way~”

“Please wait a moment. I can’t walk too fast.”

“Obaachan, do you want to hold hands? You will become a lost child again?”

Lo, lost child… am I being thought of as a child?
Can’t be helped then. I certainly am like a lost child in this world.
I hold hands with the young master, and we walk towards the inn while talking about the bakery’s popular menu.

When I showed Anna-san’s introduction at the inn, they immediately guided me to a room.
I have paid 3 Silver for three days and after washing my hands and feet in the hot water…

I fell asleep on the bed before I noticed.
I was really tired.



☆☆☆ Bakery, Iglan’s Mutter☆☆☆

What to say, what a dangerous Baasan. Neither a skirt nor pants, weird clothes of high-class looking fabric with no wrinkles. Polite speech and elegant movements. No, were they free? But, isn’t it strange that she has no vigilance against people? Even though she wants to live alone, to get on a carriage so abruptly? Her eyes are so bad that she can’t read anymore and yet she wants to recuperate on her own? Even her baggage is just one bag… Baasan abruptly took out a Silver coin from the bag. Why don’t you use a purse? Well, I had a glance of a Gold coin, so she has money on her.
I guess she never thought of robbery.


Anna, I leave her to you. Please do something about her.



☆☆☆ Guild, Anna’s Mutter ☆☆☆

That’s too dangerous. You shouldn’t be walking around by yourself!! I was sweating ice when you took out the White Gold Coins.
I will be cautious of dangers when living alone, I can do the housekeeping as well, she said. I wasn’t talking about how to live. Even though I was telling her, she could get scammed or robbed. Well, ordinary people, wouldn’t fall for something like that. Every commoner is like that. But she? Nai wa. I feel like she would nonchalantly offer all her possessions. Even though she looks like a noble Okusama… I can’t be the only one who thinks that she should act more cautiously.


Maris, please properly guide her to the inn~ I’m counting on you!!



☆☆☆ Bakery, Baker’s son, Ten years old Maris ☆☆☆

That Obaachan’s hand was…… extremely soft. And warm. She politely talked with me. She said that Otousan’s bread is very delicious. But, she’s about to live alone. She was speaking with a lonely tone. She said that her husband and children passed away. She said she’s going to live alone from now on leisurely. Will she be really all right? She looks like she will become a lost child instantly. Even when coming to our bakery, she followed after the scent and forgot that she was on her way to the guild.


Obaachan, will you really be all right?

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