Chapter 6

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When we return to the church, the sky is completely dyed in darkness.

The water is still gushing out of the hole.

The collected water in the mini-pool will soon overflow.

I install a few light Magic Stones around the courtyard.

As Tina said, the Stone started emitting light after I imagined pouring magic into it.

It’s not as bright as LED lights, but it’s enough.

The 500 Ells Magic Stone will apparently last for about a month.

Their performance depends on the cost.

“All right, let’s make hot springs!”

First, I must deal with this overflowing.

I take out the pipe and start working.

“Umm, first…… Tina, hold this pipe please.”

I stab the pipe into the hole with Tina’s help.

Both the hole and the pipe are 50cm in diameter.

The water is now gushing out from the pipe that just fitted in.

Somehow, making your own things is fun.

The memory of buildings blocks when I was young has reappeared.

“Alright, next is……”

I connect the pipe with a stopcock.

With this, I’m able to control the water flow freely.

“Good. I now have to somehow reinforce the pipe so it doesn’t break from pressure……”
“Amazing…… Is Takuma-sama perhaps, a genius……?”

Tina looks at the working me with sparkling eyes.

“No, I don’t think I’m so good that I can be considered a genius……”

I’m using the knowledge of science and technology which Japan cultivated over many years.

It may seem advanced to this world which is technologically stuck in Europe in middle age.

Personally, all I think about is how to make super hot springs.

“All right, it’s complete!”

I’m good it turned out good although I was improvising!

I was able to create a system which allows me just to turn the tap in order to get water.

There’s no helping it, but I will have to throw away the used hot water in the nearby river.

Anyway, the private springs I was dreaming about is now complete.


As expected, submerging into a mini-pool in the ground would feel a little awkward so I returned to the town again and purchased a 200-liter drum.

It would be too heavy to carry it myself, so I borrowed the strength of the shop’s workers.

They were glad when I shared radish with them as my thanks.

“Now then, let’s make a meal.”

I place the cooking utensils and ingredients I bought in the kitchen.

“What are you making?”

Tina who finished cleaning the room rushes up to me.

“N~ I was thinking about making a Garibatachikin.”
“Garibata…… chikin?”

Tina tilts her head in puzzlement.

“Yeah. Although it’s quite simple, it’s very delicious.”

Garibatachikin = Garlic Butter Chicken

Just as the name suggests.

I have decided to cook that because of the garlic’s reputation of relieving fatigue and chicken’s good effect on bones and muscles.

It’s probably the most suitable dish for Tina who is in such a malnourished state.

Hopefully, she will eat a lot and quickly recover.

First, I put the sliced cabbage, mushrooms, and bell pepper in the frying pan which is placed on above the fire Magic Stone.

I have Tina pour magic in order to ignite the stone.

I fry it until I see faint burn marks.

In the meantime, I cut the chicken and sprinkle it with salt and pepper.

Then, I put it in the frying pan and cook for approximately five minutes.

“Let’s make the sauce in the meantime.”

I blend approximately the same amount of soy sauce, butter, sake, and mirin together.

I add finely minced garlic and a little bit of sugar and the sauce is complete.

I shred the cabbage and serve it on two plates.

Tina looks at the scene with great interest.

“Amazing… You have skills of a chef……”
“N~ Well, I love cooking, after all.”

To me, who didn’t have any club activities, cooking was part of my daily routine.

I’m confident in my cooking.

“When you see a burn mark on the bird’s backside, throw in the sauce!!”

A sweet aroma arises together with a loud sound.

Is it only me who feels the tension rising at this moment?

Vegetables and the sauce climb all over the chicken meat.

“A, amazingly good smell!”

Tina’s stomach growls at the stimulating smell of garlic.

“It’s almost ready, could you take out the rice please?”
“Y, yes!”

Then, a moment later,

“Yup, it’s done.”

The chicken, cabbage, and mushrooms look very delicious under the dark brown sauce.

The smell of garlic and butter is also very nice.

“All right, let’s eat!”

I serve the Garibatachikin on our plates and we start eating.

Tina timidly tastes the dish she sees for the first time,

“Is it good?”

When I ask,

“Yes! It’s really delicious! I have never eaten something so delicious!”

Indeed, her chopsticks don’t stop for a moment.

Her cheeks expand similarly to a hamster stuffing its mouth with a biscuit, mokiyu mokiyu, Tina stuffs her mouth with Garibatachikin.

Seeing her eat like that, it was really worth cooking.

This meal cooked by an unimportant man may seem like a meal cooked by Royal chef to Tina who is a slave.

“Au…… it already disappeared.”
“So fast!?”

My plate is still half full, but Tina’s plate is completely empty.

“I’m sorry, Takuma-sama’s dish was so delicious…… I should have savored the taste more slowly……”

Tina stares at the empty plate with a regretful gaze.

Ah, geez!
If you say that with such eyes!!

“…… Eh?”

I had no choice, but to put my Garibatachikin on Tina’s plate.

“T, that….. I will feel bad……”
“No, it would be better if you eat more than me. You are a growing child, after all.”

It’s possible that demi-humans like Tina need to eat more than humans.

“Thank you…”

Tina says in a low voice and starts eating again.

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