Chapter 4

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The thing which I dug up.
I dug up many holes.

Column type, Quadrangular type, Crater type……

I dug about 10 holes with various depths and the sizes.

“Fuu…… As expected, I got tired.”

I look around the hole filled courtyard and wipe the sweat off my forehead.

It seems that stamina is consumed while using skills.


I turn around and see Tina returning with her both hands full of colorful stones.

“Ohh! So these are Magic Stones!”
“Y, yes. I haven’t seen some of them before though……”
“Are they perhaps rare?”
“It would be better to consult with a specialist……”
“Right. Ah, then, do you know the use of Magic Stones?”
“Err…… Magic Stones are primarily used in daily life. Each Magic Stone causes a characteristic phenomenon when you pour Magic Power inside them.”
“Eh, Magic Power? Does a person from a different world like me even have that?”
“Yes, undoubtedly. Being able to use a skill is proof that there’s a Magic Power flowing inside you, Takuma-sama.”
“Hoh~. So I became a wizard without being aware of it. As expected of a different world.”

Certainly, causing such an unthinkable supernatural phenomenon can be only the work of Magic.

“Magic Stones usually have different properties depending on the color. A red Magic Stone is fire…… white Magic Stone is a light, etc.”
“You can heat the bathwater with firestone and illuminate the dark room. I see, I see.”

While nodding my head in understanding, Tina inclines her head to the side.

“That, Takuma-sama. What is this bath you speak of?”

Tina asked something inexcusable.

“Waiwaiwai, wait a moment, Tina. Does this world not have baths by any chance?”
“Bat, h……?”
“See, that thing with warm water you relax in!”
“Are you perhaps talking about the spa?”
“Right, that!”

Thank goodness!

Although the name is different, at least this world knows the concept of bathing……

“It’s a special privilege of wealthy nobles and His Majesty. I would like to try it once too.”

What the!?

“They are not available to common houses!?”
“S, spas, are really expensive, therefore……”

Tina answers my threating attitude while averting her eyes.

“Th, then, usually, how do common people wash their bodies?”
“Um, quickly with the water Magic Stone, like that, I guess?”

I’m at my wit’s end.

“Ah, but, you can bathe in public space of the river, you know? Although it’s very cold in the winter, it’s really comfortable in the summer.”

It’s a blind spot.

I love baths.

No matter what happened during the day, everything would be forgotten once I enter the bath.

Occasionally, I would just sit absentmindedly in the bath for two or three hours.

The bath that would take away all my sweat and fatigue.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that bath is the strongest relaxation article among the daily necessities.

To think that I have to live a life without a bath…… to live without a bath.

“All right, let’s make it.”

If there’s no bath, I should make it myself.

“If you think about it, a bathtub is just a slightly larger drum filled with warm water. Yep, it’s decided. I will definitely make a bath. I will make it by all means!”

I tightly clench my fists and the flame of determination flares up on my back.

“T, thatー”

Tina pulls on the sleeve of my shirt awkwardly.

“S, sorry. I became slightly overpassionate.”
“N, no. That, bath? is really important to Takuma-sama was thoroughly transmitted to me.”
“Once it’s completed I want Tina to enter by all means! You will definitely like it!”
“O, okay.”

In the meantime, the sky became reddish.

While I was playing with my skill, Tina was gathering Magic Stones.

I don’t know the market value, but it should be a considerate amount of money once sold.

“You have picked so much huh~ You worked hard, Tina.”
“That…… I was just, picking them up…… au……”

Tina blushes and casts down her eyes while I gently stroke her head.

I’m starting to faint from the excessive cuteness.

“All right. Let’s try digging a super deep hole last!”

I dug only shallow holes so far in order to collect Magic Stones.

Let’s try digging the deepest hole yet on the occasion.

I operate the skill.

Depth 2000m

Shape Column Type

Scope 50cm in diameter

I don’t know the thickness of this world’s earth crust, so let’s leave it at 2km deep for now.

If I dig a hole with 100km depth, it may become a catastrophe.

“Wanjiang oil or something may come out!”

Aim to be the Oil Magnate!

I press the confirmation button.
Zuun, Zuun, the irregular whispering sounds tell me to wake up.

──Noe, let’s destroy everything.

I wiggle my wings covered in dust.

I will get out of this dark and deep place and kill those annoying humans who sealed me in here.

The Ancient Dragon『Tempest』is waking up with such intentions.

The animal which can compare to one million soldiers declares with a burning passion.

──Then…… Let’s…… create ……. last…… ultra……. deep hole……

The wild beast is able to hear human voices with its keen hearing.

Just right.

Let’s harvest the life of that person first.

It was at the time he raised his body in order to send his breath above.



He can feel a sharp pain running through his forehead to the back of his head all of sudden.

Something pierced him.

His vision became dark the moment he understood.

Ridiculous, impossible.

To so easily pierce through this body which even a Holy Sword couldn’t scratch……

The tragedy, however, didn’t end with that.

This time, a hot liquid gushed out from the bottom.

The liquid which was sealed together with him suddenly gushed up and took away all oxygen.


A roar.

However, that was the last futile testament of his existence.

After desperately struggling with his destroyed head, he was soon robbed out of oxygen and stopped moving.

Before long, the silence set in again.

The ever feared Ancient dragon “Tempest” known as the most powerful existence, finished his life deep, deep under the ground.



A deep, deep hole appeared together with a few roaring sounds.

I approach the smoking hole timidly.

“Uoh. That’s deep alright. I definitely wouldn’t survive if I fell into that.”

Looking into the hole, all I can see is darkness darker than night.

I throw a stone in for science.

When I do, instead of a sound of colliding,

“Huh, is there something on the bottom?”

I hear a guoooon from the hole, a sound similar to a cry of a dinosaur.

“Hiu…… this voice is……”

Tina starts trembling.

As if she saw something dreadful.

“N? What’s wrong, Tina……”

The moment I spoke to Tina, it came up.



Water gushed out from the hole!

It raises approximately 2 meters in the air and begins to pour down on the surrounding area like heavy rain.

“Underground water!? No, it’s too warm for that!”

“Whawhawhat is this……!?”

Tina asks while clinging to me.

Warm water from a 2000m deep hole.

This phenomenon is definitely──

“Hot Springs!?”

I can’t think of anything else!

“Amazing!! This solved the bathing problem!! Hyahou!!”

The god didn’t abandon me!

Discovering natural hot springs is far higher joy than that of making a bath. I dance madly around the gushing water.







──Without noticing that I became one of the few people throughout the history of this world known as “Dragon Slayer”……

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