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My Mother, Who Dotes On My Brother, Has Abandoned Me, So I Will Abandon My Family!
My Mother has doted on my Brother since he was a child.
My Brother, who had been an extravagant, single nobleman, finally decided to get married.

However, everything came crashing down when with my Brother’s marriage.
v1, Prologue
Siblings, may be destined to compete with each other and be compared.
If one is superior, the other is considered inferior, and the one who is not superior is never looked at.

It’s always the less superior one who is taken advantage of.
At times, I began to wonder if I was even necessary.

Still, I believed that my Mother would look out for me.

Yes, until this moment.

“Why don’t you leave the mansion now?”


It was right after my Brother’s marriage.
I couldn’t believe my ears when my Mother asked me this.

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. You really have no consideration… even though Shepherd is so smart.”

She looked at me condescendingly.
I had been told similar since I was a little girl.

“Shepherd will be moving in once the marriage is taken care of, and all the inheritance will go to him and his wife. I want you to leave from here.”

“Wait a moment, Mother, I’ve been living with you all this time because you asked me to move in with you.”

My Brother said he would remain single.
Isn’t that why she basically forced me to move in with her?

“Yes, if Shepherd didn’t marry, I would feel guilty that he had to take care of me. As our household was fading, I wanted you to maintain it and let him be free.”

“What do you…”

“However, the family will be stable now. As I thought, my Shepherd is excellent. You are useless to me, all you can do is chores.”

I thought that she was terrible for saying this.
How hard had I worked to rebuild this household that was nearing ruin because of my Brother’s debauchery?

“And how sad would it be to have a nagging sister-in-law around? I want to keep as much face as possible for Shepherd’s sake. You should repay me for letting you live here until now.”

“You must be joking!”

She let me live here?
I’ve been forced to work hard without a paycheck, sometimes even working as a maid outside the house, and most of my money has been taken away from me, but this is just too much.

“Why all of a sudden…”

“And I can’t have you meeting with Shepherd’s fiancée. He’s asked me to forbid you from attending the wedding as well.”

This is too cruel.
Not only am I being ignored, but I’m being treated like this?

It’s too much.



It was Henry, my husband, who understood my frustration.

“Then, you mean to say that the rightful heir to this household is my Brother-in-law, right?”

“That’s right. By nature, you are not worthy of the title, but we had no choice.”


These were my Mother’s true feelings.
I can’t believe that she would say such horrible things about not only me, but also Henry.

“It’s good that this happened before you had kids. Things would get troublesome, so make sure not to use the name Ranford from now on.”

After being told all she wanted, we were evicted.
We were not even allowed to take the furniture we bought ourselves, just a few changes of clothes.

Moreover, they also took our extra clothes and dresses and threw us out.

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