Chapter 89

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Buying White Rank Equipment
A certain new adventurer’s Point of View

“Here you go. This is the subjugation reward and the reward for continuous completion of the request, totaling 1030 Rubies.”
“Thank you very much!”
“Yes, but please don’t overexert yourselves.”

I returned to Shellche and split the reward with her.
The remaining 30 Rubies would cover dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow.
We were staying at a women-only inn for 250 Rubies a night.
Considering that, today’s profit amounted to 250 Rubies, a reasonably good amount.
But it’s essential to save the money to buy good equipment rather than splurge on lavish meals.

“Sigh, I’m exhausted today.”

“To think we would get chased by a horde of Goblins. It’s a relief that we managed to escape them.”

“We managed to defeat some stray Goblins too and got the reward, so it wasn’t all bad.”

“That’s true. We have saved up some money, so we should think about buying equipment soon.”

“Speaking of which, we can only spend about 1000 Rubies each after deducting the reserve. Do you know a good store?”

“I asked the receptionist. She recommended a shop called ‘Spider’s Silken Cloud.’ It’s a women’s clothing store, so men can’t enter, but it apparently has a wide range of leather products for female adventurers.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, let’s go check it out tomorrow, especially since it’s our day off. If the Adventurers’ Guild recommends it, it shouldn’t be a bad store.”

“… I suppose you’re right. Let’s go take a look, then.”

When we reached the inn, we received some hot water to wipe away the sweat and lay down on the bed.
We didn’t do much at night because we needed light for anything, and saving money was a priority.
We would take care of our weapons, but our weapons were particularly poor quality, iron swords we bought for 500 Rubies, even among used items.

The next day, it was overcast, but it didn’t look like it would rain.
I grew up in the countryside, so I knew a bit about reading the weather.
It wasn’t the best weather, but I wanted to finish shopping early.

Our destination, the “Spider’s Silken Cloud,” was easy to find.
It was right around the corner from the main street, making it easy to spot.
Furthermore, I heard that two female adventurers were always guarding the outside of the shop as escorts.
Well, let’s go and check it out.

“Hmm? You’re quite young, are you customers?”

“Yes. We heard that you recently started handling armor for White Rank adventurers.”

Even at times like this, Shellche was confident without feeling overwhelmed.
I envy her.

“Ah, that. So you’re our first customers for this, I suppose?”

“Oh, are we the first?”


“White-rank adventurers rarely have spare money for armor, right? Anyway, come on in.”

“Thank you.”

“We’ll go in, then.”

As we entered the store, we saw a variety of clothes on display, and there were even mannequins to show how they looked when worn.
It felt a bit out of place for someone like me, who grew up in a rural area.

“Welcome, how can I help you today?”

A voice came from the store’s counter.
A young girl with black hair, around our age, was standing there, dressed nicely.
She looked like a store shopkeeper, but I wondered why she was carrying such a big bag inside the store.

“Um, we heard that you sell leather armor for White Rank adventurers here.”

“Oh, I see. Please wait a moment.”

The shopkeeper called out to a woman who was behind her and headed to the back of the store.
When she returned, she had leather armor with her.
Moreover, it was also a type of armor that covered the entire upper body, not just a breastplate.
I wondered if we could afford something like that.

“This is the White Rank armor we have in stock. But to be honest, we haven’t sold a single piece yet.”

“You haven’t sold any? Why is that?”

“This is leather armor made of three layers of Large Frog leather. Although it is priced at a price that even the White-rankers can afford, it is not selling well because people question its defensive ability.”

I see, Large Frog leather armor, huh…
Large Frogs are known to be weaker monsters than Goblins and their soft skin is something every adventurer is familiar with.
People might hesitate to buy armor made from it.

“Do you have permission from the Adventurers’ Guild to sell this?”

Shellche asked a sharp question, but the shopkeeper didn’t seem to mind and responded with a smile.

“Of course, we have all the necessary permits. While it can be pierced with things like stone tools when stabbed hard, it only gets surface scratches from wolf or Goblin claws. At least, it’s better than relying solely on heavy clothing.”

That does make sense.
Even when dealing with Goblins or wolves, you could sustain deep wounds, and if you got injured, you would need to clean the wound with clean water.
When considering that, it might be a reasonable expense.

“Um, how much is that armor?”
“The armor alone is 500 Rubies, but since you’re our first-time customers, we can include the gauntlets and greaves in the price.”

It seemed too affordable to be true.
Perhaps the reason others hadn’t bought it was because it was too cheap.¨

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