Chapter 113

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Delivery to the Orphanage
Since it was confirmed that there were no issues with the quality of the goods, we proceeded to deliver them to the orphanage as planned.
The lord’s family did not accompany us on this occasion; they are expected to show up another time.
According to what the Marchioness quietly told me when we were leaving, it seems the Marquis was being shy.

Anyway, we loaded the clothes onto the carriage of the Trade Guild again and headed for the orphanage.
Although the location of the orphanage was known Alizée, we were going quite far to the outskirts of Vardmoi.
Nevertheless, it was on a relatively safe and bright street.
As we advanced, a large building appeared on the left side.
This seemed to be the orphanage.
Since there were guards at the entrance of the city’s orphanage, we asked them to open the gate and entered the premises.
Then, children who were playing in the courtyard approached in surprise as a magic carriage suddenly arrived.
Still, it’s commendable that the taller children didn’t let the shorter ones get too close.

After parking the magic carriage and waiting for a while, a woman and an older girl than me came out from the orphanage.
Are they the people in charge of the orphanage?

“Welcome, thank you for visiting. I am Jada, the person in charge of this orphanage.”

“I’m Sibyl, a staff member at the orphanage. Are you here to donate clothes today?”

“I’m Alizée, a member of the Trade Guild. We’ve prepared clothes as requested by the Marquis. The one who prepared them is Lady Lily, the Magic Tailor over here.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lily. I was in charge of making the clothes this time. Since there is quite a quantity, would you mind helping us carry them?”

“Making the clothes? Are all the clothes new, by any chance?”

“I’m a Magic Tailor, so I don’t deal with second-hand clothes. I received the payment from the Marquis, so please don’t worry about it.”

“… Understood. Everyone, let’s carry out the clothes!”

Upon hearing that, the children who had gathered rushed towards the magic carriage.
We took out bundles of clothes from the magic carriage and handed them out one by one, but the pressure from the children was incredible.
Until the last bag was handed out, the children surrounded the magic carriage with smiles.

“… I apologize. The children haven’t had the opportunity to wear new clothes before.”


After the children were gone, Sibyl approached and spoke.
When she handed out the clothes, she tried her best to calm the children, but it didn’t have much effect.
It’s understandable, though.

“Don’t worry about it. We are well aware that getting new clothes in an orphanage is an unimaginable opportunity.”

“Marquis knew that when he gave Lady Lily the request this time. There’s no reason for you to be so modest.”

“However… did it really fall within the scope of the request?”

“Yes. The request from Marquis was substantial. He must have had a grasp of the amount of fabric to be used, though there wasn’t much profit left in my hands.”

“I’m… sorry for that.”

“I said that you don’t need to worry about this. Although I have only recently moved to this city, as a person of Vardmoi, I made the clothes with the intention of donating them to the orphanage.”

“… Thank you. I’m sure the children are happily enjoying them by now.”

“Rather than enjoying, I think they might be fighting over them?”

“The older kids should be keeping things in order. Let’s stop chatting here and go inside. We can’t offer much hospitality, but please come in.”

“Thank you for your kind words. We’ll intrude then.”

We entered the orphanage.
I hope there isn’t any fighting over the clothes.

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