Chapter 15

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The other soldiers hearing the racket of me struggling with one of the soldiers have gathered.
The bony I is no match for these well trained, robust soldiers.
Even if there were not soldiers I wouldn’t have a chance, as the men of this village easily captured me before.
My powerlessness has no bounds.
I’m dragged to the village square.
Marga, captain, soldiers, and villagers look at the bony me and talk among themselves.
Seeing me captured, Misery starts running towards me while crying.
Emily, Gen-san and even Roy-kun stepped out in order to try to help me with bitter expressions.
But, everyone was blocked by the soldiers.
Marga quietly mutters “Is that so?”.
Captain says to Marga while looking at the captured me.

“So that’s what meant ‘You will know the person at glance’ huh……”

Is this even a human in the first place?
But, Marga nods in satisfaction while looking at the pile of bones in front of her.

“There’s no mistake.”
“No, however……”

Marga says with a calm, but strong voice.

“There’s no mistake.”

It seems she’s convinced of something.

After that, I was placed inside a carriage while restricted just like that.
It’s a luxurious carriage with a roof.
Seeing the soldiers attitude towards Marga, is she some influential person?
Marga, I, Misery and Emily are in the carriage.
When the soldiers picked me up and tried to stuff me inside the carriage by force, Misery was clinging to me while crying.
One of the soldiers was going to tear Misery off me.
But, Marga as if having thought of something asked Misery “Do you also want to come?” in a gentle voice.
Hearing that, Misery immediately stopped crying and promptly nodded her head.
Then, a voice was heard from among the villagers.

“If the child is going, a person who will look after her is necessary, right?”

The one who raised the voice was Emily.
Marga appraised Emily from head to feet and approved by saying “Alright”.
Everyone worried about Misery and Emily tried also to call out, but all stopped after hearing “We won’t do anything bad to them”.

Because of that, this is the lineup.
Several soldiers are traveling along the carriage on horsebacks.
A soldier, the captain, and the coachman are driving the carriage.
Misery was frightened a little by that sight, but the walls and roof of the carriage made a perfect private room.
However, the atmosphere in the carriage is the worst.
Well, that’s to be expected.
Because a person of the village was forcefully taken away.
But, when I think about it now, it’s not like they used more violence than was necessary.
Marga’s attitude is the evidence of that.

“Please forgive me for our behavior. However, the situation would worsen if we don’t hurry up.”

She suddenly lowers her head to break the bad atmosphere.
But, I feel that the strong-minded Emily’s anger hasn’t been subsidized.
She’s harshly watching Marga who is bowing down.

“So? Why are we riding in a carriage?”

I don’t feel a bit of forgiveness from her.
As if she didn’t accept the apology.
But, I think that she’s allowed this much.
Marga also looks like she was prepared to not be forgiven with just bowing her head.

“Then, I will talk about our destination.”


After that, the carriage drove for three more days.

“This, where are we heading to?”

Not recognizing the surroundings, I docilely ask Marga.


Even if you tell me that, I wouldn’t know where it is.
Hearing that, Emily ponders for a while then tells me who knows nothing “A place where the king is”.

“No, it’s not the king. Lambert is the place of the Earl.”

Emily bites her lips after Marga corrects her.

“That is the same thing for people like us.”

Then, both fall into silence.
Marga dejected, Emily sullen.
However, there’s nothing to do in the carriage.
Because Misery was bored, she left her seat and climbed up on my lap.
But, because my thighs were hard or because my ribs were hitting her.
She found me uncomfortable and climbed on Emily’s lap.
Emily embraces Misery who climbed on her lap from behind.

“You are bored too, huh.”

Emily pulls on Misery’s cheeks, tickles Misery’s sides and plays with her.
Then, Marga who was quietly watching matched her eyes with Misery’s.
Marga has her face covered by a veil as always, but she beckoned her with a gentle voice.

“Won’t you come and sit on my lap?”

Misery thought for a moment, then suddenly turned her head away.

“Ahaha, both you and Bones are hated.”

Emily who said that laughed, then she remembered she’s talking to Marga and turned her face away.

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