Chapter 12

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Wait! Wait! Wait!
My head became clear after blanking for a while.
I no longer cared about my appearances.
But, I don’t what to do.
Not being able to figure it out, I cry as hard as possible.
Wait! Wait! Wait!


I think I heard a loud voice resounding inside the hut.
That was definitely my voice.
Misery suddenly stopped crying. Then she looked inside the coffin.
A, are?
She puts her hands on the edge of the coffin and stares at my eyes.
The other people also one by one peek inside the coffin.
H, huh?

“Everyone, did you hear that?”

After several seconds of silence.
Misery nods her head.
Which reminds me, can I move my body?
I just had a hunch, but after trying, it really moved.
I grab the edges of the coffin and pull myself up.


Somehow, I revived.
After getting up from the coffin, Misery tightly embraces me.
I embrace her back.
Since I have no chest, I am not able to hug her properly back.
But, Misery wrapped inside my rib cage around my spine.
The child’s warmth penetrates through my bones.
That was dangerous~
I have reached the limits? of life once again.
Emily stares dumbfoundedly with tears in her eyes.

“Y, you……?”
“Umm, somehow, it seems that I have revived.”

Tehepero (I can’t stick out my tongue well)

“But, I heard everyone’s voice, you know?”

Everyone was stunned for a while, but they were gradually able to swallow the situation.
Their faces changed from blue to red and yellow.

“I cannot help but think you were just playing dead!”

Pakon, my head was hit.
Because I have no brain, the skull made a nice sound.
Gen-san hardly claps on my shoulders.
Because he clapped so hard, one of my ribs fell off.
But, I picked it up and pushed it back in its place.
This body, it’s too convenient……
I can’t help, but give up worrying about this body.
Roy-kun left the hut while clicking his tongue loudly.
Emily also went out of the hut immediately. After following her, I saw her bowing her head to many people.
She is probably apologizing to people who were preparing the funeral.
Which reminds me, I also was in the middle of working.

“Gen-san, is it alright if I return to work?”

For some reason, Gen-san looked at me with a shocked expression.
Then, wahaha he started laughing and said “Alright”.

I left towards the forest with an axe in hand once again.
Together with Gen-san and Misery.
Misery is sticking to my hip bone all the time now.
Wouldn’t she obstruct us in work?
I make eye contact with Gen-san, but he only smiles wryly in return.
I sit Misery on a stump in a safe place and started working with Gen-san.
The first time, the second time, the third time, I have certainly become able to cut a tree faster after some practice.
But, I’m really powerless after all.
In one day, I was able to do a third of Gen-san’s work, but an ordinary person would be able to do at least half of that.
But, I don’t give up.
If I can work only at half of the speed, all I have to do is work twice as long.
Even though I do get exhausted mentally, because I have no skin, muscles, and internal organs, I don’t get exhausted physically.
When I feel like it, I work consecutively for several days.
Of course, I don’t forget about playing with Misery.
She didn’t talk as ever.
But, whenever she’s with me, she’s always childishly giggling.
Her smiling face her returned.
It reached the point you could see her running around with other village children.
When it became so, I entrusted Misery to Emily and devoted myself to work.
I have worked for one week without taking a break.
After doing my share, I even ended up doing Gen-san’s share.
Thanks to that, the order of wood was shipped faster than expected.

“Bones, you are amazing.”

A certain morning, Gen-san muttered after seeing all the stumps in the working site.
Ah, yes.
Since the work was done early, I also received the money early.
The money in the leather bag I received was more than I was told about.

“Gen-san, this is?”

Gen-san didn’t say anything, he turns around and says, cooly.

“Take it.”

Aan, I may fall in love.
Which reminds me, I don’t know if I’m a male or a female.
I handed the earned money to Emily.
With this, she can buy food and clothes for Misery.
Emily went to the nearby town and bought Misery a lovely jacket and skirt.
Misery was giggling in joy after wearing her new clothes.
She resembles a small giggling jar.
If you pour something in, it will immediately overflow.
By the way, with the remaining money, I have bought a new ax.
I wanted my own working tool.
I was scolded by Emily.
Glared at by Roy-kun.
And my shoulder was clapped on by Gen-san.
Misery is swinging every day on my ribs.
Every day is happiness.
But, for better or worse, I’m a special existence.
Therefore, I was watched.

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