Chapter 62

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Questioning. Part 3
“… Haah.”

For now, I heard Keith and Lance’s love circumstances.
Apparently, the two don’t have girlfriends yet.

They have a person they like though, so I feel somewhat relieved.
Especially Lance, I think that I’m glad that he’s normal…

… And so, the problem is Rishell.

I can’t imagine that malicious prince (with a distrust of people) could have a lover or a person he likes.
He seems like he has abundant experiences though…

But that’s something different again, no?

“Now then, what do I do?”

I rolled around on top of the bed while thinking such.

… I feel dizzy.

Well, I won’t come up with anything by rolling around in here…
I can only ask directly. I don’t want to though. I really don’t want to.

Dante will certainly refuse me if I ask him.

Sighing out, I raised from the bed.

… And so, the next day.

I resolved myself to ask about Rishell’s love life during the break.

Eliza is near too, so he won’t do anything cruel… is what I would like to think.

I really don’t want to ask, but… there’s no other person to ask, so it cannot be helped.

“Umm, Rishell…”

“Olga? What’s the matter?”

Rishell has been recently equipped with a malicious smile by default.

As a result, the other girls except the scared us can watch only from a distance.
They seem to be gazes of admiration though.

“I, I have something I’d like to ask you…”

“What is it?”

Alright, accept your fate, me.
He won’t take my life, I will probably get murdered mentally at worst.

Well, if possible, I would like to avoid that too.

“Ri, Rishell… do you have a girlfriend or something?”

I timidly inquired from Rishell and awaited a reaction.

… A smile disappeared from Rishell’s face as he stared blankly.

Eh, what is this reaction? This is super unexpected though.

What? Does he dislike being asked about his love life by me that much…?


“Ha!? S, sorry. You having interest in love was way too unexpected for me…”

That’s rude, oy.

I thought so too before, but I am a girl in puberty, so of course, I am quite interested in romance.
I just don’t want to experience it.

“That’s so rude… so, how about it? Do you have one?”

“Eh, ah~… I don’t have one, currently.”

He said something like this before, didn’t he? Yeah, just as I expected.


I mean, he has these sparkly appearances and he’s the second prince on top of that, you know? It wouldn’t be strange if he had an ex-girlfriend at the very least.

Just what kind of people does he associate with?

“Then, someone you like?”

Both Keith and Lance had one, so it’s likely that Rishell has one too.

Celsior also looks like he has someone he likes, so if everyone stuck to their girls…

“Eh~… Well, I do.”

… Eh!? He has!? This malicious prince (who is equipped with a malicious smile at default)!?
Too unexpected…!

Somehow, Rishell is too obedient today. That’s scary.

Moreover, his face a bit red too, so Rishell unexpectedly might not be experienced talking about the love that much after all.

Well, although who could the second prince talk about love with?
Everyone is too careful around him, so he probably doesn’t have anyone to talk with…

He’s royalty, therefore, people have to respectfully obey him, so he can’t talk about it. Don’t mind it, Rishell.

But, does he talk with Lance or Dante about it…?

Dante is incompetent, so I wouldn’t talk to him though.

“Hee, what kind of person are they?”

He wouldn’t tell me who it is because I am the one asking anyway.
Asking what kind of person they are from the start is better!

But, a person Rishell likes… just what kind of person are they?
… It’s not a dog or a cat, right? But, Rishell is unexpectedly fond of animals.

“Err… it’s a human.”

“Are you picking a fight with me?”

I would be troubled if they weren’t a human.

For the nation’s prince, that would be bad, indeed very bad. It wouldn’t be possible anyway, I think…

Two men would be much better, right?

“I asked what kind of person are they, didn’t I!? I did not ask whether they are human or not!”

“You are the one asking, so I was sure that you misunderstood my words and thought that I was talking about some animal… was I wrong?”

… You weren’t. I am sorry that I thought about it for a little.

“Well, let’s leave that aside! So, what kind of person are they!?”

“Ah~… long-hair, a classmate… a child with pretty eyes and face.”

Rishell said so extremely bashfully.

… It’s my first time seeing Rishell embarrassed.
What, is this his first time talking about love after all…?

“Is that so…”

Somehow, the features of the girl Rishell and Lance’s like overlap.
Keith also said it’s his junior. It’s not the very same person, is it?

If that’s the case, just what kind of beauty is she?
I am interested.

… Celsior said that he has someone he likes before, but that’s not the one, is it?
If everyone likes the same person, I won’t be able to support them, you know?

Well, there’s no way it’s like that.

Oresama Lance, the expressionless Keith, malicious prince with distrust of other humans Rishell, and the pure-hearted Celsior… everyone’s type is surely different, so I think that each of them likes a different type of girls.

Hmm, I don’t know! First of all, let’s observe the girls around me…!

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