Chapter 34

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Oswald signaled the driver, and the carriage started running.

“… Is this really all right with you?”

Oswald asked me who was looking down.

… Is it all right with me? What is, I wonder?

You mean casting everyone away to live in the countryside?
Or being here without saying anything to Celsior?

It’s probably both, no?
By saving my life, I cut ties with everyone.

… Anyone would choose their life if they were pressed to choose, and I also have no regrets choosing that choice.

“… Yes, this is fine.”

… Guessing something from the words I said, Oswald said “I see” and didn’t ask anymore.

At the same time, while feeling his kindness, I was also attacked by feelings of guilt.
… Even though everyone cherishes me.

… Eei, at this rate, my state of mind will loop endlessly.

I’m glad I can live in the countryside.
I’m glad I won’t have to trouble everyone anymore.

I decided only to think such.

“… Well, have a drink. This is apparently famous even throughout the town.”

Saying such, Oswald took out a beverage from somewhere.

I certainly am thirsty, but…

… I will be scared if you take something like that right now.

“… Haah, thanks.”

I took it into my hands.

A light brown café au lait? was in the cup made of a similar material to PET bottles.

I stealthily whiffed the aroma.

… Ah, it seems to be safe.
I have been taught to distinguish the scent of poison since young, but it didn’t match any of the scents I have remembered.

Moreover, to be fine even after drinking a poison, it was added to my meals with little amounts.

No, is this a manga?

… To think that practice would be useful.

Putting the cup to my mouth, I swallowed the beverage.

“Ah, delicious-”

It tasted like coffee with milk just like its appearances suggested, and it made me feel relaxed.


Oswald smiled.

… Is Oswald not going to drink?
Does he have only for one?

“Oswald, what about y…!?.”

The moment I was about to ask if Oswald is not going to drink, my field of vision shook.


I thought whether the carriage encountered an accident, but when I looked up at Oswald, I noticed that it was only me who fell.

… I remembered one important point that I have forgotten.

“In case you doubt whether that which you have received is poison, don’t taste it before the other side drinks or eats it.”

Even though that was supposed to be one of the important points of defense against poisons.

… Oswald was kind to me up until now, and I trusted him because he was Lance’s friend.

However, it seems that it was a mistake.

“What, did… you.”

“… To think you would get caught so easily.”

Oswald looked at me with such cold gaze it made me shocked.

His attitude was so different from before that I opened my eyes wide unconsciously.

“… It seems that you have checked by smelling it, but unfortunately for you, it was a new variety of sleeping pills. It’s odorless, so you wouldn’t be able to notice no matter what it was put into.”

… I was taught to deal with poisons, but I know nothing about sleeping pills.
That’s because mainly poison is used to deal with the royalty and nobility during assassinations.

Sleeping pills that only make the victim sleep don’t have much use.

… So that means Oswald doesn’t intend to kill me?
Then, just what…?

Seeing through my question, Oswald spoke himself before I could ask.

“… Ahh, you are thinking about what I plan on doing with you, right? … It’s a revenge.”

“Reven… ge?”

Feeling my vision getting gradually blurrier and my thoughts vague, I looked at Oswald.
I don’t have any strength left in my body, so it took me my all just to look up.

… Not good, I am terribly sleepy.

“That’s right. The same thing you did to Serena, First Prince, and Sherina.”

… Then, does it guy have any grudges against me…?
This was definitely my first time seeing Oswald though?

I don’t think I have met him when I was young like it’s often in manga, but what then?

… Not good, my head isn’t working anymore.
Moreover, this world is already way too different to keep using the game story as a reference.

In the first place, Oswald didn’t exist in the game.

It’s not that my memory is bad.
I have no doubts about that.

“… Ugh.”

“Are you about to reach your limit? … You won’t be dying when you wake up, you should feel relieved.”

… As if I could!

I thought so in my mind, but I was truly reaching my limit, so even Oswald’s face looked blurry to me.

… I don’t know where I will be taken if I fall asleep like this.

I desperately tried to keep my eyes open, but I was obstructed by horrible drowsiness and closed them.
… Just before closing my eyes, I felt that Oswald was making a sad face, but even that immediately disappeared into the darkness.

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