Chapter 23

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My heart seems to be broken.
And then, afterward.

After hearing from the girls directly, Director took Serena’s entourage with him.

When I asked Dante who returned “Where did you go with Serena?” he told me that he threw her into the castle’s jail and returned.

… Isn’t that overboard? I thought for a moment, but thinking about it carefully, there’s the matter of Serena’s attempted murder.
How could I forget about the most important thing?

… Yes, I have received a shock because of the talk with Monica and the rest of the entourage.

I understood just how much hated I am.

I didn’t want to know though.

The social status of my House was just too high for them and they wouldn’t talk normally with me because I was Albert’s fiancée…

Thinking such, I felt a little bit sad.

… However, I must not mind it.

I don’t know if the girls wouldn’t do anything again if they were not convicted here, and Rishell seemed to be quite pissed too.

That was the same for me and the rest though.

Whether they die or live is critical.
I can’t stay being afraid of knowing that I am hated.

Because there will be many more from now on.

I have to get used to it.

… Living in the countryside before getting used to it would be the best though!

But, I can’t even run away from the house in the midst of the night as guards patrol around the premises… in the first place, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to run away from Rishell and others no matter where I would go.

I think I would be chased and caught no matter where I went…
Rishell might use all his prince powers to extensively search for me…

Rather, I believe he would do it for sure…

… For the time being, what do I say, well.

Let’s live strongly…

I thought so while looking into a distance.


“Ah— I am so tired—!”

The evening grew late and it was pitch dark when I returned home.

Keith in the carriage had a gaze that seemed wanting to say something strongly, but I returned while ignoring all of it.

Well, in the morning, he said something like「I will ignore it as much as possible」, so he didn’t ask anything and probably didn’t even report to Otousama and Okaasama.

I wanted to report it myself.

On the contrary to my thoughts of being scolded, both parents punished the offenders instead.

How could you entrap people! I, who thought would get scolded felt let-down.

Those two are good to me through thick and thin.

Well, I nearly got killed, so they may have thought to let this much pass.

“Still, how much did I get questioned today…”

After the entourage was taken away by Director, Rishell and I were called over and questioned by the teachers.

Celsior only brought Director, Dante only took Serena away, Lance only reported the speech and conduct of Serena and others to Rishell, so the teachers didn’t even notice them, and in the end took away the related parties which were me, the girls and Rishell who exposed their offenses.

Oh well, I understand why Rishell was taken too. I can only understand after condemning the girls with such demonic smile.

But you see, I am a victim.
I was in the exhausted mode after all.

Not feeling for me even a little, the questioning lasted for four hours.


No, there, of course, were breaks in between, you know?
But, at least consider my emotional state, okay…

Rishell was making a nonchalant face, but I seemed to be so pale that Keith was worried about me the entire way back.

As for what I was asked, it was about what did Serena do to me, was I bad terms with her followers and stuff like that.

Rather, the questions for Rishell were numerous.

He answered everything so smoothly with a smile I thought of applauding him.

However, teachers.
If your questions for me ended, how about sending me home…?

The long, long questioning of Rishell could have been done after I have left, right…?

Well, I was there probably just in case there was a sense of incompatibility with Rishell’s story…

I was extremely tired from confirming Rishell’s story over and over again. Want to sleep.

“… Would it be better if I explained to Keith?”

I have told him “Don’t mind it no matter what happens!”, so he should know about it from the gossip in the school, but he probably doesn’t know that it was Rishell’s trap.

I feel somewhat guilty and it might bring trouble in the future if only he didn’t know.

Letting out a sigh, I went out of my room and searched for Keith.

“Ah, there he is!”

I found Keith in front of Otousama’s study.

Finding Keith as he was entering the study, I trotted over.


“Keith, have you discovered information about those fellows?”

My voice which called Keith was erased by the serious voice of Otousama.

“No. I am truly sorry”

Keith’s voice was unusually serious, I felt startled.
What are you talking about…?

Slightly opening the door, I listened to their voices from the little gap.

I know that eavesdropping is bad, but I felt uneasy for some reason.

“… No, it can’t be helped. Those fellows are moving with extreme caution after all.”

“… Yeah.”

… Those fellows? What are they talking about…?

Besides, they are talking alone in the study, they probably don’t want others to hear them.

Just what is this about…?

“… We have to find their whereabouts and seize them as fast as possible… if not, Olga and Celsior’s lives would be in danger…”

… Eh? Me?

Right now, did Otousama say that my and Celsior’s lives are in danger…?

Those fellows…? My and Celsior’s lives…?

Not good, I can’t form a connection at all.

… I understood only a single thing.

“Something” that hasn’t happened in the game and I have no knowledge of is happening.

Separating from the door, I absentmindedly returned to my room.

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