Chapter 4

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Right, Right, This Much is the Best, isn’t it?
I finished sewing “Plain cushion” in shape of zabuton cushion and start sewing a cushion cover this time.
Although I say that, the cover itself is really simple, so I finish quickly.
Although I want to do at least one embroidery, the “Sewing” tutorial’s reward was “Beginner sewing set” which doesn’t have the necessary items, so I will pass for now.

I will set the pleasure aside until I prepare proper embroidery tools.
Besides, the rewards from “Magic formations” tutorial was “Magic paper” and “Magic pen”, so my fun time can still continue for a while.

When I look at the recipe with letters and symbols of unknown meaning, it was as if “Magic pattern” was waiting for me.
Details that seems to enchant me just by looking at it.
My heart goes kyun, kyun at the details that look almost as if challenging me. Gufufu……




The “Magic formations” I completed after logging out for lunch are four recipes, two of each.
Because the speed of my drawing steadily increased with each completed sheet, it didn’t take that much time, but it was a time of supreme bliss that passed in a blink of an eye.
Before I noticed, I had two sheets of “Magic paper” remaining.
It’s very disappointing that “Magic paper” has a surprisingly high price.

It’s not like you can’t draw on normal paper, but “Magic formations” can’t be apparently completed without “Magic paper”.
Because the question of durability value of the materials has been mentioned in the beta test information, I would like to try various things.

I don’t think that completion is related when you have fun drawing, but that is that.
I want to enjoy Frontiers as well.

By the time I put the completed “Magic formations” in the Item box my “Trader” Lv already became 15.
When raising skill Lv, you will be able to use new corresponding “Arts”, but also receive an SP (skill point) every ten levels.
In addition to evolving a certain that reached a fixed level, you will be able to acquire a new derived skill, and it’s necessary to pay SPs for either of them.
The higher the skill level, the more SPs you will need to pay. Naturally, you won’t have enough SPs if not planning ahead and you will soon fall into a shortage and become sad.

Well, it’s not related to me who’s still at the beginning of the beginning, so the plan is to get “Arts”!
With this, the preparations to open a stall are complete.

Where I arrived next is a street close to “Pioneer Association (Guild)”.
Of course, I came to set up the stall, but it’s not like you can set up the stall anywhere, you must do it in a proper area, you know?
Because there would be definitely some people blocking the traffic if you could set up stall anywhere, it’s only a matter of course.

Still, the openable street area in “Capital Sabrina” is done in a way you wouldn’t get in a way.
But, it generally decides the place people gather.
Especially now, when the number of people increased and the “Pioneer Association” became busy, setting up a stall in the vicinity is considered a golden spot.

Well, naturally, the NPCs and other producers will be thinking the same thing, so the battle for the best spots will be carried to extremes…… it’s not quite like that, but the nicest places are already taken.
“Pioneer Association” are near the west, east, south, and north gates, so the people are dispersed, but that’s an imprudent thought.
Even if there is a place with weak monsters right after coming out from the “Capital Sabrina”, after walking for a while, you will arrive at a variety of field areas, and you will see the diversity of monsters, and it’s the north gate that is most efficient.
Therefore, the north gate’s “Pioneer Association” is the place with most guards, in other words, the supreme street stall spot.
Therefore, I avoid such place and intend to set up my stall in the second most efficient place on the opposite side, the south gate’s Pioneer Association.
As predicted, the vicinity of the south gate’s Pioneer Association has a reasonable amount of street stalls.
But, as if tired of the crowded north gate, or anticipating it from the start, quite the number of people come and go.

Right, right, this much is the best, isn’t it?
The number of street stalls is good, and the number of pioneers utilizing them is just right.
The people coming and going are not only pioneers, though.

The street area in the vicinity of Pioneer Association is cramped as expected, so I decided to set up my stall a little further away.
I’m selling “Copper Bucket Helm” and so on.

Incidentally, all my other equipment besides the Copper Bucket Helm is the starting Pioneer equipment set equipment.
Pioneer equipment set is a beginners equipment with a bonus to vitality.
Of course, the bonus applies only when wearing the complete set, so I’m without the bonus.
But, it’s not like I need vitality bonus in the town, so it doesn’t concern me.
A suitable top and bottom for my purposes with many pockets, thick gloves, and high laced boots.
And “Bucket helm”.
Even if I in reality obviously stand out, players and what appears to be pioneers are not fully equipped yet, so there are many people who are wearing partially metal equipment.

By the way, vitality is HP, when it becomes 0, and you die, you will return to the last temple you had visited.
Because money and items you possess won’t drop in Frontiers, so even if PVP is not prohibited, there’s no merit to it at all, on the contrary, there’s a demerit of being chased after.

In addition, the pioneer NPCs are included in the PVP, so it apparently isn’t operating as player vs. player system would.
Incidentally, the easiest way to distinguish a player from NPC is by friend registration.
Unfortunately, there are no nameplates floating above heads like in the conventional games, so you can’t totally distinguish the player from NPC at first glance.
Well, for me who has hardly any chance of fighting monsters, I have not even thought of fighting pioneers, so the peeweepee or whatever it’s called is not worth worrying about.

Using the “Trader Arts/Lv15/Open Street Stall”, you begin with the area for a start centering around you, choosing the place depending on the items you sell is important.
You must sell the items in designated carts or tents.
Just placing an item on the ground and selling doesn’t work in Frontiers.
Of course, I have researched beforehand, and above else, I have taken the Trader tutorial, so everything was told to me just a little while ago.
The reward included a cloth for a street stall, so there shouldn’t be any blunders since I plan using this.

In fact, this completes the setting up of the street stall, but I’m not selling anything like this, so I immediately set the prices for the items.
Because I know the prices to a degree because of the Trader skill, I don’t forget to set it slightly cheaper.
Currently, I have no chance of winning over the NPCs, so it can’t be helped.
Naturally, there are many players expecting temporary price cuts, so I should be able to sell.

Because selling only Copper Bucket Helm will make it look lonely, I also register a few Magic formations I have completed before. Naturally, this is cut in price as well, but I think it won’t most likely sell.
Although Magic formations are excellent as offensive items, there’s a disadvantage that it costs too much to use it as a main means of attack.
If you acquire Attribute Magic skill, it will basically operate at no cost, although it will consume magical power and casting time instead.
The position of Magic formations at the time of the beta test was a sub-weapon to increase the strategy and attack methods.
Even if it was in a delicate position of sub-weapon, it’s not the talk of the opening stage where no one has the funds.
If you get through the opening, it will become popular just like in the beta test where everyone possessed them.
But, it’s totally unpopular as a skill.
I love it, but it seems that other people find drawing the fine details of the Magic pattern not that great.
Therefore, players fundamentally purchase Magic formations from NPCs and it was commonly known as the unpopular skill during the beta test.

That being the case, I don’t expect my Magic formations to make any profit, but I would be happy if they sell!




After setting the items to sell, I just leisurely wait.
The registered items are automatically listed and can be purchased even if slightly away from the stall. Therefore, it will fundamentally sell even if I leave it as it is, but sometimes, people who want to negotiate will come.
Well, I will think about it when the time comes and leisurely adapt myself to the requirements of the moment.

I sit down the “Zabuton Cushion” I made in the cafe, take out the Beginner sewing set and start sewing.
I think that being able to wait like this is also one of the good points of Frontiers.
What I’m making is Zabuton Cushion that will increase the level of comfort of my butt even more.
As expected, it’s slightly resistant when I sit down even if it’s game.
Well, a folding chair might be good in that case, but I made a cushion so I could easily eliminate stains.
And above all, I don’t have the skill to make a folding chair!

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