Chapter 7

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Glenn’s Feeling of the Surroundings
How many days passed since that evening?
By a quirk of fate, I’m currently living in “Demon Lord’s residence” with my little sister.
Not as sacrifices, not as loyalists, we just spend our days in tranquility.

Before, we have hunted through the garbage in the back alleys, did dirty work to earn loose change through the day and worried about thieves during the night.
That has completely changed now.

We eat delicious meals with everyone and then we help around the house while leisurely spending our free time.
When the sun goes down, we sleep in warm blankets after taking a comfortable bath.

“Isn’t this happiness too good to be true?”

I said while bewildered by this dream-like life.
Still, I was sincerely happy that Mireia was given a safe living.

But, the biggest change wasn’t our lifestyle.
It was Mireia herself.

She stays by Sylvia-chan’s side all the time, behaving totally like a servant.
Sylvia-chan treats her as a friend, but Mireia wouldn’t cross that line no matter what.
They seem to be getting along well, but you can see that they aren’t equal.

But well, that’s not that big of a deal.
The problems come at night.

When everyone falls asleep, Mireia regularly leaves her room.
That seems to be continuing every night without a fail.

I thought restroom was her destination, but the frequency during the night is too much for that, and it also takes too long for her to return.

ーーJust what is she doing?

When I decided to follow her out of curiosity, I saw her leave her room twice a night.
I saw Mireia squatting in the corner of the empty living room and muttering something.
She covered her head fully with a black cloth while protectively holding a knife in both of her hands.
As expected, even Big Bro was frightened by that scene, yeah.

When I timidly called out to her,

“Oh my, Elder brother, you were awake?”

She answered as if nothing ever happened.
I thought one would normally panic if put in that situation, but she received me composedly.

When I inquired about what she was doing,

“I’m praying for Demon Lord’s daily life.”

She gave me such a startling answer.

According to what she said, she would come here every night praying to a knife with black magic-ish words.
Apparently…… that malice will be useful to Alf-san when needed.

I want you to quickly stop doing that for Big Bro’s sake.
Won’t you rather spend the night with a stuffed toy as is appropriate for your age?

In the first place, the way you talk is strange.
Even though you have called me “Big Bro” just until a while ago.
Even though being more childish is suitable for your age, can people change like this?
Were the happenings of that evening that shocking to her?
I pray for my little sister to return back to her original path.

I have lived without any prior relations with demons and beastmen, but I got to know everyone little by little after living with them.

Ashley-san is an older sister of the demon race.
She looks the youngest among the three older sisters, but she’s, in fact, a long-lived being who has lived for over several hundred years.
She has big white wings she puts away when inside, but she often lets them out when outside.
I’m told she puts them away inside the house because they would get in the way.
And she lets them out when going out because she’s apparently more comfortable that way.

I have asked her such while gazing at her beautiful white wings.

“Is Ashley-san an Angel or something?”

Ashley-san who heard that opened her eyes wide and replied.

“Fufufu, what are you saying all of sudden, Glenn-kun. Well, I certainly call myself Forest Sage and people call me the Avatar of Beauty or the Silver Goddess~ ufufu. Ah, but you mustn’t fall in love with me, okay? My heart has already decided on Alf-san after all. But, Glenn-kun certainly has adorable facial features, don’t you~ let’s see~ If you become cooler in ten years, I will maybe think about it. Until then, please do your best to improve as a man, okay? Good-bye!”

She rattled on and on and disappeared into the forest.
I merely asked because she resembled an angel in my memory though.
Perhaps, a considerably troublesome misunderstanding might have been born.

Elena-san is a human knight.
She hasn’t used any weapons during the last incident, but she apparently fights with a long sword.

As for her appearances, she doesn’t seem to care about them as her hair is constantly unkempt.
She doesn’t wear skirts either as she always is in her armor.
Though I do think that her features are well-defined, it doesn’t seem like that at all because of her negligence to keep her appearances neat.

Going outside to train is her daily routine.
She does push-ups, running, and swings with a gigantic wooden sword (rather, it can almost be considered a trunk of a tree) hundreds of times.
I get half-tired just by watching her.

One day, when I was watching her absentmindedly as usual, Elena-san asked me.

“What Glenn, you want me to train you or what?”

It was a beyond expectations proposal, but I was delighted.
That’s because I thought of wanting to become stronger.
If I was as strong as Elena-san, I might be able to do something without relying on somebody’s help in the future.
Therefore, there wasn’t any hesitation in my answer.

“Yeah, I would like that if I’m not a hindrance for you!”
“Then, try swinging this.”

She handed me a wooden sword.
It’s far smaller than the one Elena-san swung.

“I don’t care how much time it takes you. Make sure to swing until you can do it fifty times a day. I will train you once you are able to do that.”

Saying such, Elena-san disappeared into the building.
Practice makes perfect, it seems.

I tried swinging the wooden sword at once, but it was pretty heavy.
Though I haven’t noticed after swinging once or twice, but my body began screaming after the seventh time.
When I raised it overhead and swung down, my body suffered under a huge load of burden.
In the end, let alone fifty times, I couldn’t swing it even thirty times.
A short while has passed since that event, but I haven’t been able to clear the challenge since then.
Although a bit difficult, I think it’s a good thing to have an objective.

Rita-san is an older sister from a Fox race.
Though I don’t know how rare exactly, but she is apparently a representative of a rare species.
She’s an older sister with an outstanding figure with beautiful glossy black hair with a blue hue stretching to her shoulders.

She is taking care of the housework single-handedly and is the person I’m the most indebted to.
I was curious about the relationship between the people of the house, so I asked Rita-san to enlighten me.

“Rita-san, are you Alf-san’s…… wife?”

When she heard that, she placed her index finger on her cheek and replied with a joyful voice.

“Nーーー unfortunately not. But it does seem like that doesn’t it, yeah. I am the most wife-like woman in the house, aren’t I? Ufufufufu.”

In contrast to her denial, her expression was completely positive.
And then, she was in a cheerful mood for a while.
I think she’s an extremely easy-to-understand person.

Nevertheless, the Demon Lord surely is popular, isn’t he?
I find it strange that I don’t find him enviable though.

Sylvia-chan is a girl of the Beastmen race.
Her race is not rare, so “What-kind race” can’t be attached to her name like Rita-san’s.
Her race is lumped up with other “Beastmen” because of the numerous individuals in her race who don’t possess any remarkable power.

Sylvia-chan has a shortish dark brown wavy hair, with big round eyes. A lively girl who smiles a lot.
Unfortunately, her words don’t connect to me, so I don’t know her personality.

Still, I can understand her attitude in some way or another because of how she worries about us.
She is surely a kind-hearted child.

She spends most of her time with her father Alf-san or playing with my little sister Mireia.
Which reminds me, she seems to be able to hold a conversation with Mireia for some reason.
Originally, the weak in the magical power Sylvia-chan shouldn’t be able to talk with humans like us.
I found it very mysterious.

Lastly, the master of the house, Alfred-san.
Called the Demon Lord, he’s a nonsensically strong person.
It’s not that he’s always a frightening person.
Rather, he’s a rather quiet person.

He doesn’t act violently, doesn’t destroy things, and he surely doesn’t abduct people from the town.
His unconcerned lifestyle is far from Demon Lord-ish.
When he plays with his beloved Sylvia-chan, I can only see him as an ordinary father.

Alf-san usually goes out except when having a meal with everyone.
He trains with Elena-san or goes into the forest to hunt with Ashley-san.

He sticks to Sylvia-chan when in the house, but he occasionally entangles with Rita-san.
I thought she was Alf-san’s wife because of how he embraces her from behind.

I thought his stronger words were to hide embarrassment, but that might not be it.
There’s not enough observation.
It might be better to ask Alf-san directly next time.

This is all I currently understand.
A tranquil ordinary life while surrounded by weird people.
My heart can’t rest from the boisterous, shocking days, but I strangely don’t dislike it.
It’s surely because it feels like the warmth of the family, I think.
I will also try harder so everyone will recognize me.

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