Chapter 19

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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An Existence That is I
“Yes, thank you for your goddamn polite introduction.”

It has been a month since Glenn and Mireia came to our home.
We just realized that we haven’t properly introduced ourselves yet.
The three’s long-drawn chatter made me feel quite sluggish.
Ashley was standing still with her fists clenched since her last shriek.

Seriously, who advised you on fetishes?
There are three children here, you know?
The area around my eye can’t help but twitch since a little while ago.
There’s probably a vein visible as well.

“Okay! It’s Sylvia’s turn next!”
“Yes! Sylviatantan!”

A bell of heavens resounded in the irritated wasteland of my heart.
I took a posture of listening and urged the surroundings.
Ashley, that’s enough, sit down already.

“Sylvia you see, was in a cave far away from here. I was caught later when I entered a human town and I met Daddy there.”
“Eh, you are not his biological child!?”

Elena jumped up in shock.
I still can understand Glenn, but why are you surprised as well?

“Hey you- have you seen any animal ears or tail attached to my body?”
“No, I didn’t but… I was certain she took after the mother.”
“For example, a young beastwoman you came across.”
“You brought her to your shelter, and bang, bang.”
“Alright, show me your forehead, oy.”
“Fufu, I won’t fall for the same trick over and ovebuh!”

She dodged the first blow, but it seems she didn’t expect the second one.
Elena turned towards the ceiling with her mouth half-open.
I said with my both hands still in the poke in the forehead pose.

“Do you know why people have two arms?”
“I don’t think it’s because of that reason though.”

I digress.
I urged Sylvia to continue.

“Daddy you see, he saved Sylvia who got caught. I was scared at first, but he was very, very kind! When Sylvia said that she doesn’t have Daddy, Daddy said he would become one for Sylvia.”

Ah~ which reminds me, she was full of vigilance the first time we met.
She even bared her teeth at me.
They are good memories now.

“After that you know, we became friends with a pretty kitty Moko-chan. Say Daddy, is Moko-chan not going to return yet?”
“Right, he’s unusually not coming back. He said that he won’t return here for a while after all.”
“I see, even though I wanted to show him the pretty thing I bought~”


Sylvia complained dejectedly.
Well, they are unable to see each other after becoming so close after all.
It would be useless to tell her that he left for work too.
Return quickly, Moko you bastard.

“Alf-san, the cat called Moko? Just what is he?”
“Ah~ it would be difficult to explain. He seems to be a half-spirit, but…”
“Half… is it different from spirits themselves?”
“The person himself said so, I don’t understand the difference well.”

It would be easier to explain if he was here, but there are no signs of him coming out no matter how I call.
A few months ago, he went: “I will be gone for a while, bye! And disappeared somewhere.
Sylvia was complaining with her face on the table as usual.
The subject of her interest seems to have gone to another place already.

“Then, my turn next. I’m Mireia Registeria. 6 years old human. Recently, I have been researching a method to extract the souls of the fools who disrespect Demon Lord.”
“Yes, yes, thank you. Lastly, it’s your big bro’s turn.”

Mireia made an Ehh~ face.
She has a shocked expression while holding the hem of her skirt.
It should be me Ehh~-ing you six-year-old!

I also have the medium of the divine spirit, she took out some ragged hair.
That’s dirty, throw it away.

“You know, Mireia. Let’s be a little bit honest now.”
“I understand, even though I was being serious…”

She started pouting after saying such.
You see, even things appear like this I have to pay attention because the other party is a child.
If you take on such attitude, then I will be the one to cry, you know?

“We are currently living happily, but it was really difficult when Mother passed away. We lived by sneaking in abandoned buildings and vacant houses, while being expelled when found out.”
“We couldn’t easily get food too. Uncle Arden and the Pastor occasionally fed us though. But as expected, it was indeed impossible every day.”
“When we ran out of food, we would eat grassroots and earthworms.”
“Those times must have been difficult, especially in winter. You did well surviving.”

The conversation somehow turned into something dreadful.
I heard they were waifs, but as I thought their lives weren’t easy.
The two children are looking far into the distance.
Lo, look, it’s the medium of the divine spirit hair!
Mireia can do many things with this, huh. How incredible!

“After that, we somehow managed to live until that night came.”
“It really is thanks to Demon Lord. Mireia is blessed.”
“I also want to say thanks. Alf-san, thank you very much!”

I’m relieved since it somehow ended in a bright mood.
After that, I tried to have Glenn talk some more, but he said: “I said almost everything already.” So I left him alone.

Even though it was supposed to be just simple introductions, it seems that quite a lot of time has passed.
Let’s make something delicious today, Rita muttered.

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