Chapter 11

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We observed the Demon Lord-ish man from a distance.
We need any and all information.
Whether we fight or negotiate, we can’t talk without knowing anything.
Fortunately, we haven’t been noticed yet, so will have to be prudent.

“This is as far as I can guide you, well then, I will excuse myself here.”
“Are you not going to see the result?”
“I don’t want to die yet, so bye!”

The guide ran away at a tremendous speed.
He dashed away like a hare, no, a fast horse.

“He didn’t add any war potential to begin with, let’s leave him alone.”
“Leader, what are we going to do? Are we not fighting?”
“Let’s investigate first. Listen, make sure not to put on airs. Let’s slowly and carefully-”
“Is that a beastman!? It’s beastman from the wolf race!”
“Cus, what’s the matter?”
“Alriiiigh~! It’s an animal-eared girーーl!”
“W, wait! Cus!”

Cus dashed away at a speed that wouldn’t lose to the guide.
That idiot…… we won’t be able to investigate anything like this!
How can we be so defenseless against the Demon Lord as our opponent?
I fully realized the deep sins of the fetish path.


While amusing myself together with Sylvia over “Al-san’s noble make-believe”, I could hear yelling all of sudden.
Is that a human female?
That person who is rushing towards us at slightly impossible speed has a strange gaze.

I stood a step before Sylvia to protect her and threw a pebble towards the woman.

“Animal ears~! Animal-eared girl…… guhe!”

The woman made a half turn and fell down to the ground face first.
Was that just now a good guy?
I will have Rita heal her if her condition is too severe.
I called out to the duo hiding at a distance.

“You guys over there! This person is your companion, isn’t she? Do something about her!”

A reply came back after a little pause.

“Got it, we will immediately retrieve her. Let’s calm down and talk!”

They approached with both of their hands raised.
What calm down, we are as usual.
The man in heavy armor lifted up the woman.
She was able to stand up immediately after waking up, so we talked about the important stuff.

“Our girl has caused you trouble. We are merely adventurers.”
“Hou…… so, you came to kill me?”
“……! Why do you think so?”
“You were circling around and investigating from distance. While suppressing your fighting spirit.”
“If we were so exposed, then we are no opponents.”

I felt the fighting spirit, but I didn’t feel hostility.
That didn’t change even now that they appeared before me.
Although masters should be able to erase all signs.
These fellows don’t look like the kind that would be able of such feat.
Hearing the voices from outside, Rita turned up from the house.

“Oh my, Alf. Guests?”
“If you say guests then they are guests, if you say assassins then they are assassins.”
“Nーー there’s quite the audience, isn’t there?”
“Wait a moment, we would like to settle this peacefully if possible. Please understand that we have no malice!”
“Indeed, raising such shriek while charging at us…… it’s quite likely.”
“I’m glad you understand.”

A relieved mood flowed and everyone unfastened their vigilance.
The shrieking woman is fidgeting.
Does she have something to say?

“What’s up, why are you so fidgety?”
“Ahii! Erm, I would like to touch that girl’s ears.”
“Her name’s Sylvia. I don’t mind if she herself allows it.”
“You are called Sylvia-chan? What a wonderful name! Say, won’t you let me touch your ears?”
“I can if just for a little. Too much is unpleasant.”
“Thank youu~! It’s silky and smooth, I can’t get enough. This is better than three bowls of rice!”

This fellow is somehow disgusting.
When I looked at her companions, they were making the same faces.
The faces of being at loss at dealing with a weird fellow.

I somehow felt affinity with the man who is their leader.

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