Chapter 44

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In the end, we decided to live in the castle for a while, it was the first day.
Something terrible happened.

“My…… oh my! This boy!! Become my husband!!”

The Princess zeroed in at Iric.
I was stunned. The Princess whom the King tried to marry to me in the flesh.

“Your Highness…… umm, this boy, as you can see, is still just a child.”
“I know that!”

The assertive eyes of the Princess were like those of a wild animal. Even though she’s a well-bred princess, her eyes were sharp, like the eyes of a beast that found its prey. Scary.

“Umm, I am sorry, but this child is-”
“Are you his guardian? There’s nothing better than becoming the royal son-in-law! You have no reason to decline, no!?”
“No, I shall decline.”

The Princess stiffened at my immediately reply and then proceeded to glare at me. She might be scarier than the Four Heavenly Generals, I thought.

“To begin with, the difference in your ages is way too big.”

The Princess is about my age. She’s more than ten years older than Iric.

“I’m telling you it’s fine! I shall guide the boy who is still of a tender age!!”

She declared. Her eyes, serious.
I did have a feeling, but the conviction is approaching my heart.

“Your Highness…… do you have a preference in young boys……”

My words were slightly obscure, but it appears that my meaning made sense. That’s because the Princess replied with her fists grasped tightly.

“That’s not it! I am just looking towards his future prospects!”

No, you are speculatively buying a rice harvest, while the fields are still green, no?
The reason His Majesty went on with the marriage proposal is possibly because he wanted to stop his daughter before she had the chance to make a mess.

“Neechan, I can’t become your husband.”

Iric who was hiding behind me because he got scared by the vigor of the Princess showed his face. Whether she found his actions touching, the Princess writhed. Scary.

“My, why? I will be a good wife, you know?”

She said it herself. I’m getting scared even more.

“That’s because I am going to become the Demon King!”

Iric declared. I froze in place. The truth that the twins are the Demon King’s children is naturally a secret. I did not even say that they are monster children. I did say that Pochi is a monster, but this and that is different.

“I will become the Demon King and conquer the world.”
“Hey, hey, hey!!”

Blocking Iric’s mouth in a panic, I glanced at the Princess while sweating cold.

“Oh my……”

The Princess was entranced, for some reason.

“T, this is just a child’s talk, don’t pay it any mind!!”

Holding Iric and Ilya under my arms, I broke out of the room at full speed. I felt the presence of the panicked Aura following behind.

“Hey, Iric-kun! Why did you say something like that!?”
“But, that Neechan’s eyes were scary, she looked like she wanted to eat me.”
“You could say that, but there are things you should and should not say――Yuuya-san, you run too fast……”

Aura’s voice gradually become distant, so I stopped my legs in a hurry.

“Onii~san, do not stop. We will get overtaken.”

I thought the Princess would be following us, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“This is a chance to leave Oneechan behind.”
“No…… what would leaving Aura behind do? Rather, we are in the same castle so there’s no meaning in leaving her behind.”

A little while later, the heavily breathing Aura caught up with us. It seems that she can’t even talk.

“Silence is nice. Onii~san, I want you to run one more time.”
“Nii~chan, run~ Carry me to the room~”
“Eh? Hmm~ After Aura recovers a little.”
“…… Zee~ haa~…… zee~……(trying to say something but no voice came out).”

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