Chapter 39

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Children apparently can get a fever all of sudden.
But, as one would expect from the Demon King’s children. Iric and Ilya are both healthy and didn’t catch a cold even once.
I am grateful that they are not a handful bunch.
Their father the Demon King seemed to have a weak constitution, but I am glad they don’t take after him.
I smiled wryly while nursing Aura who collapsed from exhaustion.

“I am sorry, Yuuya-san……”
“No need to mind it. You are just not used to long journeys, so it cannot be helped.”

The Sage’s Egg Aura is not used to long travels. Before, when she traveled together with me, we reached her place of destination in about a week, so we arrived before her physical condition got smashed.
I have traveled around because of the Demon King subjugation, so my body is solid. No matter how many times Pochi’s body gets blown away, he will get up in a matter of minutes, so there’s no way he would be weak.
Aura lacks physical strength the most.

“You are so weak, Neechan~ What were you thinking, sticking to us like mad?”
“Oneesan, you are slowing us down. Being weaker than children like us. Why did you follow us?”
“Ugh…… I have nothing to say.”

Putting a wet towel on the forehead of Aura who was groaning on the bed, I sighed.

“That does not matter now, think only of getting better sooner, alright?”

Smiling at her who suddenly turned timid, I stood up.

“I will go call the doctor. Iric, Ilya, look after Aura properly, okay?”
“It’s not ‘Eh~’. I will be right back.”

The twins puffed their cheeks in displeasure, but they have reconsidered.

“…… Mu~. Then, bring us a souvenir~”
“I would like a souvenir.”


They demanded.

“N? What would you like?”
“Sweets! Candy!”
“Sweets would be nice! I would also like to eat some candies!”

Because they had not eaten much of human food before, what the twins were most interested in after trying were the sweets. Candies were their favorite. I’m told they did not even have candies in the castle.

“Got it. I will buy them.”

They are still children. Almost bursting out in laughter because of their cuteness, I left.

“…… Do you like candies?”

Iric turned around towards Aura who asked a question from under a blanket and replied.

“We have never eaten them in the castle. They would always give us cakes.”
“They were all high-class sweets, so sweets like candies are fresh to us.”
“…… Yuuya-san, you are being tricked~……”

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