Chapter 32.2

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We are proud of the soldier from Our castle who has left to subjugate the Demon King and became the Brave Hero.
When We received a report that he has arrived at the Demon King’s castle, We were convinced that the world will become peaceful.
It has been a month since then.

He, who came back brought a bride and two children back.
We somehow understood the situation.
Hm, hm, We see. Life is too valuable after all. We also wouldn’t want to die, leaving behind a wife, son, and daughter.
The Demon King died of illness?
Nono, there’s no need to make up such poor lies.
No need to panic. We are not a demon. We won’t be angry just because the Demon King subjugation has failed.
Even now, various soldiers, swordsmen, and magicians are going to challenge him, so his end is only inevitable.
When you become this age, there will be many things you will be able to give up on.

No~ We are jealous of you. Being young is good.
It’s fine. No need to panic. We won’t blame you.
What a cute children they are~ Twins, huh. So cute~ You guys don’t resemble your Niichan. You don’t resemble the wife either.
N? She’s not your wife?
What are you saying? The wife is getting angry, you know? Nono, it’s fine. Apologize.
A harmonious couple does not fight. Also, when it time to break up, just do it. All right?
N? Nono, We are telling you there’s no need for such poor lies.
We are telling you that We won’t be so unfair to send a man with such cute wife and children to subjugate the Demon King.

Take it slow in the countryside. Stay healthy.
Ahh, there’s no remuneration for you though, all right? You have failed to subjugate the Demon King after all.

“…… He did not believe you the tiniest bit, Onii~san.”
“…… Indeed……”
“Nii~chan. Cheer up.”
“…… I am fine, I am fine……”
“…… Why does this Hero-san denies it with all of his might every time, I wonder……”
“? Did you say something, Aura?”
“Noo-! Nothing!!”
“Why is she angry……?”

The man he thought to be the Brave Hero, wasn’t the Brave Hero. The King dropped his shoulders.
It meant that peace still wouldn’t come.

However, once he left the room, left the castle, left the Capital, it has become known.

That the Demon King disappeared.

Eh, the hell is this? What did you say? You went into the Demon King’s castle?
Whaat!? The Demon King wasn’t there!?
Wha, wai, oy! Was he really telling the truth!?
Ooy!! Call him back!! Who? That man!
Look, eh~, ah~ what was his name again…… the man who managed to reach the Demon King’s castle, you know, that one?
Look, ah~ the one who came back just recently, he brought his wife and children with him.
We can’t recall his name…… anyhow, We have to hear out his circumstances!
…… What? You don’t know where he left to? Find him—!!

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