Chapter 2

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The Brave Hero was entrusted with the Demon King’s children, twins at that.
The children before him have appearances close to that of humans, but horns are growing on their heads. They are children of a monster.
The Demon King suddenly died of an illness, and peace came to the world without the Brave Hero having to fight.

“”…… What am I supposed to do about this……”

I have never raised children. I just lived as the Hero in order to defeat the Demon King and save the world. Of course, I have no experience with the opposite sex either.
Though I have some vague recollections, I continued on my harsh journey in order to become the Hero, and the partner backed away.
As a result of continuing the journey with such thoughts, these twins were standing before me.

“…… Errr, ah~……”
“Nice to meet you, Hero Onii~san.”
“Best regards, Hero Nii~chan.”

The Demon King’s twins lowered their heads. Their faces are like two peas in a pod, but one child had a ribbon coiled around her horn, is she a girl? The garments of both children have the Demon King’s look, so they look lovely yet not lovely at all. It would be better to get them a change of clothes first.

“………… Anyways, shall we head out……?”

The Demon King who breathed his last just a moment ago was still sitting on the throne. He lost to an illness in spite of being the Demon King. Was the illness the Demon King lost to that terrifying or was the Demon King that lost to an illness that weak?

Either way, it does not matter to me now.
Letting out a big sigh, I took the twins’ hands.
The children were startled for a moment, but they grasped my hands back.

Children are cute, indeed. Even though they might be the Demon King’s children, children are children.
I have to protect them.

“…… Let’s go.”

Pretending to not see the remains of the Demon King, they begun walking away.
The children have no sins. The one that sinned was the Demon King. I am going to beat you up if you revive.
Making such a promise, I left the Demon King’s place behind.

“Onii~san, where are we going?”
“First of all…… let’s go to the town to get you a change of clothes.”
“Will you buy it for us? We have no money, you know?”
“Ah~…… sure, I will buy it for you…… I know that you guys have no money.”
“Nii~chan, are you not going to take the treasures from Tou~chan’s treasury? Tou~chan often said that those things are ours.”
“…… That Demon King……」

Has he filled up the treasury because he has predicted that far?
Since I defeated his subordinates and got the treasures, I ought to look after the children properly.
Somehow, I feel like I am deceiving them though……

“I am looking forward to the new clothes. Onii~san, thank you.”
“Thank ye, Nii~chan!”

…… Oh well……

“…… By the way, your mother is?”
“Kaa~chan lives alone.”
“Okaasan has gone to a place far away.”
“…… I see……”

Then, both parents of these children are? What a disaster…… was their mother perhaps a monster I have defeated……?

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