Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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70 years passed since the hero killed the Maou.
The humans spent their days peacefully without fighting particularly large battles.
Once the common enemy of the humans disappears, the humans would usually fight among themselves, but in this world, the Maou is going to revive again 100 years later.
Therefore, in the times with no Maou, each nation prepares for the revival of the next Maou.
Saving goods, funds, and savings, developing stronger weapons and training soldiers. There are plenty of things to do.
Because of that, humans are becoming stronger and stronger.
But, humans are not the only one who get stronger. The demons are also devoting themselves to become stronger.
In other words, even if the Maou dies, the demons don’t become powerless. Humans and Demons continue to skirmish every day.
Meanwhile, a new life was born in a castle located in the Demon territory.
The throne on which generations of Maou sat. Over there, a small baby sleeps.
White skin, blue-silver hair. Splendid horns are growing above the characteristic sharp ears of Demons.

“You have been born well…… Maou-sama.”

A woman in maid clothes says while lifting up the baby into arms.
Same sharp ears are poking from behind her waist-long jet-black hair.
The baby is reflected in both of her blood-colored eyes.
And, behind her, Demons like her are sitting in a row.
Probably reacting to her voice, the baby in the woman’s… Meluerina’s arms opens its eyes slowly.
The baby’s right eye is golden as the proof of being the ruler of the Demons, its left eye red, as the proof of strong magical powers.
Spontaneously, she leaks out a smile.
Meluerina turns away from the throne and raises the baby overhead.

“Right here, right now, the new Maou has been born. The name of the 23rd generation Maou is Dirkhert. For the birth of our king, we shall express our loyalty and blessings.”


With these words, everyone in the room bows down.

“””Loyalty and blessings!”””

Thus, after 70 years since the death of the former Maou, a new Maou has been born.

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