Chapter 35

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While Dirkhert and Lilia were happily playing, three boys suddenly appeared in front of them.
Their age slightly above Dirkhert’s.
One of the boys suddenly snatched Pudding and started pulling on its ears.

“What is this thing, how does it move?”

He continues pulling on the ears so hard they almost come off. Before Dirkhert could figure out what is happening and react, Pudding immediately got bullied.

“Return it! Stop bullying Pudding!”

Dirkhert reached his arms to rescue Pudding, but the boy lifted his arms up. Dirkhert wasn’t able to reach Pudding.
In the meanwhile, the other two boys picked up Chocola and Tart and started bullying them in the same manner.

“It’s a stuffed animal no matter how you look at it, right?”
“What is going on, so creepy.”

Tears started collecting in Dirkhert’s eyes witnessing this sudden, unreasonable bullying.
Lilia must know something about these boys. She trembles without saying anything.

“Stop it! Why are you bullying Chocola, Tart, and Pudding!? They didn’t do anything to you……!”
“That’s because moving stuffed toys are creepy!”
“An outsider bringing in such creepy stuffed animals! Aren’t you the one who brought the monsters with you?”
“Yeah, yeah, you blockhead!”

Just before Dirkhert started crying for real because of the boys’ words, Chocola, Tart, and Pudding who didn’t do anything until now started moving.
Each of them got out of the boys’ hold, summoned their weapons and thrust towards the boys’ throats.
If they move a single step, their throats will be slit.
After Dirkhert wipes his tears with his hands, he glares at them and says.

“You Pulled on Chocola’s hand. You pulled on Tart’s tail. You pulled on Pudding’s ears. Those who do something need to have the resolve to have the same thing done to them, Melu and Vol said. Therefore, if we cut your hands, legs, and ears, you won’t complain, right?”

Dirkhert’s sharp voice was full of anger and bloodlust.
No matter how gentle Dirkhert is, if his friends are getting hurt, he won’t stay silent.
No matter how little he is, how kindhearted he is, he is Maou. And he holds the appropriate power of one.
And the two who would be able to stop Dirkhert are not here.
It seems the adults who think it’s just a child’s quarrel don’t realize the sudden change in the situation.
We have to stop him. Even if they think such, no one is able to move in front of Dirkhert who is oozing bloodlust.

“I, I am, sorry……”
“We won’t bully anymore, forgive us……!”
“W, we were wrong!”

Even after the three apologize, Dirkhert’s anger doesn’t settle. If left as is, he will probably really cut off their limbs and ears.

“Yes, yes, young master, that’s enough.”

When no one was able to move, Tris from the Inn approached Dirkhert and lifted his little body up.

“You see, these boys are in love with Lia, so when they saw you playing with her they were overcome with jealousy.”
“…… Even so, I won’t let them off for bullying Chocola, Tart, and Puddingmon.”
“You are right, they are in the wrong.”

After saying so, Tris moves in front of the three boys and hits each one’s head with her fist. Merciless blows.
The three boys who got hit gyangyan cry out in pain. And then, she made all three say “I’m sorry” properly.
The angry Dirkhert gradually calmed down. The bloodlust from a while ago has pulled out. But, his mood remained bad.

“…… Dirk, hates you guysmon.”

Saying that, Dirkhert jumps out of Tris’s arms.
He opened the door and escaped outside.

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