Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Monster Extermination
In the evening, the sun begins to go down, dyeing the sky orange.
The villagers have gathered in front of the Village Chief’s house.
Each of the men held a weapon, while women have kitchen knives, hatchets, and sickles in their hands.
The mood is really heavy, but it can’t be helped considering what’s about to happen next.

“All right, the men will form groups of several people and patrol around the village. We are leaving the children and elderly to women.”

The Village Chief’s son instructs the villagers according to Meluerina’s and Volsung’s directions.
The gathered men selected leaders and formed five groups of six men. Besides that, Meluerina and Volsung would each make rounds independently.
The women gather children and elderly at the Village Chief’s house and will spend the night there.
As more than half of nearly 100 villagers gathered at the Village Chief’s house, his house became cramped. But, when the monster appears, it would be easier to deal with when everyone is gathered in one place. Everyone had gathered at the Village Chief’s house this time because of Meluerina’s words.

“Dirk-sama, Brother-in-law-sama and I will now go to patrol around the village. Dirk-sama, please wait with the villagers at the Village Chief’s house.”
“…… No, Dirk wants to go together with Melu and Vol.”
“You can’t do that. It’s a dangerous monster. Please, wait for us here.”
“Dirk can fight toomon. Chocola, Tart, and Pudding are with memon.”

Meluerina racks her brains about what to do with the obstinate and insisting little Maou-sama. It has been like this since noon. Together, we will exterminate the monster together, he keeps saying.
No matter what she says now it would be useless. Meluerina was about to give up, but Volsung started persuading him this time.

“Listen well, Dirk-sama. The reason we want you to stay here is that we know that Dirk-sama can fight.”
“…… What do you mean?”
“The people here are all powerless women and children and elderly who can’t fight. What do you think would happen if Dirk-sama went with us and a monster slipped through?”
“…… Everyone, will die.”
“That’s right. That’s why we want Dirk-sama, Chocola, Tart, and Pudding to protect everyone here.”

Dirkhert chirari glances at the villagers behind him. Everyone was just seeing their husbands and sons off.
What entered Dirkhert’s vision were crying women and children seeing their families off. He can’t possibly imagine them fighting a monster.
Meluerina and Volsung wouldn’t possibly overlook a monster. He knows that, but there’s still a possibility. If that possibility happens and no one who can fight was there, all people here would get killed by monsters.


“I understand, Dirk will protect everyone.”
“Yes, we leave it to you. Chocola, Tart, and Pudding too protect everyone together with Dirk-sama, okay?”

To Volsung’s words, the three animals started waving their arms as if saying leave it to us! They are truly reliable knights.

“Then, we are going. Dirk-sama we leave everyone in your care.”

Volsung says and waves his hand. Dirkhert powerfully nods and waves back.

“Take care! Melu and Vol be careful, okay! Don’t get injured, okay!”

Dirkhert continued waving his arm until he couldn’t see the two’s figures anymore.

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