Chapter 18

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Vol and Stuffed Toys
In the recent days, Dirkhert’s friends Chocola, Tart, and Pudding are often gathering for a meeting.
Although said like that, they are not able to talk so they are just pikopiko moving their hands around. Are they able to hold a conversation properly like that? When the three of them kokuri nod at each other, they head to the training grounds.
When they unexpectedly turn at the training grounds’ entrance, they confirm that there’s nobody around. The three then potepote enter the training grounds. Then, they walk towards the weapons leaning against the wall.
Chocola holds a sword in its hands, Tart holds a bow, and Pudding holds a spear.
Since the weapons are made for use of Demons, they are little too big for the stuffed three.
But, the three start practicing with their weapons without minding.
Chocola bunbun swings the sword hitting the ground in the process, Tart’s arrows fly flimsily, and Pudding is scratching the wall with the oversized spear.
It can’t be really considered training, but the three are serious.
And then, Volsung saw those three by coincidence.

“…… You guys, what are you doing?”

After seeing them, and couldn’t help but call them. The three stopped their movements and fell to the ground pretending to be just ordinary stuffed toys.

“No, no, no, if you are going to stop moving and pretend to be stuffed toys at least pick an appropriate opponent.”

At that tsukkomi, the three start moving again. They hold a meeting again. Although a meeting, Volsung doesn’t know what it’s all about because he can’t understand them.
The meeting ended soon. The three pick up the weapons they were using a little while ago and approached Volsung.

“What were you doing, swinging weapons around?”
He asks them after crouching down to match their eyes. Then, the three present Volsung their weapons and start pikopiko moving their hands around.


Volsung can only tilt his head in puzzlement to the actions of the three that didn’t convey to him.
Chocola swings the sword, Tart biyonbiyon pulls on the bow’s string, and Pudding lifts the spear many times to the sky.

“You want to learn how to use weapons……?”

When they heard Volsung’s question, the three started pyokopyoko moving their hands up and down.
The reason these three want to learn how to use weapons is most likely to protect the Maou, Dirkhert. Volsung quickly guessed the reason and a smile floated on his mouth.
I had thought it was a waste using magical power for stuffed toys, but to think they would want to learn how to use weapons in order to protect Maou-sama themselves. This is a good thing.
Naturally, Volsung happily accepted to teach them how to use weapons.

“Ah…… I can’t teach you if the size doesn’t fit you. I will make it so wait for a few days.”

Fist, he must create weapons the stuffed toys could use.
After Volsung promised them, the three immediately started to move in order to create their personal weapons.

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