Chapter 16

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Vol’s Day
Compared to current Maou Dirkhert’s person in charge of education Meluerina, Volsung’s day is relatively dull.
He wakes up at half past 7 am, he puts on his clothes and goes to take care of his master until breakfast. This is his first work in the morning.

“Vol, morning!”

The face of slightly sweaty Maou-sama who is training right from the morning is red.

“Good morning, Maou-sama. You are working hard right from the morning today.”
“I have worked hard today, so I’m starving~”

After that, Volsung takes Maou-sama’s hand and they walk together for breakfast. Although they go together, it’s not they will have breakfast together, they just walk together.
Normally, this would be one of the jobs of a maid, and Meluerina is taking care of cleaning and bed making at this time. The maids have entrusted Volsung to take care of Maou-sama Dirkhert who suffers from an intense shyness.
It’s time to study after breakfast. Because Meluerina is the one doing the teaching, Volsung takes a nap in the meantime.
You might think that it’s not proper taking a nap right after waking up, but Volsung usually goes to sleep at 4 am. He has to get as much as sleep as possible during the day so he won’t affect Maou-sama’s afternoon training.
At noon, the maids wake him up for lunch. After this, he must work until 4 am.
Volsung lightly moves his body, has lunch with Maou-sama and Meluerina, and walks towards the courtyard.
There, he deals with little Maou-sama’s disliked food as usual, eats his lunch and has a small break before the practice.
Dirkhert has a little rehearsal with Volsung’s grandfather Deologus and his sister Meluerina first. In the meantime, Volsung checks Dirkhert’s weapons to confirm whether there are any faults with them.
The weapons Volsung teaches Maou-sama are bow and spear. Taijutsu is taught my Deologus, Meluerina teaches sword and magic.
And today is the day the bow is the main weapon. Today is the day Volsung instructs Maou-sama.
Dirkhert is still weak and lacks in strength to pull the string. Nevertheless, the distance the arrows fly increase little by little.

“A little bit more, and the arrow will reach the target!”
“Yeah, that’s right. Let’s aim for the mark next time.”
“Yes, I will do my best!”

The arrow still draws a sloppy arc, but the arrow will fly as it’s supposed before long. Volsung switches with Meluerina’s magic practice while looking forward to Dirkhert’s growth.
After that, he has a slightly early meal, and then he overlooks Dirkhert’s free time until 5 pm. In the meanwhile, he is not dozing off, but he’s repairing his bow, and lightly moving his body.
This little Maou-sama likes to approach dangerous situations. Today too, he was peacefully playing with his friends Chocola, Tart, and Pudding, then he suddenly starts climbing a tree. At the same time Volsung gets up in panic, Dirkhert slips and falls down from the tree.
It was good that Chocola and others were bellow him, but imagining they weren’t there, Volsung shudders.

“Maou-sama that’s dangerous! Why did you climb a tree!?”


He checks for injuries full of worries and a bit of anger. Because he fell from a tree and Volsung scolded him, tears appear in Dirkhert’s eyes.

“Because, I wanted the flower on the treemon.”

Indeed, there were countless of small flowers blooming at the place Dirkhert was pointing at.

“Are the flowers on the ground no good?”
“I wanted to give Melu and Vol a beautiful one.”

Hearing it was for their sake, Vol can’t be angry anymore. But, he must firmly explain, that he doesn’t want Maou-sama to put himself in danger because of them.

“…… Thank you very much. But, we are not people Maou-sama should get injured for. Therefore, please don’t do anything dangerous. If Maou-sama gets hurt, won’t you make me and Melu worried?”
“Melu and Vol will cry?”
“Yes, Maou-sama is precious, so precious we won’t be able to endure it. Therefore, please don’t do anything so dangerous…… Can you promise me?”
“…… Mm, I understand.”

After such an accident, he has dinner and leaves Maou-sama to Meluerina’s care.
Then, Volsung trains with a bow, then with a sword.
He continues doing that until the date changes. He stops only after Meluerina tells him she goes to sleep first.
He then often checks up on Dirkhert until 4 in the morning, he reflects on today’s events and takes care of his weapons.
At the same time Meluerina wakes up, he goes to sleep.
This ends Volsung’s day.

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