Chapter 47

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Papa is Gambling. There are Two Mommys
A couple of days after arriving at the commercial city Melshia.
We are having breakfast on the first floor of the inn we are staying in since the first day.
This being the inn of the highest grade, the food is also delicious.
Well, it can’t compare to me with〈Cooking・Extremity〉skill, though.

(By the way, Master. There was an assailant in the next room at night.)

Naviko-san informs me of such thing while I’m eating with relish.

Why did you not wake me up?

(I have judged that it’s not necessary to wake you up. I think that Master’s〈Perception・Extremity〉also sensed it, but must have judged the threat as too low to be of concern. And above all, there’s the strongest angel next door.)

I see.
He must have mistaken the room I stay at, what a stupid fellow.

I have expected assailants.
It must have been the guys from the Rein Empire that suffered a defeat the other day. It appears they figured out my location.
They intend to move stealthily, but they are obvious to me. Moreover, what a lame decision to send an underling that would mistake the rooms.

(The assailant appeared to be one of the Rein Empire’s Four Generals, the strongest assassin Shadow General.)

It wasn’t an underling at all!
So, what happened, to that fellow?

(She was done in.)

It appears the Shadow General was a woman.
To creep in that perverted angel’s room alone, it’s like a bug flying into a fire on a summer day……

Even though it was night, even if she was wearing a mask, that angel was able to recognize a woman at first glance.
Her black clothes were immediately torn off, and she was apparently being played with until the morning. At last, the ero angel has become satisfied, and the Shadow General took a chance to flee. …… while stark naked and crying.

“Darn…… why didn’t she come into my room instead!”
(In the end, hell was waiting for her no matter which room she entered, huh.).

Next time, please definitely come to my room.
Preferably a young female assassin.

“Mu? What is it, Lucifer? You have been in a quite good mood since morning……”
“Fufufu, you can tell? Last night, a very passionate person came to visit me in my room.”

Lucifer’s smile blooms.
A morning sunlight falls on her, and she shines almost like an angel. No, she’s an angel. She’s a fallen angel on the inside, though.

We ate breakfast together, but everyone went their own way after that.

Tira is apparently spending her time in the library every day. There seem to be many books, so that place almost like a paradise for a bookworm like her. She will probably go today as well.

Ellen is training her ability in the town’s arena. It’s all wins for her at the moment. She’s so strong she received an invitation to become an official fighter. Why don’t you try as well? She has invited me like that, so I thought about trying it next time.

Shiro is going out every day to try out foods from various places. Because she’s properly wearing clothes and she has money, she’s not getting kicked out like before.
The perverted angel is hitting on girls. Seriously, what a rude fellow……

And as for me, I’m gambling in the casino.

“Huh, oi? Where did Filia go?”

I suddenly noticed.

“? Filia-chan said she’s going to Karuna-san’s room, but……”
“That reminds me, she went there before breakfast, didn’t she? But, she immediately returned, you know?”

Nobody knew her whereabouts.

“She might have gone to play somewhere on her own.”
“But, she didn’t have breakfast, did she?”
“Well, she’s a Magic Puppet, there’s no need for her to eat in the first place, though”

Because Filia is full of curiosity, she occasionally disappears and wanders aimlessly.
This must be that time.
I should immediately know her location if I use〈Detection・Extremity〉skill.

Oh, there she is.
She’s quite far from here.

“Looks like she’s at the market.”
“Is she all right?”
“Don’t worry. Filia is ridiculously strong.”


◇ ◇ ◇



A lone little girl was walking around the commercial city with sparkling eyes.
It’s Filia.

It has not been long since she woke up as a Magic Puppet, so everything she sees is interesting to her. She restlessly looks around and approaches immediately when she finds something interesting.

“Nice smell!”

She alluring sweet smell brought her to a stall selling fruit.
The uncle behind the stall notices the little customer and calls out to her.

“Ojouchan, how about one? Our apples are sweet and delicious, you know?”
“It’s okay to eat!? Ya~y!”
“Oopsy. Do you have enough money?”
“Money? Don’t have!”

The stall uncle frowns.

“You came to market even though you have no money…… rather, are you perhaps lost? Where’s your otousan or okaasan?”
“Filia came alone!”

Oi, oi, the uncle sighs,

“Seriously, what are your parents doing?”
“N~tone! Papa is gambling as always!”
“What a father!?”

The uncle criticizes the father who neglects his small child so he could gamble in his heart.
Seeing the innocent smile on the girl that still doesn’t understand the situation, he finds the little girl pitiable.

“What is your Okaasan doing?”
“Tira Mama you see, she’s reading books!”
“Hou. Books?”

Although she still left her child unattended, the mother seems more decent than the father.

“Ellen Mama is entertainer~”
“You have another mother!?”

The family seems more complicated than he thought.

“He’s gambling every day while having two wives…… shit, what a terrible father……”

He has never met him, but the opinion of the fruit stall uncle keeps lowering.
Filia stares at him in wonder. However, her attention immediately changes to the fruit,

“Looks delish!”
“…… You can’t normally eat it without money, you know?”
“I can’t……?”

Filia’s eyebrows fall in dejection.

“…… Jouchan, you want to eat it that much?”
“Yea! But, Filia you see, Filia will be alright even without eating!”

She meant that she doesn’t need to eat because she’s a Magic Puppet, but the uncle misunderstood because of the flow.

“Kuu…… you have always been telling yourself to endure……! What an admirable child! To make a child like this feel starved, what a terrible father!”

Tears appear in the uncle’s eyes, and he hands one of the apples to Filia.
And hands it to Filia.

“? I don’t have money~?”
“This is a present for Jouchan.”
“Really? Ya~y!”

The uncle mutters while looking at the little girl bouncing up and down in joy.

“…… Jouchan, live strongly.”



Crunch, she bites the apple with a juice sound.
Feeling the sweet liquid spreading in her mouth, Filia cried out “Delish~”.

“Ojisan, good person~”

Thanking the fruit stall uncle again, Filia resumed her exploration.
When advancing and slipping through the crowd with her small body,

“Thief! Someone capture him!”

She heard such shout.

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