Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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VS White Bright Dragon
The legendary White Bright Dragon looks at us and mutters.

(…… Humans again.)

It was words only I with [Language Comprehension・Extreme] who could understand, but it seemed somewhat displeased.

“Hmph, you fool. No way a Divine Dragon would be in a place like this! It’s smaller than Red Dragon! Look, let’s kill it as usual!”

The mage girl in Alc’s party declared energetically.
She began chanting a spell.
As expected of B-rank adventurer, she finished the chant in two seconds and fired lightning magic.

The lightning hits the White Bright Dragon directly.

“Fufun, how about that! ―― eh!? I, it didn’t work?”

The White Bright Dragon is completely unscathed.

(0 Damage. Damaging that dragon with intermediate offensive magic is impossible. White Bright Dragon’s scales have high resistance against both magical and physical attacks.)

I don’t know about an ordinary dragon, but a divine dragon won’t be injured without a suitable attack.
But, the dragon who received no damage has started trembling for some reason.

(My food……)

A plate is floating near the White Bright Dragon.
However, the food that was on the plate is now completely carbonized because of the lightning.


The White Bright Dragon opens its mouth wide and roars.



Just its roar creates a fierce shockwave which blows us backward.

“Ku…… To think just its roar would create such powerful shockwave…… both of you, are you all right?”
“U, un, thank you, Alc!”
“Y, you saved me……”

Alc risked his life to protect the two girls while flung against a wall.
As expect of him.
The two rescued girls have faces of maidens completely in love.

Well, but it’s our win.
At any rate, I have three girls.

“I will more or less thank you, but I would like you not to touch my butt in the midst of confusion, though?”
“I, I had my breasts rubbed!”
“Papa ecchi~!”

Why are the reactions so different?
Is it the face? Is it the face, after all?

(Before pushing all the responsibility on the face, it would be better to correct your perverted behavior.)

Incidentally, I have done nothing to Filia (important).

“W, what are you guys doing at a time like this? …… Ku, I will buy you time! Quickly escape!”

Alc pulls out the huge sword on his back and charges at the White Bright Dragon with a desperate look.
He wants to become a decoy in order to let his friends and us escape.
What an ikemen.

Kiin, a high-pitched metallic sound resounds.
The collision of Alc’s huge sword and the White Bright Dragon’s scales creates fireworks.


Alc swings his sword at lightning speed.
However, the White Bright Dragon uses his tail as a sword and repels all of Alc’s attacks.

“My Mithril-made sword……!?”

There’s a chip in Alc’s sword.
On the contrary, the White Bright Dragon scales don’t have a single scratch.
The sword made of Mithril which is several times harder than steel is no match against the scales of the White Bright Dragon.

Alc himself has quite the ability.
As expected of an A-rank adventurer.

Alc, 21 years old
Race: Human
Level: 40
Skills: [2-hand Sword Technique] [Fighting Spirit] Life: 942/1189
Magical Power: 72/72
Strength: 374
Endurance: 358
Dexterity: 301
Agility: 299
Magic Resistance: 197
Luck: 203

When looking at his status, he could almost rival Ellen who is a swordsman like him.

(Unexpectedly skilled. But, in the end, a human.)

The White Bright Dragon opens its mouth and bites towards Alc.
Alc who has his hands full of swinging his sword doesn’t have a chance to dodge.


Alc’s girls scream.

“A, are…… I……?”
“You okay?”

I have narrowly rescued Alc.
Gakin a sound resounded from the White Bright Dragon who missed the target.

“Y, you have saved me……?”

Alc’s eyes open wide.
Oy, don’t stare at me like that at a point-blank range.

I was holding him in a princess carry.
Since it was a last-second save, I didn’t have time to consider the posture.
Princess carrying an ikemen… what kind of punishment game is this……

(That speed right now, what was it?)

The White Bright Dragon looks at me in surprise.

I put Alc down and face the White Bright Dragon.
Then, I talk in the dragon language.

(I’m Karuna.)
(Human speaking a dragon language? …… How unusual.)
(I have a proposal for you.)

I say to the dragon who faintly tilted its head doubtfully.

(Won’t you become my pet?)
(…… Surely, you jest?)
(I’m serious, you know? Look, I have even prepared a collar properly.)

I show it the collar I have prepared.
I made it in case something like this would happen.

“…… Did you do something worthless again?”

Tira looks at me with squinting eyes while I’m exchanging words with the dragon.

(…… I have a condition.)

Surprisingly, the White Bright Dragon showed interest in my proposition.

(Delicious things, let me eat them.)
(Yeah, alright.)

I readily nod.
Apparently, this divine dragon is at a place like this because it remembered the delicious food humans cook.
Therefore, it came into a human habitat and stole their food.
(I have another one.)
(What is it?)
(I don’t want to follow a weakling.)

That is probably a dragon’s pride.

(Then, you mean I just have to defeat you?)
(Winning is impossible. I just have to approve of you. That is enough.)
(Although it’s a good proposal, I will have to decline it.)

To the divine dragon that looked at me curiously, I plainly declare.

(Because I’m stronger than you.)

The mood around the divine dragon changes. The air in the surroundings starts crackling.

(…… Not knowing your place leads to premature death.)
(Thank you for the warning.)

The White Bright Dragon’s long body bends.
Its whole body gets covered in intense aura similar to fighting spirit――――A dragon spirit.

It’s completely different from the fight with Alc.
It’s the Divine Dragon serious mode.

“Tira, Ellen, Filia, also you three. Get as far as possible. You will get eaten if get mixed up in.”

After warning everyone, I also fill my entire body with a fighting spirit and enter a serious battle mode.
This fellow is definitely the strongest opponent I have fought so far.
I have to get that much serious.


And then, I clash with the divine dragon.

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