Chapter 19

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Guild Master’s Ambition
I, I will tell you what’s happening now!

After transferring from the Elf Village to the guild in the Alsara Kingdom capital, ossan is making a fur seal-like noises while mastXbating in a bridge pose on top of his desk.

“Ou, ou, ou.”


Tira lets out a high-pitched scream.

“Ou, ou, huh, nuoooo!? W, where did you guys come from!?”

Ossan, the guild master, notices us and shouts angrily.
However, the movements of his right hand still continue. No, first stop doing that.

“Wai, stop that.”

Tira started chanting magic with her eyes closed. Ossan panics, his balance crumbles, and he falls from his desk.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Listen, never again transfer directly to my office, do you understand?”
“Yeah, I understand. I understand.”

I was scolded by ossan who is now properly wearing clothes, and I obediently apologize.
Indeed, it’s my fault because I transferred directly to the guild master’s office because of my laziness.

“But, what the hell are you doing in the office? If you must do it, do it at home, at home I tell you.”
“I, isn’t it alright! I can’t get enough of the immoral feeling doing it here! I can’t get this excited at home!”

It’s an even worse reason that I thought.

(Compared to Master who ran through the dungeon stark naked, it’s not that big of level difference.)

T, that was only because I wanted to capture a dungeon without any equipment……?

“Moreover, what’s with that posture? It’s my first time seeing someone do it in a bridge pose.”

Well, the chance of seeing someone else mastXbating comes rarely.

It was a hot summer day. That day’s classes ended, and I have returned home earlier than usual. However, when I returned home, voices I was not accustomed to were resounding from the living room. Therefore, I was suspicious that we had a guest over, so I opened the door to the living room and my old man, while watching an AV――

(I don’t want to hear a story like that.)

Eh? Even though a shocking development was about to occur now……? (I don’t want to hear it.)

“You see, while I’m still a guild master, I wanted to do something that would surpass the former guild masters, I want to leave behind some kind of a big achievement.”

Ossan suddenly starts talking in all seriousness.
There might unexpectedly be a serious reason. Eh, no way there’s a serious reason to mastXbate in a bridge pose.

“But, each and every one of the previous guild masters were monsters. No matter what I do, I won’t be able to surpass them. Therefore, I thought about it. What I have come up with, is that I need something original, something that wasn’t exploited yet!”

Ossan’s voice gradually starts burning with passion.
Then, he strongly declares.

“And that is to paint the ceiling of this office with my body fluids! After all, there’s not a single guild master who accomplished something like that before!”
“That’s obvious! Rather, kneel down and apologize to the previous generations of guild masters! I was a fool for expecting something even slightly serious!”

Is the guild safe with a fellow like this at the top……


By the way, even garbage receives more love from Tira’s eyes than ossan.
Ossan mutters under his nose.

“…… That gaze is, on the contrary, a reward for me……”
“Do you want to die? You want to die, don’t you? Please die. Die.”

Honorifics disappeared from Tira’s language!

“W, wait! It’s a joke, a joke! Stop your chant! Moreover, isn’t that an advanced magic!? I will seriously die!”
“Ku…… Even though it was always my position…… I feel like I just got NTR’ed……”
“Why are you trying to compete!?”

While the adults interact, Filia asks ossan with eyes full of curiosity.

“Hey, hey, Ojisan, what were you doing just now?”

Ossan greatly panics.

“Hey, wait! Don’t look at me with such innocent eyes! To think I would be seen by such a little girl……………… I am getting excited.”

Immediately after, Tira struck ossan with a chantless elementary lightning magic. “Gyaa!?”

(…… This might be beyond Master.)

No, he’s definitely bigger pervert than me.
Yep, so perverts look like this from other people’s viewpoints. Let’s have a little more self-respect from now on.

(Please, do that by all means.)

Tira casts a sidelong glance at ossan who is charred from head to feet and tells to Filia.

“Filia-chan, you are a good child so forget everything you saw a little while ago. Pretend that you didn’t see anything.”
“Eeh~, but.”
“No buts. You haven’t seen anything. Understood? You haven’t seen anything.”

“Y o u    h a v e    n o t    s e e n    a n y t h i n g.”

“…… O, okay, Mama……”

As expected, Filia couldn’t go against Tira’s pressure and had to nod obediently.

“…… T, then, what business do you have with me?”

Ossan who recovered from the damage asks. …… He seems slightly delighted.

“Ah, right, right. We have cleared the ‘Tower of the Great Sage’ so we have come to receive the reward.”
“…… Ha?”

Ossan stupidly looks at me with an open mouth.
I throw Owen’s research at him to show the proof.

“S, seriously…… Which reminds me, I heard that the ‘Tower of the Great Sage’ has collapsed, but…… that was really the truth……?”
“That being the case, we came to collect the reward.”

Going straight to the point, ossan, u, umu, nods his head,

“I, I understand. But, I have to take this to a specialist in the castle to confirm if it’s genuine first. So, let me hold on it for a bit.”
“Then, it would be faster if I settle it directly. At any rate, I was planning to go to the castle next.”
“I have connections in the castle.”

Of course, I’m talking about the princess knight I have rescued from the orcs.
Quite a lot of time passed since she told me to come to the castle to receive her gratitude.

That being the case, we part from ossan, and I decided to bring Owen’s research material to the specialist in the castle.

“I wonder if Ellen is in the castle?”

I use [Detection・Extremity].
The active range is about three kilometers. The castle is within the range.

And I scan the castle.
Ellen is…… there.

“All right, let’s go.”

I grasp Tira’s and Filia’s hands and use the transfer magic.
It would be troublesome to deal with guards, so I have decided to transfer right to Ellen’s place.

“Hey, did you already forgot what happened a little while ago?”

I heard Tira’s criticizing voice right before the transfer, but it’s already too late.
Immediately after that, steam wraps around us.
The visibility is bad, it’s quite sultry.

“Where is this……?”

Right after Tira mutters, chapon, a sound of water splashing is heard.
And then a red-haired girl appears from within the steam.

It’s Ellen.

“Wha…… why are you here!? Huh, gyaaaaaaa!”

――Stark naked, just the way she was born.

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