Chapter 29

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“There’s no doubt that she’s quite an outstanding person.”
(Right? Contract her~)
(Ria is a good child. Lightning, please form a contract her by all means.)

No, no, no!
Hughley and Luke are enormously recommending a contract though!?
I told you, wait a moment there, okay!

(Ria-chan, I’m back~)

Ahh, my savior has returned!
Miria, do something about this situation~

(Oh my~ Ria-chan, there are tears in your lovely eyes~ Did something happen again while I wasn’t around~? Did that thing rolling on the ground did something again at the last moment~?》

Ah, I completely forgot about Kyle Spinel~
…… He’s unconscious, isn’t he?
Yup, then, it should be fine to leave him as he is again, right?
Rather than that――

“Miria, Hughley and Luke are~~~”
(Oh my, oh my? Did Hughley do something~? Also, who is that person called Luke~?)
(Me, it’s me.)
(Oh my~? Wind~? You have finally contracted Ria, huh~ Even though you were so obvious that it was on your mind, you looked so impatient and yet didn’t do anything about it~)
(S, shut up~! That’s unrelated at the moment! Rather than that, it’s Lightning’s turn now!)
(Lightning’s? Oh my, oh my~ How unusual~ Did your identity got exposed~?)

Ah, Miria also knows this Lightning Spirit-san, huh.

(I’m trying to make Lightning form a contract with Ria.)
(Oh my~? Lightning, is that true~?)
“Yeah, I think of contracting her. Ojousan, could you give me a name?”
“Eh!? No, no! Let’s wait for a moment!”

Is this really flowing towards the contract!?
High-grade spirits don’t easily form contracts, right?
Why are they so easy when it comes to me!

“Miria~ Contracting this simply is not good, right? Persuade him to think it over~”
(Ria-chan, Ria-chan.)
“N? What is it?”
(Let’s form the contract~)


No way, for Miria to recommend the contract too!
When I looked at father and others, they were shaking their heads as if saying “we won’t interrupt.”
I, I have no allies!?

(It’s not like I don’t understand Ria-chan’s feelings, but you see~ Spirits absolutely won’t offer a contract with someone they don’t like~ That’s why accepting when the talks of a contract come up would be happier~)

If you tell me that, I will be unable to refuse anymore, you know~

“I understand. Umm…… Gill-san, let’s get along from now on…… but, Gill-san has a name, right? And yet, you want me to name you?”
“Gill is the name my previous contractor has given me.”

Ohh~ Gill-san has been in a contract before~

“In case of a new contract, we spirits receive a new name from that contractor.”
“…… Is that so?”

But, but!!
Gill-san is making a gentle smile, but he seems a bit sad.
That’s an expression of reluctance, isn’t it?
As I thought, he’s attached to it, isn’t he……
If he had a good relationship with his previous contractor, then all the more!
Hmm, hmm~…… let’s see~~~

“Then, Gilbert. May I call you Gil?”
“Gilbert…… Gil…… thank you very much, Ria.”

Gil-san, now Gilbert, smiled cheerfully.
I’m glad, he seems to like it.

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