Chapter 18

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Ah, This is the Criminal
“Hu, Hughley-dono~ Let me confirm, let me confirm Ria’s safety as well~”

Ah, Father was here too.
I’m sorry, I haven’t noticed you until now.

“Otousama~ I’m sorry for making you worry. Thank you for coming to save me.”
“Ria~! I’m really glad that you are safe~”

I crossed over from Hughley’s arms into Father’s and tightly embraced him.
Father returned a tight hug.
F, father of mine, your strength is a little too much!
However, if it’s to recompense for making him worry, I will endure!

(Ria-chan, is she safe~?)
“Ah, Miria. She’s safe.”
(I’m glad~ There doesn’t seem to be any injuries~)
“Yeah. I’m sorry for making you worry.”
(Don’t worry about it~)

While tightly, tightly embraced by Father, Miria who wasn’t here until now appeared.
Then, after confirming that I’m safe, she patted my head while still in Father’s arms.
I made Miria worried as well, didn’t I?
But you see, Miria……

“Miria~ Who’s that~?”

…… She has brought along an unfamiliar man in restraints.
Moreover, he’s wrapped around from mouth to feet with a green ivy……

(This guy? This guy you see~ he had this on him~)

What Miria showed was my pochette.
It’s something I wore when I was kidnapped.

(How suspicious of him to have Ria-chan’s bag, right? That’s why I caught him and brought him with me~)

Ah, looking carefully, he’s the person who called out to me in the castle!

“Otousama, Otousama~ That person is the person who called out to Ria in the castle. He was with another man and they made my neck bzzz~”
“What did you say!? So this is the fellow who kidnapped Ria!!”

Father opened his eyes wide and walked around in circles around the man.
Father of mine, you are making a terrible expression……
Moreover, somehow…… didn’t the temperature drop?
I see…… is this reason behind the Prime Minister of Ice……?
If I didn’t know of Father’s dere condition, I might have gotten scared……

(Oh my~? I have done an outstanding job then~ Nevertheless, what a fool~ Ria-chan’s things made him a target~ However, only Ria-chan can use Ria-chan’s bag~)

The contents of my bag…… are certainly expensive.
There are so many things inside.
Even though it has the worth of a noble’s vault or treasury, the possessor is a child like me, so it would be easier to steal from me than a vault or a treasury.
However, in fact, it’s far more difficult than obtaining things from a vault or a treasury.
That’s because the magic bag I own is subjected to user restrictions.
The people who can use is me, Hughley and Miria only.
Other than that, be it a human or a spirit, they won’t be able to take anything out of the bag.
Even Father and my three brothers can’t take things out of my bag.

(That being the case~ Ria-chan’s Otousama. Please take care of this fellow~)

Miria threw the criminal to Father’s feet.
Right now, I heard quite a loud sound though…… he didn’t hit his head, did he?
He’s not dead, right?
While staring at the criminal, Father trampled down on the criminal with all his strength.
“Ugu” I heard such soundless scream, so he’s alive.
If that’s the case, alright!

While feeling a peace of mind, the Knights came out of the mansion.
Ah, they caught the man who stood the guard.
The Knights have apparently arrested the culprits.

“Prime Minister-sama. We have captured all people inside the mansion! However, all of them look like subordinates, we didn’t see anyone who could be considered the principal offender.”
“Umu. This fellow is one of the two kidnapping perpetrators. Put screws on this fellow and make him spit whether they have ties outside!”
“So, was there the spirit remover?”
“Yes, this way.”

It’s my first time seeing Father doing his work properly.
He has a proper superior-like attitude.
Father is about 80% dere in front of me, but as I thought, he’s cool when he’s like this~

………… N?
By the way Father, right now, you said ‘spirit remover’ didn’t you?
What’s that~?

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