Chapter 66

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Summons, suspicion, and Mole-san.
The next day after the excessively tiring picnic. I was working as usual.

“Excuse me~ I am intruding~”

An eager-sounding voice resounded around the Prime Minister’s office. It was Curtis.

“Ah, there you are, Rosarin. I am sorry, but can I take you away as a suspect?”


I was taken by the soldiers of the Knights Order. This is… the Commander’s office? Unusually for him, Curtis knocked on the door.

“Commander, we are entering~”

“Come in.”


In the room, there was Commander-san, Mole-san and… who is that? A man I was not familiar with.

“Won’t you tell us about yesterday’s events?”

“Of course, but I was there really only by a coincidence, so I won’t be able to tell you anything specific?”

I spoke the details I remembered. Rather, I would like to learn more about the culprit. I have my guess, but it’s someone I have not met yet.

“Fumu, however, you are casually saving the Knights Order since three years ago. Moreover, the spirits have become yours.”

The man I didn’t know was in the prime of his life… a Knight with a good physique. He’s not hiding the hostility in his eyes when observing me.

“Rudolf-san, may I leave? I feel uncomfortable.”

“Sorry about that. This fellow is the Vice-Commander Randolf. I will apologize for his rudeness.”


“I accept your apology. Listen here, all right? Even though you may be the Vice-Commander of the Knights Order, I am the daughter of a Duke. I have no obligation of answering to a rude man.”

Hey there, don’t be laughing, Curtis.

“I certainly think that this is too much to purely be a coincidence as well. But, if this was my plot then my alibi would be perfect. Besides, I also have a complaint, you know? It’s the Knights Order’s crisis management! What are you thinking by putting my Dirk into danger! Magic and curses are the Knights Order’s weak points. Your prior investigation is poor as well! Not improving while still understanding that is a problem! If I wasn’t there this time, a unit of the Knights Order would be definitely annihilated, you know!?”


“Rudolf-san too, if you were under the effects of that mushroom for a while longer, you would have died, alright!”

“I, is that so?”

“That is so!”

I scolded the two adults. Curtis was trembling and jiggling to himself in the corner of the room. The nervous Mole-san was hiding from my stormy presence. Splendid chaos.

“If this is all you have wanted to talk about, then I will be leaving! I am uncomfortable!”

When I turned around to leave, the Vice-Commander stopped me. Tsk, I failed to withdraw.

“Could you not touch me as if we were familiar? It’s impolite.”

I slapped away the hand that caught me.



“And so, do you have something else to talk about? I still have some work left, therefore I am not so free, so please make it brief.”

I was so irritated, my magical power and bloodthirst were on a big leakage. As expected of Curtis, he’s planning on escaping by himself. Ah, he was caught by Rudolf-san. Serves you right.

“I, I apologize for my impoliteness. Miss Rosarin. It’s as you have said. Won’t you consider entering the Knights Order?”

“… Eh?”

“I don’t mind if it’s only temporarily. You have probably already discovere… fugah!?”

I blocked the Vice-Commander’s mouth and immediately developed a soundproofing barrier. I checked the corridor and the windows.

“Are you stupid!? Are you going to speak without knowing whether there’s a traitor nearby and without a soundproofing barrier!?”

“Ah~ sorry about this idiot, Missy. You didn’t show it during the matter with Duke Gerald, but there’s a traitor in the Knights Order, isn’t there? Your organization of the units was intentional no matter how you look at it.”

“I have no evidence, so it’s only my conjecture, you know?”

“I don’t mind.”

I wrote the name of the suspected member of the Knights Order on a paper.

“I will burn it after you read it, so please remember it.”

Rudolf-san returned the paper to me after reading for a while, so I immediately burnt it.

“By the way, Mole-san is clearly an outsider, is this all right?”

“Yeah… about that.”

Mole-san kneeled in front of me. I looked at Curtis. This bastard, he brought me knowing about this. I will strangle him later.

“Young lady, you have saved mee. I want to give my divine protection to youu! Pleasee! Give me a namee!”

“Rosarin, your eyes look serious.”

Of course, they are. Usually, it’s the other way around, no? Humans are supposed to beg the spirits, no?
The reason Mole-san was brought here to hear something he shouldn’t was for him to become my spirit, yes?
I tried touching Mole-san. His fur looked rough, but unexpectedly, it wasn’t prickly on touch. It’s that. It feels like touching fiber.

“… Is that no goodd?”

While earnestly enjoying the fur, Mole-san asked with teary eyes.

“Your eyes are amber-ish, so you will be Haku.”

“Thank youu!”

“Somehow, I feel that it was set in stone for Rosarin to get a spirit each time she goes for a picnic.”

“Stop it, if someone like you with a super-intuition says it, it might become the truth and that’s a scary thought.”

I talked back to Curtis and spoke to the Vice-Commander.

“Ah, Vice-Commander-san, I will hold back from joining the Knights Order. I will be entering the school in the spring, so I don’t want to do this half-baked. If you need help with something, I am registered as an adventurer, so I will accept your designated requests.”


I have gotten a mole that was as huge as a bear as my spirit.

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